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Usagi smiled as she skipped down the sidewalk. All was right in her world. In her hand, she clutched an empty box of chocolates, which she discarded on her way home.

She had just visited Motoki at his house. He had a rather nasty bump on his head, and she had eaten the chocolates with him. She had gone with Minako, but the bubbly blonde had insisted she stay there, a request Usagi had let go. She had someone waiting for her…

"Mamo-chan!" She called, at the raven-headed man. He was standing by the park's entrance.

He looks…delicious!

'God, are you going to eat him or something?'

Nyah! No, it's just a descriptive word! What are you doing here anyways? There's nothing wrong in my life!

'Exactly. I've come to tell you I'm leaving.'

What! No, wait, I didn't mean it! Don't go, I need you!

'Sorry, darling, I was only here until you found guidance, and it seems now that you know you're the princess, you have all the guidance you need.'

Usagi's eyes almost teared up, as Mamorou approached her.

I'll miss you…

'You've got a hot guy! You'll forget about me in a moment. Ciao, principessa! I'm off to Italy to find my next client!'

As her conscience took leave, Mamorou greeted her with a kiss. A single tear dripped down Usagi's face, before she wiped it away.

"What's wrong Usako?" Mamorou asked, looking concerned.

"Nothing you should worry about." She answered. "Everything's just fine." And she laid a tender butterfly kiss on his nose, before grabbing his hand and rushing towards the movies.

Minako sighed as she sat down in a chair beside a rumpled bed. "So…we come to this."

Motoki lay on the bed, and folded both of his hands on his stomach. On his head, a white bandage hung like a sweatband.

"Who made the first move?"

The two looked poised, ready to make any argument. Minako started. "It was obviously Usa! If she hadn't started choking him, he would have never said anything!"

"Yeah, but if Mamorou hadn't called her 'Usako', she would've never responded!" Minako had made the mistake of letting Motoki see her videotape of the events at the Crown. She fingered her neck nervously where Ami had grabbed her, and sighed.

"Obviously, we're not making very good headway."

Motoki shook his head, wincing slightly. "So then, what do we do? We have to have solid evidence!"

Instantly, Minako brightened. "To the tape!"

In thirty seconds flat, the zealous blonde had wheeled a TV and VCR into the room, and held the videotape just inside. Before letting it go all the way, she looked directly at Motoki.

"No matter what we see on this tape, we'll still remain friends?" Motoki nodded.

"Sure, hai, friends."

Minako pushed the tape in, and immediately it started when Mamorou walked in. As soon as Usagi had him in her grasp, Minako pressed the slo-mo button.

The two blondes leaned in eagerly as Usagi's eyes widened, and the words became garbled. All that mattered now was the kiss…


The sound would remain forever in the imaginations of Motoki and Minako as the tape broke inside the VCR. Minako, upset, rounded on Motoki.

"You owe me 500 yen!"

"What!" Motoki sat up in bed, ignoring the head rush. "I owe you nothing! You cheating, lying—,"

Minako stamped to the edge of the bed. "Thieving, corrupt—," And before she knew what she was doing, she had leaned over and kissed Motoki.

(A/N: Haha! Bet no one saw that coming!)

The two stayed in the same position for a long, long time before Minako drew back, gasping.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—,"

"No." Motoki cut her off, eyes sparkling. He made his voice a little hoarser, and rasped out. "I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse!"

Minako managed a weak smile. "What's that?"

Motoki's face suddenly turned serious. "We forget all about that 500 yen, if you give me 500 more kisses like that."

Minako hesitated for only a moment, before she leaned over and planted a firm kiss on his lips once more.


"What do you see? What do you see?"

"They kissed! You owe me 700 yen, Rei-chan!"

"Ooh, shut off Mako! I thought Motoki would be the first, sure enough!"

"You guys, we shouldn't be doing this…"

"Shh! Ami-chan, be quiet!"

Ami sighed from her position on the ground, and looked up once more. Balancing precariously on a small ladder, Makoto and Rei held a small camcorder to the window of Motoki's apartment.

"Move, Mako, I can't see!"

"Move yourself, you fat pig, you're hogging all the space!"

For a moment, Rei forgot herself and gave a mighty shove to the girl next to her. In the next moment, both of them started to fall. Ami thought quickly.


The two girls were frozen, just under the window as a block of ice starting from the ground held them up. Sailor Mercury deftly caught the camera, and grinned.

"I think this tape should give me a lot of blackmail…" She giggled, and watched again as the two senshi fell in the camera's lens.

"I need to do this more often." The senshi of ice de-transformed and walked off. "They'll unfreeze later."

Somewhere, down deep below D-Point, where the earth was at it's coldest, four men fought viciously amongst themselves.

"We would've won if you weren't so busy worrying about your stupid hair, Zoicite!"

"What about you, you pompous jerk! Jadeite, if you hadn't been ogling that girl's goods, and Nephrite hadn't been too busy checking his stupid stars, we could've beaten them!"

Nephrite snorted. "At least we ogle girls."

"Leave him alone." Kunzite wave a hand at them, and Jadeite immediately rounded on him.

"Ooh, protecting your girlfriend, are we now? Does he know that you were cheating on him with that masked wonder, Tuxedo Kamen?"

"Please, I am not gay."

"Do I mean so little to you?" Zoicite said, tears gathering in his eyes. "Why are you hiding our relationship?" Then his eyes brightened, then dimmed. "You're having an affair, on me, with the ENEMY! You sick pig!"

Kunzite blushed. "Zoicite, you don't understand—,"

Jadeite and Nephrite fell into hoots of laughter, before a loud, cold voice shut them all up.

"GODS ABOVE!" Beryl roared, sending them all spinning. "I heard hell was bad, but COME ON! I'm starting to wish I had let that sniveling moon brat heal me!"

"They started it, the idiots…" Jadeite muttered under his breath, causing them all to begin again.

Beryl covered her ears and sighed. "Where are those sailor senshi when you need them!"

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