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Date Written: March 15, 2005

Notes: Okay, this is a contest entry for a contest Kikyo-The-Walnut (651696) and Banana Rum (644334) of Legend Of Pickles put together. So the contest is that I must use the titles of the following Robert Frost poems in the fanfic. Well, please visit their site and perhaps enter their contest! And enjoy my fanfic. -coughvoteforitcough- Here is the first chapter. I finally got up to proofread and upload it. Enjoy.

When I say "mansion" I'm talking about a mix of pagodas/temples/castles/mansions. So don't try to image your typical mansion…add paper sliding doors, shouji, wood paneling, storm shutters, tatami, and etc…

By the way, I'm sorry, but Rin will not be in this fanfic. I couldn't fit her in without leaving her out. So let's just say she wasn't saved yet. Too bad there wasn't anyway to leave out Jyaken/Jaken.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favour fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.

And perhaps the world would end with neither. And perhaps they'd be on different sides. And perhaps they were meant for each other.

The kingdoms ruled with fire and ice, and often killed others, ruling other temples and kingdoms, and little prevailed. However, one kingdom was not touched. No, not at all, not ever touched. In fact, no one had known its existence, until a day when a young rebellious female stumbled upon it.

She wandered through the Vantage Point, the tallest mountain of the area. Her shoulder long black hair brushed through the wind, and a long feathered pin held it up. Her red and white yukata ruffled against the wind, and she shivered.

Her name was Kagura, the wind mistress, a ruler of wind, a wind demon. And she was the incarnation of Naraku, the most malicious demon known in feudal Japan, and she absolutely hated him. She hated him with such passion that she attempted killing him, several times, but all failed. Later she found out that she must eliminate his heart, which was separated from his body. And she knew that she could never find his heart, so she constantly runs away. Desperately. And although she could run as far as she could, she knew that he owned her and her heart, and she could never be free.

Not any typical demon or human of the area had known who she was. She was a stranger, an unknown demon. But the ruler of the area had known exactly who she was. He was Sesshoumaru, the canine ruler, the canis major of all canine demons. And he was determined to eliminate her from his ruling grounds.

He was a tall cold being, white long hair as white as the icy snow on the point. His eyes were distant and dark, and brown colored at that. He wore a long kimono, colored in white fur, one of great design and value.

Yet how neither of them knew what their true destiny was.

'Where is this place?' Kagura thought. She had wandered so far away, and the way back didn't seem like the way back at all. Each step seemed like one step backward taken. She had no idea where this land was, and nothing seemed familiar. But she did not care. As long as she was far from Naraku, she thought, and she cursed at him under her breathe.

However lost, Kagura still wandered, farther and deeper into the forest. It was deadly cold, and she shivered at the ice. Snow began to fall adrift, quicker and quicker, and Kagura raced deeper into the forest, colder with the wind opposing her running body, but she kept running. There had to be some sort of building, somewhere broken down and abandoned that she could rest at.

Through the white fluttering dust of snow, she spotted grey-brown compost, and she raced towards it, ignoring the snow, ice, and cold. Kagura loathed the cold and ice, and she desired the hot fiery sun she basked in, on her feather, in the clouds. However, there she would be in Naraku's clutches, and she dreaded the thought of him.

She looked upon the compost, reading the sign that was nailed upon it. "Graveyard" it was labeled and she looked around her, realizing she was standing in a disused graveyard. Even though she was a bold female, the graveyard gave her the creeps. But if there was a graveyard, there was surely a village nearby that had used it, she thought. And even though the graveyard was barely used, she kept walking. She wasn't sure where to go, and after a few moments, she started off north; straight forward.

And she spotted it. A large dark mansion, one that was dirty and felt almost empty and dead. Kagura walked toward it, slowly. She had never seen such a mansion before; the ones she had seen were burning up and now were burned to the ground. Without thinking, she advanced towards the door and pulled at the knob, expecting it to be locked. Why, it was lockless! A door so old that it was created when locks weren't invented. Kagura pulled open the lockless door, and stepped inside. A whoosh of cold air rushed past her, and she entered and shut it as quickly and quietly as she could.

Sesshoumaru stood in his room, shining an old broken handle of a katana he had since he started ruling this kingdom. Suddenly he paused. He heard a shutter of a door in the main hall, and knowing that his servant was on an errand, he spotted the scent immediately after. 'Her…' He thought, and he silently placed the handle in his armoire, shutting it gently.

He grabbed his sword, the Tenseiga, although he knew it would be worthless for offense. He had retrieved it from the pit of his father's bones, and whilst his younger half demon brother had gotten the strong one, he had gotten the katana that saved. He often thought that it was his father's idea of a joke, and although it was a fairly grand sword, Sesshoumaru believed it was worthless.

He raced silently down the fleet of stairs, and the way his kimono flowed down, it seemed as if he was gliding. The smell of the wind female got stronger and stronger down the stairs, and the first thing Sesshoumaru wanted to do was eliminate her. He could not risk his castle being revealed.

Finally, he spotted her looking about in the main hall. Instead of lunging in at her, he stopped, and watched her actions. For some reason, she seemed to awe him, and he stood, watching her actions, hiding in the camouflage of his white kimono. 'Foolish lesser demon…' He thought.

"Holy shit, this castle is huge…" Kagura muttered in awe and jealously. She betted there were hundreds of rooms, and that none of them were occupied.

She wandered past the foot of wodden-made stairs and into the luxury room, where swords and paintings were in display, possibly to cause visitors and attract jealousy or approval. And Kagura was jealous. She desired this mansion, and wanted to stay here, as long as she could.

Tired, she was anxious to get into a futon and fall asleep. 'The futons must be damn soft…' Kagura thought, and she started up another foot of stairs, one that led to the main bedrooms.

At this point, Sesshoumaru rushed down the stairs and the wind of his speed banged against the door, causing it to open, then close. The wind whistled. Kagura looked up, but saw nothing. She assumed that it was the wind, and that it had reacted to her excitement and slight paranoia.

Kagura walked up the stairs slowly, and finally at the top, she leaned over the poorly made wooden railing, looking over the rooms and their features. After a while, she explored through the various rooms. But she was tired, and so she stopped, and went into a random bedroom. She slid open the closet door in expectance to find dusty old futons and blankets, but the ones there seemed clean, and she laid them out quickly, and undressed. Content, she slid under the blanket and wrapped herself under so. 'So soft…' She thought and fell asleep.

At that, Sesshoumaru stood at the room doorway in pure befuddlement. That was his room, he thought bitterly. He could just kill her now, but he wanted a good fight. Shaking his head, he closed the door and walked into a room farthest away from his own; one near the staircase. He sat against the door and fell asleep alertly, ready to wake up when the time came.