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Date Written: June 8, 2005

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Kagura was lying on the floor trembling hard, clutching her chest when Sesshoumaru found her. She was breathing heavily, and feverish. Sesshoumaru had already returned to his human looking form and sat down next to her. He held Kagura's beating but bloody heart in his hands. Kagura took no notice.

"Kagura." Sesshoumaru said calmly, and set the heart in front of her. It glowed, and faded into a glow of light through Kagura's chest. Kagura flinched back, but her heavy breathing and trembling ceased. She still didn't awaken.

"Kagura." Sesshoumaru repeated, his voice tone rising, and he had an urge to shake her and make sure she was okay and awake. But he didn't. Instead, he stood up and left her, heading up the stairs. At the top, he slid open a door and entered, closing it behind him.

Inuyasha and the rest stared astonished, lowering their eyes back to Kagura when Sesshoumaru shut the door closed. Especially Kagome, who was shocked and amazed that he left Kagura as so.

"Why would…why did he leave her here?" She asked, a bit angry, and she went over to Kagura's side and felt her forehead. Not hot, but chill. A big difference indeed. Kagome looked up at the door, and then back at her friends.

Inuyasha, closed his eyes, opened them, and turned around, walking toward another paper door, sliding it open and entering. Everyone watched him leave.

"Naraku's dead." He said before he closed it shut. At this point, they realized it. Sango and Shippou smiled, and Miroku jerked his right hand up, ripping off the charms. His palm was normal. No black hole was there, instead, replaced by peach colored skin. They had all been so concerned with Kagura.

Kagome did not smile. Instead, she was furious that Sesshoumaru would leave Kagura like that. The others didn't understand much romance, so Kagome didn't expect them to understand. Without saying a word, she ran up the stairs and knocked on the door of Sesshoumaru's room, almost ripping the rice paper.

Jaken watched her from the same hall with a shocked and amazed look on his face. 'She's going to be killed.' He thought. No one answered the door. Kagome, who was being stubborn, poked her finger through the rice paper and peered inside.

"There's no one in there!" She exclaimed, and slid open the door, only to see that the window was open. "He just left!"

"Come on Kagome. We don't need to be here anymore." Inuyasha said. Nodding, Kagome returned with her friends and together, they left. Kagura was still left on the floor, alone with Jaken, who was still upstairs, and apparently fixing the hole Kagome ripped open in Sesshoumaru's door.

Kagura, who had finally come to her senses, sat up and shivered. She looked up at Jaken, and asked, "Is Sesshoumaru really gone?" Jaken looked at her and nodded. "Then there's no use for me to be here." She said, and stood up weakly, leaning on the wall for support. Regaining her strength, she slowly walked towards the door, pulling it open and closing it behind her.

Kagura sighed. Before, she had been bond and free now that Naraku was killed. But she didn't feel content. And then she realized it. She had felt love, maybe still feels love. She thought about the love and a question popped into her mind. Why had Sesshoumaru left her without a word? There had she had outlived the span of life, and he had been the one to free her from it. But why had he left? The more she thought about it, the more she didn't realize where she was going. In the end, she ended up at the path Sesshoumaru had led her once before. Leaning against a cliff dwelling over what had happened, a silver strand of hair that flew over her face in the wind caught her attention. Reaching up and grabbing it before it flew away, she realized it was Sesshoumaru's. Climbing over the cliff, her face met two feet, and she looked up and saw who she had been pondering about.

Sesshoumaru, pointing at a few red flowers next to him, took her hand and pulled her up beside him. There, he said, "Those are yours." And Kagura smiled as she realized he had gone flower gathering. Smelling them, she leaned her head on Sesshoumaru's shoulder, who had frozen up, and smiled. Sesshoumaru didn't smile, but he was truly happy.

The end.