The Ultimate Stupidity
By Hikaru

Ship: Hatsumi/Ryoki

Summary: #27 (overflow) off of the 30kisses community. Takes place after Ryoki and Hatsumi's first kiss at the end of volume 1.

She really is stupid.

I mean, really stupid. Idiotic thoughts overflow her tiny little mind, making it unable to think about anything but that fucking Azusa!

But that doesn't mean that I'm jealous. Far from it. After all, I stole her first kiss from him. It is a small victory that I plan to boast in the bastard's face when I see him again.

But she really is stupid.

So why do I feel so strongly about her? Although she is very stupid, I suppose her exterior helps my attraction. There is a reason why so many men follow her, and it isn't her brains. They are looking at the outer package. Smooth skin, touchable hair, and pout lips. I do think that her lips are my favorite feature on her.

But she's incredibly stupid!

Why doesn't she see me, standing here, waiting for her to realize what a great catch I am? Any other female would be fawning themselves over me, in some sickening love hug. You know, the kind that you want to take a shower after, because they were so nasty and it leaves a tingling on your skin. I've tried everything I know to get her to understand what I -think- I feel for her. But she gives no response. If anything, she just runs away more.

Perhaps that is part of my attraction, if there is an attraction. I am still not positive. Every time she does something stupid (which is ALL of the time), I can't help but question why I would even think I was attracted to her. A stupid little blush isn't going to make me start chanting her name like some buffoon.

Although Hatsumi does have a nice ring to it...

But she's still really stupid.

So what does that make me?


Answer: The ultimate stupidity. Hence, the title.

Stupid. Yes. That's a predominant word in this. Most of the 30kiss challenges, I know from the get go, are going to be in Ryoki's POV. Why? Because Hatsumi's indecisiveness makes me go violent. See volumes 9-11... actually, just see the whole series, because WHEN has Hatsumi actually made up her mind? NEVER.

This fiction was written for entertainment purposes only. The characters of Hot Gimmick belong to Aihara Miki. Standard disclaimers apply.