A New Day

"Hey, Kagome, what are you doing here?" A voice said to the beaten and bruised Kagome. As Kagome opened her eyes and looked at the figure, she saw the distinct golden eyes that belonged to the one and only Sesshomaru. She moved back and away, but he took one of her hands and smiled.

"Its okay, come with me." He said to her and she tried to get up but fainted, leaving Sesshomaru to pick her up and carry her to his house. He laid her on his couch and sat down at the end, sighed and laid back. Presently, Kagome returned to her previous conscious state.

"What am I doing here?" She asked and then remembered everything. She had been raped and beaten up...by Inuyasha. As she began to remember she began to cry.

"Kagome, please don't cry. Was it him? Was it Inuyasha who did this to you?" Sesshomaru asked her as she fell into his arms sobbing. She nodded and shoved her face into his chest. Kagome had known that Inuyasha was wrong for her, in fact everyone had known. Sesshomaru had tried to warn her before, but this is what it had come to.

"I am an idiot for even trying to be with him." Kagome said through her sobs.

"You're not at all, Kagome." Sesshomaru said to the frightened Kagome. He held her for a few more minutes and then went to the bathroom, came out with a first aid kit and some rubbing alcohol, and began to clean her wounds. She sighed and tried to wipe away the tears.

"Sesshomaru, I am sorry I didn't listen to you." She said wincing through her pain. As Sesshomaru cleansed her wounds he looked at her and realized her beauty, her long black hair, big brown eyes, and her tender, soft skin. He shook his head and finished cleansing her wounds. He stood up, walked back to the bathroom, and came back out.

"So, can you sleep okay out here? I have to get up early tomorrow." He asked and she nodded. He got up and covered her and locked the doors and windows. Then he went upstairs and went in his room. After lying down, he soon fell asleep, but downstairs Kagome lay scared and frightened. Presently, Kagome got up and walked her bruised figure up the stairs. When she arrived at Sesshomaru's door she knocked, but there was no answer, so she went inside. She approached his bed and sat on the edge. As she tapped him on the shoulder, he opened his eyes and smiled at her. His golden eyes mesmerized her.

"Kagome, what's wrong?" He asked looking at her seriously. She sighed and looked into his big beautiful golden eyes.

"I really can't sleep out there by myself. Can I sleep with you if it isn't too much trouble?" Kagome asked and looked at him with her best smile possible. He nodded and she eased in right next to him. He held her close, but not too close to hurt her or any part of her body. That whole night, all Sesshomaru could think about was Inuyasha and what he had done to Kagome.

"Good night Kagome." He said to the sleeping girl next to him. He snuggled close to her and she held her breath and then sighed peacefully. She didn't have to be afraid when Sesshomaru was around. To think that she had actually trusted that no good, horrible, two-timing, dog faced loser. Kagome tended to get upset when it came to going anywhere alone with Inuyasha. She though he had changed, for the good. Sesshomaru's arm made her thoughts drift away.

"I can sense that you aren't asleep. Please Kagome, you are safe here in my arms. No one can touch you, I promise." Sesshomaru whispered pleadingly into her ear. She nodded and turned to face him. He brushed a lock of her black hair away from her face and she smiled. He pulled her closer and looked deep into her eyes. She pulled away and he nodded, he knew better than to try and get a kiss out of her at all. She was a beaten and torn person and needed to be loved. Inuyasha could be so ruthless and cold, he knew that, but how could he do this?


"So, what are we going to do today, Kagome?" Sango asked the slightly worried looking girl. She sighed and smiled at her.

"It doesn't matter because Inuyasha will probably still call me to see where I am." Kagome said to her friend. Kagome didn't want to hurt Inuyasha, but that was what he was doing to her.

"Kagome, you can't let him keep doing this to you. You were different before you met him." Sango said to Kagome. Sango looked at Kagome and took her by the arm.

"We are going to find Kouga, Sesshomaru, Arata, and MirokuOkay?" Sango said leading Kagome away from the doors of the mall. She nodded and they walked off. Soon they spotted the four peoplesitting at a table in the food court. Kagome put on her best smile and walked over to the table with Sango. Immeadiately Sango sat next to Miroku and Kagome sat next to Sesshomaru. She had always been close to Sesshomaru considering that he was Inuyasha's brother. Sesshomaru smiled and gave her a hug. Suddenly Kagome felt fingers around her throat and gasped for air.

"Thought you could cheat on medid you?" She heard his voice and knew. She felt Inuyasha pick her up and could see the startled people around the mall. Suddenly she was dropped ad could feel her breathing returning to normal.She looked and saw Arata, Miroku, and Kouga pulling Inuyasha out of the mall.

"All you alright,Kagome?" Seshomaru asked her. It was then she saw him kneeling next to her. She nodded and he helped her up.

"Sango, I am goinghome." Kagome said and turned to leave, but Sesshomaru's hand was on her shoulder.

"I will walk you home." He said but she shook her head and smiled.

"I can handle myself. I will be fine, really!"Kagome said and disappeared. Thatwould be the last timeSesshomaruwould see Kagome's innocent and beautiful smile.

End Flashback

At Inuyasha's Place

"What was I thinking?" Inuyasha kept saying over and over again. He knew what he had done was terrible. He had taken away her innocence. What was he going to do?

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