Joss and Mutant Enemy own the characters, I'm just borrowing them for the amusement of others.

This is in honor of April 1st. Hope you like it.


Giles went to fetch his morning paper. As he opened the door, he saw a

wad of flaming paper next to his newspaper. Of course he stomped it out, and the dog poop squirted out over his feet. He grimaced in disgust. In the bushes, Buffy laughed and laughed. Giles sure looked funny with dog poop on his feet.

Anya went to open the Magic Box. She thought that customers were waiting, but they were INS agents and they wanted to see her documentation. Buffy laughed and laughed as they led her away in hand cuffs. Buffy was sure that Anya would straighten things out in a few months.

Dawn put on her new white shirt, and left for school. As the sun hit the back the words 'I like it Doggy style' appeared. Buffy laughed and laughed; that magic ink really worked.

Willow and Tara were trying a new spell. As they put incense on the flame, the photographic flash powder exploded in their faces. Buffy laughed and laughed, Willow and Tara really looked funny without eyebrows.

Xander was working on a new house. He swung his hammer back and the head flew off. It hit his boss right in the head. Buffy laughed and laughed. Xander looked funny when his hammer had flown off; his boss looked funny too with the claw end of the hammer in his forehead.

Buffy was walking through the cemetery thinking 'this has been the best April Fools day ever'. Suddenly she was surrounded by three vampires. She thought that this would be fun too. She pummeled on them for a while then went to stake them. OH MY GOD! Buffy thought, the stake bounced off the vampires chest. "Time out" Buffy screamed.

"I'm invulnerable", the vampire yelled.

"No you moron, this stake is made out of rubber" Buffy replied.

Hearing this, the vampires closed in. Buffy's last thought was, 'maybe the dog poop was a bit over the top'.


Evil chuckle.