Inner Sakura's thoughts

'I better get going! Don't wanna keep Sasuke waiting!' Young Sakura Haruno thought as she put down her brush and took one last look in her mirror before happily skipping out of her room.

It was a beautiful day in Konohagakure (I think that's the name of the village...). Sakura walked down the street, saying hello to all the happy market place folk and ninjas getting ready to start they're day.

'Today's the day!' Sakura thought as she passed some Sakura trees on her way to the bridge where Team 7 always met. 'Today's the day I'm gonna ask Sasuke-kun to be my valentine!' She smiled widely as she saw the bridge come into view.

Yes, as you may of guessed, tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

"Hello Sasuke-kun!" she called happily to the dark haired boy who was leaning against the bridge with his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. She ran up beside him and smiled sweetly. "How are you today?" Sasuke just glanced at her and mumbled a:


Okay Sakura! Now's your chance to ask him! Inner Sakura exclaimed.

"Um Sasuke-kun, you know, tomorrow's Valentine's day and I was wondering..."

'Oh boy, here it comes.' Sasuke thought to himself as he rolled his eyes.

"I was wondering if-"

"Hey Sakura-chan!"

"Hun?" Sakura turned and saw Naruto running up to her at full speed. 'Oh boy, here it comes.' Sakura thought and rolled her eyes. Naruto ran until he was right up close to her.

"Hi Sakura-chan!" he said with a big smile.

"Naruto, you totally ruined it!" Sakura whispered angrily to him.

"Hun? Ruined what?"

"Arg! You dummy! I was gonna ask Sasuke-kun to be my Valentine for tomorrow!" she whispered.

"Oh, well I didn't do it on purpose! Besides, I got a very important question for you Sakura-chan!" Naruto whispered with a very determined look on his face.

"Well whatever it is, it can wait!" Sakura was getting really annoyed.

"No, it can't!" Naruto countered.

"Yeah, it can!"

"No, it can't!"

"Would you just shut up!" Sakura spat at him angrily. Naruto was taken aback, but only a little.


"Save it!" Sakura said and turned back to Sasuke, who hadn't moved since Sakura had shown up. "Sasuke-kun, I was gonna ask you if-"

"No" Sasuke said suddenly.

"What? But, I haven't even asked you the ques-"

"Will I be your Valentine. No." he said, arms still crossed, eyes still closed.

"But, Sasuke-kun..." Sakura looked heartbroken, Naruto could tell.

"Sakura, I wouldn't be your Valentine if you where the last girl on earth. You're ugly, annoying, and you can't seem to understand how much I hate you. No. I won't be your Valentine. Now would you just go away?" he said in his monotone voice. Naruto walked up beside Sakura and looked at her face.

"Sakura-chan?..." he whispered softly. Her eyes where full of tears that threatened to fall. Naruto hated seeing her like this. Oh Sasuke was gonna get it real good for doing this to his beloved Sakura-chan! Sakura took one last look at Sasuke before turning and running as fast as she could. "Sakura-chan!" Naruto called and watched her run away. Then he angrily turned to Sasuke. "How could you do that to her! You know how much you mean to her!" Naruto exclaimed angrily. Sasuke opened his eyes to look at the infuriated Naruto.

"Naruto, I told her the truth. It's better that I tell her now rather then her bugging me about it until I'm an old geezer." he stated in that monotone voice of his.

"Sasuke, you should be happy that someone cares about you! I'd give anything for someone to care about me as much as Sakura-chan cares about you!" Naruto said angrily. Sasuke just closed his eyes and muttered a:


'I should hurt you Sasuke! But I'm not going to because Sakura is somewhere crying and I need to go find her.'

With that, Naruto started running in the direction Sakura had gone, hoping to find her soon.