Sakura and Naruto got back to the Haruno residence at 10:30 p.m (half an hour late) and all hell did break loose. After the anger died down, Naruto retrieved his wind breaker from Sakura and bid her goodnight before leaving her house, taking a lot of the tension with him.

The next day, Sasuke didn't show up for practice at the Team 7 meeting place, not that Sakura or Naruto were complaining, he would get over last night's events soon enough and be back for practices.

After some training with Kakashi-sensei, Sakura and Naruto went to the nearby park and sat down under their favorite Sakura tree. After the subject was raised, Naruto reluctantly told Sakura about how he was the one who had Kyubi sealed withing him, and that that was the reason that the whole village shunned and hated his guts.

Sakura took the confession quite well and hugged him lovingly, reassuring him that she would stay by him and that she would never treat him the way everybody else did.

A few days later, Sakura managed to persuade Naruto to come with her to go talk to Hokage about his living conditions. Upon realizing what Naruto had to put up with at his apartment, Hokage agreed to give Naruto a little extra money each month so he could afford to move into a better apartment.

Naruto ended up moving into the Ninja Inn, a small rental place that was only a little ways away from Sakura's house, so that he could come over anytime he needed anything. The Ninja Inn was in a lot better condition then Naruto's last apartment in lots of ways and Naruto was very please to find out that the restaurant under the apartment rooms sold Ramen!

Oh yes, life was good for the blond.

As for Sasuke, things never did turn out with Hinata. Those two were just too different and didn't get any further then that first date, but it was safe to say that they didn't completely hate each other either. They would carry out a conversation once and awhile, but not often, and only if no one was looking.

Sakura's parents did get over the fact that the 'dangerous and heartless Kyubi vessel' was dating their daughter and even invited him over for dinner every Friday!

So in the end, everything turned out for our favorite couple!

THE END! Thank you to all my loyal reviewers and the people who took the time to read this! Thank you sooooo much! I had lotsa fun writing this and I'm hoping to come up with a new concept for another Nar/Sak fanfiction in the near future...

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Created and Written by Melissa Smith

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