"Harry Potter and The Hidden Prophesy"

Those of you who read The Secret Life of Professor Snape, will most likely recognize my writing style and this story's title. I hope you all like it! It was written prior to HBP and will not recognize cannon. I wanted to revise and update this story...

I own no part of the Harry Potter stories, I simply enjoy them enough to pay homage to them in my own writing. Please don't sue me!!! This story takes place after year six and focuses on Harry, Snape, and some new characters. There is mention of slash and pregnancy, but no details (I just can't write that yet…). Enjoy!

Chapter 1: The Lost Son

It was the last day of sixth year and all of Gryffindor tower had been celebrating. Not only had Voldemort been beaten for another year, but Harry Potter had an ally, the half-blood prince himself, Seamus Finnegan. Gryffindor had much to commemorate as they had won the house cup and Harry and Seamus had lived after their battle, thwarting the Dark Lord once again.

Hogwarts was simply humming with celebration as the end of the year had been reached. The entire student body was relieved by the mysterious disappearance of Professor Snape for the past week and his lack of final exams. It had been the pinnacle of the year, but the year was now over and all of the students were boarding the carriages that would take them to the Hogwarts Express and then to their respective homes.

Harry walked his two best friends to their carriage and waved as they climbed in. "You're sure you don't want to stay at the Burrow?" Ron asked for the millionth time.

Harry shook his head no. He had been asked by the Headmaster himself to spend his summer holiday at the school and planned on doing just that.

"Have a nice summer holiday then!" Hermione shouted as the carriages began to drive away.

"You too!" Harry returned as he waved goodbye to his best friends. He watched the carriages pull away and sighed dismally, berating himself for refusing both of his friends offers to stay with their families during the holiday. He chose to stay at Hogwarts. He had to remember that.

As he walked through the corridors he noted the emptiness at the school. The ever-changing stairwells were empty and echoed with his footsteps as he climbed up to Gryffindor tower. He entered the common room and plopped down on the sofa resting his eyes for the first time all day. His sixth year had been challenging for him as he felt the personal loss of his Godfather and the uncertainty of his own future. He threw himself into his studies, sports and friends—willing himself to be strong, but the break would provide him with a much needed respite as he planned to relax this holiday and spend much of it remembering and grieving for his beloved Sirius.

Ahh, the best made plans….

Later that evening, Harry looked out his window in the tower and saw a small shadowy carriage arrive, leaving three dark hooded figures at the gates. The figures crept slowly onto the grounds and headed toward the school. Harry saw the figures and immediately broke out in a run heading out of the tower towards the ominous men. The figures made their way through the great doors at the entrance and Harry watched them from behind a pillar as he made ready his wand, following them as they headed towards Dumbledore's office. As they approached the gargoyle one of the figures removed his hood to reveal the fierce Potion's Master. Harry jumped as he saw Severus Snape scowl and then remove the hoods of his companions. The hooded couple were surprisingly teenagers. Both were tall and wore an unfamiliar school uniform. The girl had long honey blond hair and ocean blue eyes. Her pale cheeks were flushed from the bitter cold of the outdoors and her lips were pursed in a devious smirk. The equally pale boy had a mop of curly brown hair and black orbs for eyes.

He sighed at Professor Snape as he wrapped his arms around himself to get warm. "Man it's cold outside!" he chattered. "But it's not much better in here. Can't Albus afford a heater or charm the place to a decent temperature."

Snape raised an eyebrow. "I rather like the cold…" he murmured.

"You would, Dad…" the boy replied sarcastically. Harry muffled his gasp at the revelation, Snape had a son!

The Potions Master looked at the girl and scowled as he remembered his surroundings. "Sebastian Samuel Snape! You know better then to talk like this in Hogwarts!" Harry's eyes opened wide with shock, hearing the confirmation of the young man's lineage.

Sebastian blushed and leaned away from Snape. "Sorry Dad…" Harry noted that the youth's voice carried a flat American accent, unlike his father.

"Shhh!" Severus interrupted him pushing the pair up the stairs to the office. "These walls have eyes and ears boy, let's get you into Albus' office before the entire school discovers that you are here." The teenagers chuckled as they were lead out of the corridor and into the office.

Harry stood and removed himself from his hiding place. He glared at the gargoyle and paced outside the office. 'So Snape has a son!' he thought to himself. 'Who was his mother? Where was he from and who was his striking companion?'

Harry was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he neglected to notice the pair of sparkling eyes that looked upon him. "Harry my boy, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Albus Dumbledore asked as he met up with him outside the office.

Harry flinched at Dumbledore's question and turned to face the clever old man. "Sir, I just saw two suspicious teenagers enter Hogwarts with Professor Snape and steal away into your office."

Dumbledore's eyes brightened. "Really? Well, let's go see them, shall we?"

Harry's eyes darted to the ground. "No, Sir. I…um…I should really mind my own business."

"Ah, but Harry, something tells me that you know more about my guests then you are letting on."

Harry swallowed his concern and made his admission. "Sir…Professor Snape called one of the children his son."

Albus' brow furrowed. "Ah yes, young Sebastian must be home then."

"Sir?" Harry asked.

Albus feigned a smile, put his arm around Harry's shoulders, and lead him up the stairs. "Harry, you'd better come with me."