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Chapter One:
The Jewel

Kagome eyes fluttered open and she slowly turned her head from side to side. For a moment she didn't know where she was. Then the scene from earlier flooded her mind. Naraku had sent a puppet to attack them. There had been chaos when Kohaku appeared along with Naraku's poisonous insects. The last thing she remembered was Naraku's puppet trying to get the jewel shards from her. InuYasha had been with Sango trying to keep her away from the young brother that was trying to kill her, while Miroku was lying unconscious from a blow he had taken to the head.

Kagome had put up a fight for the jewel shards and felt her self being lifted from the ground when InuYasha ran to protect her. Instantly, she and the puppet were both gone. She had been brought to a castle and left in a small room. It held a western style bed, which is where she was now. She didn't know what had been done to her, but once she was left alone she had begun to feel groggy, as though she had been drugged.

Now she felt light headed but tried to get up anyway. Kagome quickly decided against it when her vision began to swim before her and her body tingled and began to numb. She lay back against the soft pillow and felt herself becoming drowsy again. A short time later the door to the room opened and she cringed.

Naraku stood in the door way gazing at her. This was no puppet. He closed and locked the door before walking towards her. She contemplated running but realized that she would most likely collapse to the floor if she tried. He stood over her for a moment and then brought his claws to her throat.

He gave a sadistic smile and ran them to the top of her shirt. "I'll be taking the jewel shards now." He let his hand slip under the top of her shirt and grabbed the jewel that was just underneath. He quickly pulled his hand back and looked down at it in shock. She was using some sort of spell to protect the shards. When he touched them, he was burnt, and unable to pull them away from her.

He glared down at her threateningly. "Remove the spell you have placed on the shards, priestess." She glared back at him but refused to speak or remove the spell.

"Don't toy with me or you will regret it." She continued to lay there ignoring the look of warning he was giving her. He then broke out into a charming smile.

"Come now priestess, surely you don't wish for me to harm you." He sensed her heart rate rise but her demeanor didn't change. He slowly sat beside her on the bed, making her obvious distress increase.

He reached out and gently ran his hand through her hair, then along her cheek. "Such a pretty little thing you are. I could have a lot of fun with you, priestess." He sensed her panic and smiled. "Will you give me the jewel shards?" He asked with threat resonating clearly in his voice.

She turned her head away. He had most of the jewel; there was no way she could give up the shards she possessed. He grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him.

"I am going to enjoy this very much." He then released her chin and brought his claw to her throat again. He gently ran them across her, letting her believe he intended to end her life with one swift stroke. But no, he had other ideas for the defiant young priestess that was lying so vulnerable on the bed in front of him.

He then let his hand slide down to her waist before he moved it inside her shirt. He roughly cupped her right breast and gave her an evil smile. "Will you give me the jewel?" He asked again. She reeked of fear but her eyes remained indifferent.

"Very well." He pulled his hand from under her shirt and used the claw on his index finger to slowly slice her shirt down the middle. He gazed down at her before quickly using his claw to slice the center of her bra. He moved all of the material aside and gazed upon her young body.

Her chest was beginning to rise and fall faster as panic set in and her breathing became erratic. The sight of her was causing him to become quickly aroused. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes now frightened. His gaze settled on her unbound breasts. His hand moved to the jewel again, but didn't touch it. Then he slowly traced down to the valley between her breasts before slowly moving to toy with her sensitive nipples.

"Priestess, if you don't change your mind very quickly you will regret it." He said in a low growl. A tear ran down her cheek but she said nothing. He looked down at her and waited for a moment before letting his hand travel down her stomach and then across to her hip. Kagome tried to move but her body wouldn't cooperate and she became lightheaded.

Naraku roughly kneaded her upper leg before his hand slipped to her inner thigh. Again he looked at her to see if she would give in. When she closed her eyes, he slipped his other hand to her thighs and used them both to force her legs apart. He heard a sharp intake of breath and smirked to himself when she began to tremble.

He slowly ran his clawed hand up her thigh and back down again, enjoying toying with her. Finally, he let his claw gently run over the thin panties that were keeping him away from his destination. He heard her gasp at the light touch and smiled again. He could smell the faint scent of arousal along with her fear. Quickly he sliced his claws across the garment and then pulled the pieces away. She tried to pull her legs together again, but he quickly caught them and forced them further apart. "I'm not done yet, priestess."

The words caused her to shiver. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He was simply surveying her body with an intense look of lust in his eyes. She felt him grab her skirt and pull it from her. Kagome closed her eyes again but could still feel the heat of his gaze. She tried to lift her head but it began to swim in confusion the moment she did.

She jerked violently when she felt his hand running up the inside of her leg slowly. His fingers began to gently knead her thigh. She was trembling again, fearful of what he was about to do to her. A shocked cry escaped her lips when she felt him touch her. Naraku watched her with interest. He had not intended to deal with her this way at all but he found himself giving way to Onigumo's human desires.

He inhaled deeply. She was responding quite well to his touches. She was still frightened, which only fueled his desire, but the fact that she was becoming very aroused made it all the much better.

"You are still a virgin?" He said more as a statement than a question. "InuYasha is quite the fool."

Kagome closed her eyes and tried to ignore him and his questions. Her confusion made a smirk play on his face. She was obviously distressed by what he was doing, yet her body was enjoying it at the same time. This only encouraged him to continue, watching her as her body gave into the pleasure he was bringing to her.

"So you like that, do you? You enjoy being with me, priestess?" She closed her eyes again, disgusted with herself. His eyes raked over her body. Her arousal was strong, but she was weak from the toxins he had used to subdue her. He looked down at her again. There were tears running down her cheeks but she kept her eyes closed.

He touched her face, startling her. "Look at me, priestess." Kagome kept her eyes closed for a few seconds and then realized she should do what he says. When she was looking at him he flashed another charming smile.

"I will not force myself on you." Her eyes widened. She knew that he was quite aroused and she was vulnerable.

"My dear Kagome, I am not a monster. Something as precious as your virginity should not be taken forcefully." He said with mock sincerity lacing his sinister voice.

"I will come back later, when you have your strength. By the time I'm finished, you will be begging for me." Kagome swallowed hard. Mere moments before her body desperately wanted him, though she herself was repulsed by the idea. He turned and left her to sleep and regain her energy. He knew that once she wasn't helpless she would put up a fight, but that would make things much more interesting.