The Diary Of An Erik


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September 1st, 1882

Dear Diary,

Have just seen the papers.

Fop not as incompetant in revenge attempts as I had hoped.

Has submitted some rather embarassing photos of me to the tabloids.

Cannot have people running around with the false impression that I suck my thumb.

Because I don't, of course.

He photoshopped it, I'm sure.


September 2nd, 1882

Dear Diary,

Have been running around the tabloid offices punjabbing the persons responsible for the publishing of the aforementioned photographs.

Was not very effective.

As I walk through the streets people laugh at me and whisper.

Well, more than they used to, anyway...


September 3rd, 1882

Dear Diary,

Have raided the fops room of any photographs that could potentially be used for blackmail.

Including the one of me hugging something that looks suspiciously like a teddy bear.

It isn't, of course.

I was just folding my laundry.

My brown shirt.

With fur on it.

And ears.



September 5th, 1882

Dear Diary,

After recent traumatizing events, have decided that perhaps shrink trip will not be so bad.

Am going later this afternoon.

Christine would have made me go anyway, though.

Traumatized or not.

Although she claims I was traumatized to begin with...



September 6th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Shrinks are so wonderfully pointless.

If I had a nickel for every time that damned man said "And how does that make you feel" I might just have enough nickels to pay the damned bill entirely in bloody nickels!

I actually entertained the idea of dropping a rather large bucket of nickels on the shrink's head, as the lighting fixture in the room was too small to do any damage if dropped.

The shrink says I should stop dropping lighting fixtures.

And antagonizing the fop.

And all other mischief-making should cease.

I then asked what exactly I was supposed to do to entertain myself.

Shrink prescribed Television.


September 7th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Have begun my new regimen of watching television instead of dropping chandeliers.

Although how the general public sits on couches staring at moving pictures for hours on end is beyond me.

I really am getting bored.

I almost miss the fop...


Well, mostly I just miss annoying him.


September 8th, 1882

Dear Diary,

No longer miss the fop.

Apparently, there was a photograph I did not confisgate.

A very bad one.

Very VERY bad.

Am going back to the shrink, because I can't stand this "television" thing, and because I am feeling some oncoming emotional distress.

And the shrink says that's bad.


September 10th, 1882

Dear Diary,

I thought the shrink was pointless before...

Damn did he prove it.

Asked me how I felt about everything.

Replied that I told him how I felt and he damn well better do something about it.

Shrink says I should try not to be so irritable.

I wouldn't BE irritable if everyone ELSE wasn't so damn annoying.


September 14th, 1882

Dear Diary,

No more shrink appointments for me.

Turns out the lighting fixture in the office wasn't as incompetant as I thought.

He's only in a coma, but that's okay.

Won't have to listen to his "television" advice anymore.

Thanks to my excessive "television" viewing, I'm getting a bit pudgy.

I'd better fix this before I wind up like Piangi.

I'm telling you, you gain a few pounds, and then suddenly it gets out of control and people are mistaking you for a beached whale.


I am getting a gym membership.



September 15th, 1882

Dear Diary,

First day at gym.

Not fun.

Did not realize that even if you stop walking, the damned tracks on the tredmills keep on moving.

Had a less-than-friendly meeting with a very hard wall behind me.

Not pleasant at all.

Am also still surrounded by televisions.

That can't be good.


September 17th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Me and the gym were just not made for each other.

Christine suggests I use the pool at the gym.

She's really not all that subtle, is she?

Oh well.


September 18th, 1882

Dear Diary,

As exercise regimen is really not working, Christine suggests I try therapy again.

Told her absolutely not.

She replied that she had already signed me up for group therapy, so I had no choice.

I hope she does not value the lives of anyone in said group.

She says at least this time, there will be witnesses.

Damn her.


September 19th, 1882

Dear Diary,

First day in group therapy did not go well.

Well, what was to be expected?

We were sitting in a circle, oh how I despise that shape and it's ROUNDness... so bland and boring...

Anyway, we were going around, stating our names, where we came from, and what we did for a living.

What was I supposed to say? Hi, my name is Bob, I live in Alabama and work at a gas station?

Christine says yes, that is precisely what I should have said.

Told her that I did not need to add "compulsive liar" to my list of mental disorders.


September 21st, 1882

Dear Diary,

Christine insists I return to group therapy.

Noticed that not too many people came back today.

Do not understand. All I said was "Good morning, my name is Erik, I live in a basement, and to support myself, I haunt the local opera house, occasionally killing people less important than myself."

Do not see what all the fuss is about.


September 23rd, 1882

Dear Diary,

Fed up with group therapy.

Will punjab the group leader at next meeting.

Hopefully, without leader, remaining persons will scatter like little lost sheep.

If not, will simply have to punjab them as well.

If you look at it, I really win either way, now don't I?


September 24th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Group leader has been properly disposed of.

As were several stubborn little men who got in the way.

Have taken their name-tags and put them on the wall next to one of the fop's ponytails.

I'm telling you, I should start a whole trophy cabinet with these sort of things.

I wonder if there's a way of finding the remnants of the fop's fingers and toes... I'm not all too keen on sticking my hand into the lake at this particular point in time.


September 26th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Christine is angry with me.

Says I shouldn't have killed my entire group therapy class.

Told her I didn't kill them all.

And I didn't.

I'm quite certain some of them escaped alive.


September 27th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Fop has been growing tired of rehersals for Veggie Tales on Ice.

Says his feet are getting blisters.

Told him to cry me a river, build me a bridge, and get over it.

Fop did not find this funny.

Told him I will come and laugh at him on opening night. In fact, I have already secured my tickets.

Fop did not find this funny either.

Stupid fop, has no sense of humor.


September 29th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Have invited Christine to the opening night of the Veggie Tales Catastrophe next month.

Said she's love to go.

Says she has a soft spot for tomatoes.

Told her that tomatoes are not really vegetables.

She replied that it doesn't matter, because there's a tomato in Veggie Tales.

What are they trying to teach these children with these damn vegetables that are, in fact, fruits?


September 30th, 1882

Dear Diary,

Am now in a huge fight with Christine over the whole tomato bit.

She claims that since it's in Veggie Tales, it must be a vegetable.

I showed her that the dictionary states that a tomato is " A widely cultivated South American plant (Lycopersicon esculentum) having edible, fleshy, usually red fruit."


So there.



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