A crime of passion

But tonight it's not a crime

It's a dinner game

Right there

As common as the peas next to the meatloaf

The lightning eliminates what's inside

Your fear, hatred, love or lies

In side this creepy mansion, one rule

Kill who you most despise

Dear god the butler did it!

In the lounge...

With the revolver.

Or so you whish

But this mystery tumbles deeper

This is overkill.

No, it's an art

Finely perfected

So each slash

Can be admired

And in this mansion to stop it

Each slash is desired

One shot, six shot

Watch the chandelier drop

As each body falls

When will this deadly game end?

Once we are all implicated

This is a fact simply stated

How to end this is debated

But I shall leave it to you

Ta Ta For ...


Perhaps I'll see you at this doomed dinner party?

Shall you be victim or guest?

Ask yourself that before you begin your quest

To the creepy mansion

We are all waiting for you...