Mind Over Matter 4:

The early morning sun peeked through the bamboo mat that covered the door and small window of the hut. Kagome fluttered her eyes open to see the hanyou sleeping on top of her. Now, if he was unconscious how could he move on top of her? Maybe he was getting better? Able to move on his on accord? This was a good sign, but very embarrassing. She was topless and pressed up against the boy she loved. Blushing like mad, she pushed him off of her. The smelly ointment was all over her and Inuyasha. And boy did it reek like rotting garbage. "I need a bath, bad." She pulled on a tattered yukata that Ukago had lent her and walked outside into the morning sun to find Sango and Miroku huddled up under a blanket together, leaning against the side of the hut. Quietly, she tiptoed down to the lake to bathe. The water was ice cold, just like the first time she had arrived in this world. Kagome quickly dunked her body into the water and swam. She rubbed the smelly sticky ointment off and felt so much cleaner. The schoolgirl surfaced and ran her hands through her raven hair. She remembered many things as she rinsed herself off. Remembered making Inuyasha fall into the water after he peeked at her taking her purifying bath, remembered him staring at her intensely when she first put on the priestess uniform, and the all time favorite remark of 'Feh' as he denied that he wasn't thinking of Kikyo. She remembered it all like it was yesterday.

"Care if I join you?" Sango asked as she slipped into the water. She didn't even flinch when the cold water touched her skin. How she did that, Kagome never knew. "How did last night go?" Kagome blushed and looked away.

"It went fine. I have no idea if it's going to work or not though. I hope it does." She sighed and sank back into the refreshing water. A rustling of leaves was heard by the bank. "Did you hear that?" Kagome whispered.

"Yes." Sango swam stealthily back to the edge of the water. A familiar purple robe peeked out from behind the bushes. "Houshi……" Sango's voice rose with aggravation. Kagome could have sworn the water around her started to boil. The monk's eyes peered from the top of the bushes.

"I couldn't resist, my love!" He begged and pleaded as she grabbed her clothes, pulling them on as she then simultaneously pulled his ear. "Owwww Owwww Owww! My little sugar plum, please…." He begged as she dragged him away from the lake.

"Sorry Kagome." Sango apologized as they disappeared into the woods. Kagome could do nothing but laugh.

Inuyasha woke up in the same room, but it was brighter if not just a little. He heard faint laughter in the distance. 'Kagome?' He got up and stretched, yawning as he did. 'Kagome, you there?' He then remembered last night and what she had done. 'Oh…that's what…Oh Kami-sama…' He put his fingers to his temples and sighed. 'When am I gonna get back to her?'

"Well, it looks like I'm done." Kagome said as she dried herself off, pulling her shirt over her head. "I slept pretty soundly." The touch of his skin on hers made her all tingly inside. Tonight's part of the ritual would be interesting, even more embarrassing. The thought of it made her face turn beet red. She walked into the forest back to the hut to check on Inuyasha before heading back to Ukago to report. The birds were chirping away and the scattered sunlight poked through the trees. It was a beautiful day, but Kagome couldn't enjoy it appropriately. Inside her heart was dark and full of worry. The light wasn't reaching her right now. The sound of footsteps followed behind her steadily. Kagome remained calm. When she stopped so did the footsteps. "What do you want?" She asked tentatively.

"I want that stupid hanyou to die once and for all." A cold familiar voice echoed in to forest. It gave her the shivers, made the hair on the back of her neck stand on end. She turned around to face him.

"You truly are an asshole. You don't belong here. Go away, Naraku." He chuckled and Kagome backed away slowly.

"Once he is gone it will be simple to take what I want. Such as that last shard you have." He smirked.

"He will not die!" Kagome spat.

"Oh he will, my dear. He will. Those harpies proved useful after all. Too bad I killed them all. No one has ever gotten out of their own mind; Inuyasha will be no different." Naraku shrugged nonchalantly.


"Well, I will come when he is dead…to take what is mine." And in a flash he was gone. Kagome sank to her knees.

He had felt the coldness sweep all around him. 'Something's wrong. I smell him. Kagome? Please be okay.' He could also smell the salt again; was she crying? 'Don't give up, Kagome.'

"Inuyasha?" She looked around the trees and could have sworn she heard her name. Kagome wiped her eyes and ran back to the hut, swinging the bamboo mat aside as she gazed at his still sleeping form. "Must have been dreaming." She knelt beside him and ran her fingertips along his jaw. "I'll be back later, my love." She kissed him gently. "I love you."

Warmth returned to him, her warmth. 'You're okay.' He said with relief.

She returned to Ukago's hut to find her friends and the priestess sitting around the fire, eating. The girl smiled lightly and sat down to join them. "Are you alright, Kagome-san?" Miroku asked with a worried look on his face. Kagome realized she must have had a questioning expression on her face. The mask appeared and fooled everyone, almost everyone.

"I'm perfectly fine." She smiled as she took of bite of rice.

"I'm not buying it, young lady." Ukago said abruptly. "Something just happened that has upset you." She said, which made Kagome blink in surprise.

"Whatever do you mean?" She said innocently as she took another bite.

"You can't fool me girl." The old woman snapped. "We won't be able to help if you don't tell us. What don't want us to worry about your well being? Is that it?" She was something else. Kagome sighed as set down her chop sticks. Sango and Miroku looked at her without blinking once.

"I…saw…someone in the woods."

"Who?" Sango asked quietly.


"NARAKU?" They both yelled in unison. Ukago just sat there unmoved by the name.

"Yes, he said Inuyasha will die from the harpy's curse and when he does he'll take my last shard. Without Inuyasha it'll be easy he said." Kagome fiddled with the seam of her skirt.

"Like hell!" Miroku shouted. Sango placed her hand on his shoulder to settle him. He relaxed a little.

"So, he just came to tell you this? He didn't hurt you did he?" Sango asked in a calm tone with concern flittering in her eyes. Kagome held up her hands.

"No he didn't, but the weird thing is after he left I could have sworn I heard Inuyasha say my name." Ukago got up from her place and stood.

"Child, come inside with me." Kagome looked to the monk and demon exterminator. They both nodded. They sat down on a mat; Ukago took Kagome's hand in hers. "You heard the hanyou?"

"Yes, very softly, but I did. I swear."

"I believe you. This is good. This means he can hear you too…but only your thoughts. You two have a very strong bond if you're already hearing him. Tonight it the second night, you know what to do right?" Kagome nodded and blushed. "Good. Add this herb to the ointment." She handed her a pouch that smelled like lavender.

"Do you really think this is working?" Kagome questioned meekly.

"I think all will turn out well." She smiled. It was the first smile she had earned from to old hag since they had arrived. She smiled back.

Night came finally and Kagome and her friends left Ukago's to go to the hut. Kagome went inside and lit a few candles. She then added the sweet smelling herb into the rancid mixture. "I truly hate this stuff. Now, gosh this is so wrong on so many levels and it only gets worse with every night. But, she said the more contact the better the chances. The more intimate the quicker he'll come back to me." She closed her eyes and undid the rest of his clothes. 'Inuyasha?'

'Godammit it's cold again…everywhere on my body this time. Kagome? Was that you?' He shivered.

'Inuyasha? I'm back. I'm going to let you know now that this cure is so not my idea. You're naked, I'm naked. Plain and simple.'

'WHAT! No way….no fucking way….I'm missing this?' He paced back and forth, pictures once again popping in front of his face. He swatted them away angrily. His Kagome was doing this by herself, probably mortified and embarrassed beyond belief. He definitely was. Inuyasha had never done anything like this with a woman, not that he didn't think about it though. He was a male after all.

Kagome gingerly rubbed the ointment into his beautiful skin. The herb that Ukago gave her made the awful smell go away and Kagome was able to tolerate it now. Her eyes were completely shut tight, not taking one curious peek. Although, it couldn't hurt, could it? She glanced down at his form. He was perfect besides a few faint scars. Her eyes traveled lower and lower, until she couldn't resist not knowing. 'Wow.' She thought, forgetting that he could hear her. 'So, handsome…perfect…ooops you heard that!'

Inuyasha's eyes bulged. 'She has me naked and is staring at me. Great.' He blushed and sat down, tapping his foot nervously.

Kagome finished her ogling and began the next little course of action. She laid completely on top of the hanyou, relishing in the feel of his body under hers. 'Body to Body.' She thought as she found a comfortable way to lay. All of him touched her in places she longed for him to touch. Heat rose up like a flame from their bodies as a glow shimmered around them. Kagome looked up to see this. "It's working!" She squeezed herself tighter to him repeating the verse. 'Body to Body.'

Inuyasha fought to free himself, closing his eyes and imagining him with her. How he longed to be with her and free of his mind's prison. The heat rose up within him and he opened his eyes to find her staring back at him. "Kagome?" He couldn't move, but he could feel all of her softness touch him.

"Inuyasha…you're awake? You're back?" She hugged him closer to her. As soon as he said her name the darkness pulled him back. His eyes shut in sleep again. "Inuyasha! Inuyasha!" She shook him. He wouldn't wake up again. He had fallen back into his mind.