Waiting for you

Disclaimer: I do not own Tactics, as well as any of its characters such as the cute Kantaro, charming Haruka, funny Sugino, adorable Moo and others. The title taken from a Chinese song.

Rating: PG (old rating) or K+ (new rating) for mild violence, fighting and blood (rating will go up in the future)

Genres: Slightly AU, action/adventure, tragedy (minor changes depend on each chapter)

Pairing: None (currently none, but there will be Sugino and Moo in future chapters)

Warnings or notes: Please keep in mind that this fiction is slightly AU (throughout the entire story), spoilers for manga and anime, grammar and other errors, around 1200 words this chapter.

Also please take note that when any of its character speaks, I am using their original styles of speaking in the anime (for example in the anime, Yoko calls Kantaro as Kan-chan.) I understand that I am writing in English and I should use fully English as some of you may think. However, in order to make this fic has the same taste and feeling as the original manga/anime, I would like to use some Japanese words (only in speeches). Please do understand, and forgive me if I make a mistake somewhere or if you think my writing is not excellent.

Japanese terms (Credits given to DarkKatana for pointing out my mistakes! Thanks!):

Oni – demon/ogre

Onikui – demon/ogre eater (Haruka's previous name/nickname)

Tengu – goblin (In other anime/manga, tengu is known as keeper or some, as God's servant)

-chan – this word is added at the back of someone's name to show the closeness between friends, or you use it when calling a kid. Mostly used for girls' names

Manga – Japanese comic

Anime – Japanese animation

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Chapter 1-Painful beginning

"Please go back to where you belong!" A youth said in a clear voice while raising a piece of paper with written spell. Then he threw it at a huge ugly monster, making it moaned painfully for a while before it fell down in front of him. His face showed a moment of sadness and guilt before he continued to chant the famous spell against the monster. A bright light appeared, followed by the dark visible aura coming from the monster. After that, the monster vanished slowly in front of the crimson eyed youth.

"Finally…," the youth mumbled. He lowered his head a little, his crimson eyes was looking at the ground as if it was the most interesting place to look at. "Hmm…I guess I better get back before it is too late," he said, obviously to no one but himself while raising his head again. He began to walk in a fast pace as the sky was beginning to turn into darker shade. After a few steps, he felt a sudden pain on his chest as he fell on his knees, both hands clutching tightly on his clothes in pain. "!"

'This…Not now!' He thought while trying to look around nervously. 'This is the sensation of oni!' he thought. Sweats quickly formed on his body. As he was trying to locate the ghost, it appeared in front of him.

"Human…Those who come across this forest must die!" the ghost, apparently it was a male ghost, said, sending a direct physical attack at the panting youth.

'Shit! He is too strong…Plus Haruka is not here…Speaking of Haruka…,' the crimson eyed youth evaded the attack and was ready to chant a spell before the vicious ghost decided to send another attack at him. This time he only gave out his dark aura, making the youth fell on his knees in pain while clutching on his clothes around his chest. 'I should run…,' after a while, he still could not manage to cast a successful spell because the ghost knew his only weakness. He had to retreat by taking a few steps backwards each time the ghost attacked him.

However, it seemed like he did not have a path to continue running. Because he did not realize that a few steps behind of him was a cliff. He did not know about that at all, not before he slipped and fell from the cliff. "Ah!" the last thing he saw was the vivid image of the ghost and then everything went black.

On the other hand, a certain demon fox in a human disguise was fussing around in a small but decent house. "Where is Haruka-chan! Where is Kan-chan! After their fight, what happened!" Instead of asking no one, she began to rumble alone. After a certain moment, she stopped and decided to go out to search for both of the mentioned men. Just when her left foot took the first step, she saw a shadow on the ground. That could only mean one thing; someone was flying in the sky. She looked up in a jerk and screamed happily (because she finally saw one of them). "Haruka-chan!"

The handsome tengu with black wings looked down for a moment. Then he landed right in front of her. "Yoko…," as usual, his face showed nothing but the nonchalant look he wore always.

"Where is Kan-chan?" the female demon fox asked in concern. "I am so worried about you two!" The strongest tengu made no reply. He just looked at the other way by turning his back at Yoko. "Haruka-chan, what happened after you flew away? Did he not apologize to you? Did he go to that place by his own!" the very worried demon fox asked, she tucked Haruka's sleeve with both her small hands.

The first and second questions made Haruka hissed about a certain youth in annoyed. However, the third question confused him a little. "What do you mean by 'go to that place by his own'?" he asked, ignoring Yoko's previous questions.

"He said he is going to exorcize a monster in the forest! Didn't he tell you that?" Yoko replied in a hush and she showed more fear than before. She was afraid and concerned about their master's safety. The atmosphere became more tensing.

The black winged tengu was in silence. Seriously their master did not tell him that, not even a glimpse of the mission. What was in Kantaro's mind? Sometimes both of them could not catch his mind. It was true that Kantaro was considered as a cunning man at times by both of his slaves. But he was not planning to do something dangerous by his own, was he? He was not that stupid and reckless, was he? Anyway, this really made the demon fox very worried.

"Hmph! He is the best exorcist here," the tengu finally replied sarcastically in his monotone voice. "Why should I care about his safety? Surely he could handle it by himself," Haruka added as his wings began to appear. "I don't want to stay here any longer and make myself like a puppet to be played by that man. No matter what are the consequences, I will leave," the tengu said, sounded angry and emotional in a sudden. "And I would not forgive him for breaking my bowl." With his original tengu clothes in his hands, he flew away in a swift movement.

"Wait, Haruka-chan!" Yoko yelled in dismay. 'He came back…just to take his belongings…?' Now that with Haruka's leaving and Kantaro's whereabouts unconfirmed, Yoko could do nothing but to break into tears.

After a few hours of staying unconscious, the crimson eyed youth finally opened his eyes slowly. His head was spinning as he tried to sit up. He tried to do so by putting strength into his right hand to push himself up, but he failed miserably. "Ouch!" he yelped in pain and his left hand quickly went to clutch at his right arm. Just then he took a good look at his own self. He found out, not only that he had a broken arm, his whole body was wounded. His head was bleeding, his right arm was broken, and he guessed he had a few broken ribs too. Only when he found out that, he could finally felt the result of the fall. He was in great pain.

"Gya…," his senses now were slowly coming back to make things worse. Despite the pain he was going through, he still attempted to sit by pushing his strength onto his left hand. After a while, he merely made it and was leaning on a nearby tree. "I somehow manage to stay alive after the fall…," he mumbled. It was a miracle that he would survive after the fall. Maybe the trees cushioned his fall, but it also wounded him by cutting his skin. Right after he said that, he felt another new pain as he coughed violently. Something sticky and dark was coming out from his mouth. He wiped it with the back of his left hand. It was…blood. Apparently he was suffering from internal wound too.

'Oh great…' Now that he was bleeding all over, he was also vomiting blood. Maybe he could not survive if he continued to stay like this. But he could not move either. His right leg was slightly twisted in an odd way. He presumed that he landed on his right side. Therefore his right body was wounded worse than his left side. Not forget to mention, his head was killing him. His vision was blurry and the scene kept spinning and spinning, until he decided to close his eyes.

At last his body was giving up. "…Ha…ru…ka…," was the last thing he said before the darkness welcomed him once more.

: To be continued :

Edited: Hah…finally I have the time to edit my story! DarkKatana pointed out my mistakes for the Japanese terms and I edited it. Thanks! Also, I made a minor edit on the scene changes in this chapter (as well as some other mistakes) since a reader advised me to change my style. Anyway, critiques are still welcome!