Waiting for you

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Last chapter-Wait for me

"Kantaro…" Haruka moved nearer towards Kantaro, whose bangs were shadowing his anxious eyes. He had expected the worst, yet why would he still feel afraid of Haruka's rejection? "You haven't answered my question," he pressed.

The other remained silent, which it was so unlikely for him to do. He was always the talkative one in the house. But this time…Haruka's aura…everything was so suffocating to him. After a few minutes, he finally opened his trembling mouth. "I don't deserve to be forgiven, do I?" he asked timidly.

Haruka narrowed his eyes, somewhat disgustedly. "Why are you always like this?"

Interpreting that as a 'yes', Kantaro closed his red eyes in pain. "That's the way I am…" Surprisingly, he still managed to answer the black tengu.

Haruka's eyes softened when he saw the younger showing that pained expression. "There is nothing for me to forgive. You did nothing wrong in the first place, Kantaro," he explained, which made Kantaro open his eyes in shock. "What your ancestor did to me has nothing to do with you. In fact, I was the cause. Why didn't I realize this earlier…?" Clearly, the disgust he had shown earlier was of Haruka himself. He was disgusted by himself because he was wrong; he had been wrong even from the beginning.

True enough, it was Kantaro's ancestor that sealed him in the darkness. Yet he was the one who cursed the Ichinomiya in order to get revenge without thinking how it would hurt the innocents. Because of his curse, Kantaro's life was turned upside down. If Kantaro said he carried unforgivable sins, then Haruka's sins were heavier.

'I ruined his whole life, just because I wanted to get revenge…' Haruka turned away angrily. He was feeling angry at himself because he knew he was the one who had made the biggest mistake. However, it was too late – everything was done. There was no use crying over spilt milk. Moreover, there were no more curses and seals. All was gone.

Speaking of some complicated emotions and some complex links here.

It was then that he felt the drops of water on his hand, snapping him out of his reverie. The water was none other than Kantaro's tears, now that he was in front of him. "Thank you, Haruka," he murmured, happy tears falling from his eyes. He missed the name he had given to the demon. Kantaro could not stop himself from calling him this name again, knowing that he had earned forgiveness from the other.

The atmosphere at the moment was so familiar to the demon. The same situation occurred to him when he was going to kill Kantaro…and his ex-master said the same line.

'Thank you, Haruka,'

'This is absurd…,' Haruka mused, sighing. Before he had the chance to speak, another gasp interrupted.

"Kan-chan!" Obviously, it belonged to Yoko. The female demon was walking side by side with Sugino and his 'wife' Moo. Upon seeing Kantaro, Moo jumped right into his arms. Sugino sent a jealous glare at Kantaro, who was smiling gently at the little green demon.

"So, you're awake, huh," Sugino did not mean to seem short-tempered, but he was jealous of Moo's happy expression when in Kantaro's arms. 'Taking advantage of Moo-chan… Ah! She is still innocent!' he screamed in his mind. Well, a bit overprotective.

"Kan-chan, how are you feeling?" Apparently, only Yoko noticed the dried tears on Kantaro's face, but she did not mention it out of respect towards her master. 'Looks like they've become better…'

Kantaro nodded. "I am feeling better. Thanks for the concern." Then he turned towards Sugino. "Sugino-sama, thank you as well," he gave his best smile. After all, Sugino was the one who had saved him during the fight between him and the berserk Haruka.

The God only rolled his eyes in reply. To him, it was nothing that big to be thankful for. He just acted like anyone would. Meanwhile, Haruka was being the silent observer. He only watched them, as if he was not among them.

"And I'm for causing trouble to all of you…" the human apologized, about to bow despite the throbbing pain in his torso.

'"Kan-chan, don't sound so old!" Yoko laughed, stopping his action. "This is so unlike you," she added, half-joking.

Even Sugino's hand was resting on his shoulder, restraining him. "Heck. I enjoyed troubling those useless humans," Well, that was his way of saying 'do not mention it'. Typical of him to say things like that.

Moo mooed several times, indicating that she did not think Kantaro gave her any trouble either. At that, a big smile spread across Kantaro's face. "Thank you, everyone," he murmured.

"One more thing, Kan-chan. This rubbish? You can keep it," Yoko thrust a wrinkled paper in Kantaro's palm. "I have only one master, and that's you," she declared firmly. Her action triggered curiosity in both Haruka's and Sugino's eyes.

Kantaro unfolded the paper and his eyes widened slightly. The paper was the note he had left for Yoko before he left to perform the ritual. It was a note saying Yoko was freed from the servitude and no longer his slave. From the 'damage' done to his note, Yoko did not seem to be happy about it. "But, I –"

"No 'buts', Kan-chan. I will stalk you forever if you really mean it," Yoko pouted. She really was fond of her master. Although he was hard to understand and even lazy at times, he was still the greatest human she had ever met.

Her words touched Kantaro deeply. He, the one who had lost love and friendship at an early age, had been numb to positive emotions as he aged. This was the first time he felt touched. "Thanks, Yoko…"

The other two seemed to understand the whole situation by just observing them. Suddenly, a female voice called out to them. "Kantaro! Yoko-chan! Sugino-san!" Then Sakuya appeared, with a fruit basket in her hands. "This is for you, Kantaro," She handed him the basket filled with variety of fruits, followed by a 'thanks' from Kantaro. "Nice to meet you, Haruka-san." She greeted Haruka. Her woman's intuition told her that the other handsome guy was Haruka.

The tengu showed mild confusion but he returned the polite gesture nonetheless. "What brings you here, Sakuya-san?" asked Yoko.

"I am here on behalf of the villagers to apologize and welcome Kantaro back. Sugino-san did a good job in opening their minds," replied Sakuya. Her sapphire eyes were glowing in happiness. Kantaro was dazed. Haruka looked into Sugino's eyes directly, while the once mortal showed nothing in response.

'Apologize? Welcome? Back to the village?' his mind kept repeating the same things over and over. "What…?" his mind still failed to register the fact.

Sakuya smiled the motherly smile again. "They wanted to make amends for how they treated you in the past years. And they welcome you back to the village! Isn't that a good thing?" Yes, indeed, it was a good thing. To Kantaro, whatever happened in the past was history, and the present was the most important thing. Thus, he gladly accepted the offer open-mindedly.

'It seems that Kantaro's life is turning following the wheel of fortune now…,' Sugino and Yoko thought.

Unnoticed by them, the day turned into night swiftly. Surprisingly enough, Kantaro was discharged from Takizawa's clinic on the very same day and he was permitted to go back home. Sugino, Moo and Sakuya bid their farewells and went back to their own homes.

'It is you who freed me from the past…Thank you, Kantaro,' Sugino thought when he carried Moo and flew back to the forest they were living in. The God felt relieved that the heavy burden on his shoulders back in the years was gone. 'From now on, I shall see you in another point of view…'

Meanwhile, the other three were walking back to Kantaro's house as he had insisted. Such a persistent human.

'I stay just to pay the debt.' Haruka remembered saying those words to Sugino as an act of denial. But now, he found it hard to repeat those words. 'I owe him too much…'

Strangely enough, the human seemed to acknowledge his decision to stay after such incident. Kantaro asked no questions and just showed his sly smile. For a while, Haruka would have said it was Kantaro's manipulative attitude that made him stay.

When they reached Kantaro's house, Yoko asked her master to rest in his room. Kantaro obeyed heartily, for he was exhausted. At that, he earned a see?-I-told-you-so look from the female goblin. Afterwards, Yoko said she had to leave the house to run an errand for someone. So there were only Haruka and Kantaro left in the house. When Haruka and Kantaro were alone, the goblin finally had the chance to continue their conversation from where it had stopped earlier.

He gained permission to enter Kantaro's room and seated himself on the floor. "Kantaro…I haven't thanked you, have I?" he finally said, swallowing his pride for once. The other only smiled in return. That day was such a great day in his new life. "And I haven't said sorry either…"

"You are welcome and forgiven," Kantaro answered shortly. "You sound like you've been forced into this – as if I commanded you to do it. Don't be," he added with a laugh.

"Your life span –" Although he was pissed off by the last comment, for being teased, Haruka said nothing about it. He was not in the mood for a joke.

"Haruka, let's create some happy memories…" Kantaro said, out of the blue, cutting off Haruka's speech. "I want to live a happy life until my last breath," he added, sounding extremely serious for once. There was no fear of his death visible on his face. "I do not want to regret anything…"

The Ogre Eater tengu turned to look at Kantaro for a moment before returning his gaze to the view outside. "As you wish…"

Satisfied by the answer, the mortal smiled. "Do you believe in reincarnation, Haruka?" He never felt bored calling the demon's name. Haruka… Haruka… Haruka… It was such a nice name.

As expected, the other nodded. "Will you wait for me then? After my reincarnation...?" Yet again, Kantaro just had the insufferable nerve to ask weird questions. "But this time, not as a master and slave. As friends…" Kantaro added with his childlike smile. "Like now."

"Aa…" Haruka found that the corners of his lips twitched upwards involuntarily, forming a thin smile. "But – No, I won't wait for you." This was enough to make Kantaro frown. But Haruka quickly explained to avoid further misunderstanding. "For years you have been searching for me.This time I will search for you. So, wait for us… For me."

Kantaro immediately found himself smiling. "I will be waiting for you, then…"

A solemn promise was made and both of them vowed to fulfill it. Deaths would never shatter the promise and the hopes. Fate's cunning hand would continue to guide those lost souls and lead them into right paths. And friendship would always remain.

'I will be waiting for you…'


Once again, thanks for reading until the end! I hope I didn't miss out any details (the new plot was thicker than I originally planned lol) and pray it's not that boring. :bows: It's my honor to finish it and to have your support. :bows deeply: Oh yeah, it doesn't imply anything on shonen-ai/slash between Haruka and Kantaro. XP

The ending is meant to be matched with the title (all my multi-chapters stories are ended in the similar way). It might be lame to end it this way. Sorry for that.

As you can see, I included some advice throughout the entire story. Some of you might have noticed them though. (Bracket) shows the advices are shown through which character; only Tactics original characters are involved.

-Not matter what happens, see things from different points of view before one takes any action. You might end up feeling guilty for the rest of your life. (Haruka and Sugino)

-One never does anything without a reason. (Kantaro)

-Never feel regret over something that is the past. The most important are the present and the future. Instead of blaming oneself, it is better to make amends. (Kantaro, Haruka and Sugino-minor part)

-Be truthful and never hide anything from the ones you care about. Being straight forward can help you to solve your problems, even indirectly. It is because humans can never live alone. (Kantaro and Yoko-minor)

-Repay one's kindness and don't forget it. (Yoko)

-Hatred only brings more pain and suffering. Learn to be forgiving. (Haruka)

-Never be cruel to anyone, or any beings in this world. No one deserves to be mistreated and one has no reason to mistreat the others. (the villagers)

-Life is not always bright, but there are hopes. Always believe there will be good events waiting for you in the end. You might lose something, but you will always gain something in return. (Kantaro)

-No friendship is sweet all the time and it turns out bitter sometimes. But, trust each other and it will turn out all right. (Kantaro with Haruka)

Probably there are more but the above are the obvious ones. I hope the readers learn something from reading this story, not only enjoy it. :D So long!

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