Stargate SG1: After the March

By Nix Nada

General Jack O'Neill leapt from his bunk, woken from sleep by the base alarm. It had been a long day, so he had elected to bunk down on-base, trying to catch a few hours sleep before the start of what was sure to be another long day. It was a decision he was already coming to regret, having been shaken from his rest after only two short hours.

"Unscheduled off-world activation," announced the tannoy, over the blare of klaxons.

He strode out into the corridor, passing two soldiers in the hallway who stifled smirks at the uncommon sight of the General in his pyjamas. They pulled themselves together quickly, however, and each snapped off a hasty salute.

Yeah, thought Jack, surly from lack of sleep. You'd better salute.

O'Neill strode into the control room, trying to pull himself together. He peered through still-bleary eyes at the Stargate, through the large viewing window. To Jack's surprise, the large stone circle was standing dormant.

"Where's the wormhole?" he asked. Even with the blare of the base alarm, O'Neill's voice sounded strange in his ears; muffled, almost.

Harriman, the Gate Room technician, looked up from his computer in surprise. "Sorry, sir?" he asked. "There's been no Gate activity all night."

"What!" O'Neill found that he could hardly hear Harriman over the sound of the klaxon.

"I said, the Gate's not in use, sir," Harriman yelled back. He looked at the side of O'Neill's head, quizzically, and then pointed. "Perhaps if you…"

At that moment, the deafening sound of the base alarm shut off, leaving O'Neill's ears ringing.

From behind him came the good-natured rumble of Teal'c's voice.

"Allow me," Teal'c said with a slight smile, reaching out and gently pulling a tiny radio receiver from each of Jack's ears.

Behind him, Daniel and Sam burst out laughing.

"Oh, nice PJs, Jack," spluttered Daniel.

"I'm sorry, sir," laughed Sam, "but the look on your face..."

Jack looked at each of them, nonplussed, and then turned back to Teal'c.

Teal'c smiled and raised an eyebrow. "April fool, O'Neill."