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Game Over

The ballroom was dark. It had never seen full light, just the occasional ray here and now. Many years of grime and cobwebs and ice had blocked the windows, not letting anything in. Dracula enjoyed this room. It was dark. No one could see him. It was like the dark deep recesses of his own mind, where no one could hear his thoughts. He twirled gently on the spot, chuckling deeply, and it echoed throughout the hall. "Come out, come out, wherever you are," he whispered softly, the hint of a threat in his seductive voice. A slight girlish giggle came from the end of the hall, and he turned to it instantly, a smirk on his face. He loved to play the hunter.

He walked towards her, where he knew she was waiting in the shadows for him. His steps became slower as he turned into the hunter he was, stalking, slowly and carefully. And then he stopped, and the smirk turned into a look of lust. He couldn't keep this up for much longer, when he needed her so badly. He counted to three and then appeared behind her, and suddenly wrapped his arms around her beautiful form. She jumped slightly and then turned around to face him, wrapping her arms gladly around his neck. He kissed hers, gently. "Marishka…" he whispered his lips still on her cold skin. "Master.." she moaned back playfully. Dracula's lips moved up Marishka's neck, to her face and finally he captured her lips, and she kissed him back eagerly. Dracula shoved her roughly back against the rough stone wall, enjoying the slight whimper of pain she gave. She knew what her master wanted, and she was more than willing to give it to him after he had ignored her for so long. Kissing him with a sudden fervour, she flipped him, so he was against the wall, thrilled to hear the small chuckle of approval. She loved her master. And now he loved her too.

Lara felt a growing fear with every step she took, inside this forbidden part of Dracula's castle, something weighting her down, trying to stop her going forward. Whether she was imagining it or it was Dracula, she knew she still had to go on. She wanted to find out what Dracula was up to, even though she already had a pretty good idea. She opened another one of the numerous doors along the corridor, to reveal a long dark narrow passage. There was no light at the end, or nothing to indicate that this was the passage she should take, but Lara felt that this was the corridor that would lead her to Dracula, and whatever he was getting up to with his brides.

She peered down the corridor for a spilt second, suddenly unsure, once more the fear rising in her, but then when she thought of Dracula she knew she would have to go down there, regardless or not of fear. First she took a few tentative steps, but then Lara decided that nothing would happen to her in this passage. After all it was just an ordinary dark passage. She was only slightly afraid of the dark. She walked slowly in the pitch black, one hand trailing on the wall, so she wouldn't lose her way. She needed to find Dracula, and fast.

Dracula and Marishka twirled around the ballroom floor, in the pitch dark, wrapped close to each other, barely a millimetre between their bodies, still kissing. Dracula could see out of the corner of his eye, tiny slivers of light dancing through the dark, dirty windows. Those dirty windows protected him, not from the sun, but from Lara. They stopped Lara from knowing what he was doing, they gave him peace of mind. The dark ballroom, was like his fantasy, if he bought his brides here, it was like they were in his head, so he wasn't really cheating on Lara. Or so he told himself. For a moment, while he thought about Lara, he wanted to push Marishka far away, as far away as possible, and pretend these encounters between him and his brides had never happened. But, he just couldn't bring himself to end them. He was a sex addict, he needed it.

He suddenly stopped dead, in the very centre of the ballroom and threw Marishka backwards, rather like he had done to Lara and Anna Valerious so long ago. He ran one hand down to her neck longingly, tracing the bite marks he had given her all those years ago. Her heart was beating quickly, racing in fear. Yet her face was one of rapture and happiness, there was no fear in her expression. He suddenly dropped Marishka in shock. Marishka didn't have a heartbeat. None of his brides did. Which could only mean…Lara! She must have woken up and found him gone. And then she had crossed the bridge, which meant she knew how he had given his brides the furnished part of the castle. And now…, now she was almost at the ballroom.

Lara suddenly found herself on a high balcony over a large ballroom, a low rail protecting her from falling to the depths below. As far as she could see, from the tiny rays of sunlight that pierced the grime of the windows, the room was empty. But why then did she feel that she could hear the music of Dracula's mind, haunting and echoing as if it had just finished? As if he had just been here? And still was? She leant over the balcony trying to see below, to see if Dracula was there, but there was nothing as far as she could see, the shadows were to deep to penetrate from high above. She had to find a way down. She walked further along the balcony to see a set of slender iron stairs, spiralling downwards to the darkness below. She walked down them quickly, now sure that Dracula was in this room, hiding from her, ready to escape her as soon as possible.

Dracula held the unconscious Marishka loosely in his arms, cursing his own stupidity and weaknesses. As soon as he realised that Lara was there, it had been too late to go anywhere else, there had only just been enough time to hide, in the corner of the room, hidden deep in shadow. He had had to knock Marishka out, so she wouldn't speak and give the game away, a thing that he knew she would love to do. He thought that Lara would have left immediately, but he should have realised by now that Lara was extremely determined, and she wouldn't give up until she had found him, and when she did she would see Marishka in his arms, their rumpled clothing, his loose belt. And then it would be game over.

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