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Lara stepped off the iron stairs, with still no sign of Dracula in the dark hall. There were not many places to hide it seemed, but the room was extremely dark and he could be hiding anywhere in the shadows. The only sound she could hear in the large ballroom was the soft echo of her own footsteps, bouncing off of the grand stone walls. As she walked further down into the belly of the ballroom, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end, like someone was watching her. She turned in the round and saw nothing but pitch black. But she could feel Dracula's eyes locked on hers now and she knew that was where he was hidden. She took a few steps towards where his gaze was coming from, and then there was nothing but blackness.

"Go back to bed," Dracula whispered softly from the darkness, "Quickly go, and do not stop." There was a determined look on his face, and the tiniest flicker of fear in his eyes. Lara turned slowly on the spot at the sound of his voice, heading back to the iron staircase, a glazed look on her face, almost as if she was sleepwalking, as she swayed gently from side to side. Dracula sighed heavily. He didn't like taking control of her mind, but she had been 3 seconds away from finding him and Marishka in his arms, hiding in the shadows. And then he knew he would have lost Lara forever. She would never forgive him. She wouldn't have even come close to finding him if he just hadn't looked at her. He could feel Lara when she was near but he hadn't realized she could feel him too.

He watched her walk up the staircase, not in control of her own movements. She certainly did look like she was sleepwalking. Dracula stepped out of the shadows, Marishka still in his arms, but perhaps not as lovingly as before, and followed Lara, careful to keep a good distance between them in case she should suddenly break free of his control and see him. He could feel her, trying to fight his control over her, but he urged her onwards gently, his words in her head, "Sleep Lara, back to bed." He had to stop her from turning around several times. She was his puppet, but this puppet didn't want to be controlled. At last the three of them reached the end of the dark corridor, Dracula and Marishka just behind Lara. She turned left, heading back to their bedroom, once again urged softly onwards by Dracula.

He watched her until she turned the bend in the corridor and then he went right. Marishka had begun to stir in his arms, so his pace hurried, faster and faster until he reached the room where she spent her days. He didn't want her to awaken and cause a massive screaming match, so it was best to get rid of her now. He dumped her unceremoniously in her open coffin, where mere hours before he had awoken her with a hungry kiss. He banged the lid of her coffin down, a little harder then necessary, and then stood up. Straightening himself off, and readjusting his clothing, he left the room, without so much as a backwards glance at Marishka and then began to chase down the corridor after Lara, making sure she was still firmly under his control.

After a while he quite liked the idea of a Lara under his control, his to do whatever he wanted with. But no, he wanted her to truly love him on her own. The only problem was that made everything so much harder. When he reached the doorway to the bridge he was momentarily blinded by the bright sunlight, which made his eyes water. It took a few seconds for them to readjust, before he took a flying leap off the side of the bridge. He let himself plummet for a few seconds, letting the wind buffet him from all directions, not under his control, before seizing control and changing his direction to upwards, towards his and Lara's bedroom.

Down below he could see Lara; she had almost finished crossing the bridge. The cold wind whipped Dracula, and he shivered in delight. He barely flew these days for pleasure, even though it gave him time to think, to be alone, gave him happiness. But there was no time for that at this very moment. He reached the bedroom window and opened it with a click of his fingers, before climbing inside. He quickly climbed into the bed as he heard Lara approach from down the corridor. He shut his eyes pretending to be asleep, just as she walked into the room, still under his power.

Lara stopped momentarily when she saw the sleeping Dracula. A puzzled look came across her face, before quickly being replaced by the glazed one, as Dracula tightened his grip on her mind. She glided over to the bed and climbed in, next to Dracula, where he pulled her tightly towards him, stroking the small of her back. She gave no objection as he still had control over her so instead she nuzzled against his chest, glad to be in his arms, the focal point of his attention. Dracula leant down slowly to her ear. "Sleep," he whispered gently, that one word echoing through the deepest recesses of her mind, and Lara suddenly became limp, as she slept. Dracula gathered her close to him, keeping her safe in his arms, his hold loving and tender.

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