Title: In the Name of Love
Author: Kynstar
Characters: Sidious and Dooku
Timeframe: During Clone Wars
Summary: What does Dooku love?
Notes: Kind of hit me when I was sitting at work. The idea of not 'who' but 'what' he loved struck a chord in me muse hehehe

He had asked the question...the question about love.

The love of a person for another...
The love for one's family...
The love for one's government...

What do you love? He had asked 'what' not 'who'.

"I know to whom you have loved, Tyranus." The sultry tone mocked the regal man's past.

The Count of Serenno stood back up from stoking the fire in the large fireplace in his sitting room. It had gotten chilly, but not due to the winter season outside his vast mansion. He had taken solace on Serenno for a short time in between battles.

"She is irrelevant now." His aristocratic voice had a slight edge to it.

"Oh I am sure she is..." A quiet chuckle could be heard as the Sith Master came from out of the shadows and into the glow of the lamp lights. The man was once more adorned in his dark robe.

"So...what do you love?" Sidious asked again. He enjoyed riling up his new apprentice, but he also enjoyed the philosophical conversations that they sometime slip into. This meeting though, this meeting he was testing the taller man's reserve.

Dooku was tempted to spout off the old 'Jedi do not love', but thought better of it. He did not wish to anger the younger man.

Younger man...and he is my new Master. The Count thought it ironic that a man young enough to be his son was his Master.

"Best you remember that, Tyranus." There was iciness to the tone that had not been there earlier.

"Of course, my Master." The Count cursed himself for allowing his thoughts to drift. No matter how tightly woven his shields were, the Sith could see and hear all.

"My answer...?"

The apprentice sighed quietly. "The Republic of course, my Master...as it has always been and shall." The taller man retook his seat behind the large wooden desk.

Several datapads were strewn about as well as numerous datasheets. A holographic layout of several solar systems was flashing off to his right. He absently reached out and touched the two planets that were flickering. They revealed updates that had come in from his contacts on those planets.

"And what you do with me...for me is because of 'love'? Love for a failing government?" The sultry tone was back.

A spark of anger that filtered through the Force caused the dark brown eyes to shimmer.

"Something that we are supposed to be rectifying...Chancellor." Dooku hardly ever challenged his Master, but when it came to the Galactic Republic he was willing to throw everything away. Have I not all ready done that once before...? A slight wave of sadness quenched the fires of his rage that coursed through him.

"Careful Count, you tread on dangerous grounds." The slight sneer was unnerving.

"You told me your goals and how they were going to better the Republic. It appears that the Senate is even more corrupt than before." The ex-Jedi attempted to not growl out the next words. "Things have gone from bad to worse...Master."

"Patience, in all due time you will see the final results of my long time planning." Sidious said softly then paused to add as he chuckled. "And remember: you are doing all this in the name of...love." The laughter turned sinister as the Sith Lord left the room.

The crackling of the fires eating at the wood was all that was heard in answer.