Harry Potter and the Finding of Power

Chapter 1

Moonlight flooded into the bedroom casting an eerie silvery light over the still form of Harry Potter. At this time of night one would expect the teenager to be asleep, but instead he stayed resolutely awake. Staring off into space for what seemed like the thousandth time in just a week. Harry Potter was quite unlike the average boy; he wasn't even average for a wizard. Most boys his age actually tried to sleep at night. But not Harry. For when Harry slept he would be plagued by nightmares worse than any he could ever have imagined when he was awake.

These nightmares were so horrible because it was the same thing over and over. Harry would see the final moments of his godfather's life as the killing curse sent Sirius's body through the archway and the veil. Every night the same thing. Never a sound was made until the moment when Sirius disappeared behind the veil, then Harry simply screamed. Always the image of Sirius Black dying and he just watching helplessly as it happened again and again.

Protecting me, thought Harry to himself. If only I had done something different! Harry could not see it for himself but he was slipping into yet another depression. This one being far more severe than when Cedric had died. Cedric had at the most been a friend of Harry's and in truth he knew that Cedric meant even less to him than that. It was simply the fact that Harry had caused his death. Cedric was completely innocent and he died because of him.

But Sirius. Sirius was another matter entirely. Harry could not even begin to describe what Sirius meant to him. He was truly the closest Harry had ever had to a father. After being imprisoned and persecuted for so long he deserved better than to meet such an end.

Harry tightly closed his eyes at these thoughts to keep the tears from falling. But, like every time before, he failed and soon his face was wet with tears streaming down his face endlessly.

Harry could just not even begin to think of life without Sirius. Just one week ago he was there, and now he wasn't. If everything he wanted came to pass and Voldemort was defeated and the Wizarding world found peace, he would still be empty. Without Sirius it seemed like the entire point of fighting was gone.

What does it matter now? He's gone and there's nothing I can do to bring him back! Harry suddenly felt his emotions swing from sadness to anger. A terrible anger swept through Harry and once again he felt the burning hate rise within him. Hate for the world at the joke of a life that he was given. Everyone seemed to be able to find some shred of happiness in this world except him. He hated everyone for having some kind of family that was not taken away from them. At least Neville gets to visit his parents and live with his grandmother, hell he might even have cousins or something I don't know about, thought Harry.

But what did Harry have? Nothing! No family that loved him, and when it seemed like he might just be able to find a family with Sirius, it's just taken away.

Like everything always is.

Suddenly Harry knew he had to get out. He had to be out of this room, this house. And so it was that in the pitch of night Harry Potter found himself outside in the back yard looking up at the stars. A cool night wind caressed his face and lightly ruffled his hair. But Harry felt nothing. Nothing except his own rage. His anger burning so hot inside of him Harry could barely contain it. And finally he could no longer keep it repressed inside of him.

A strangled cry escaped his mouth that soon turned into a fully-fledged scream. As Harry screamed into the night breaking the silence in an almost bittersweet kind of blasphemy he could feel something else inside of him swelling up. Like nothing he had ever felt before. No. He had felt this before. It was there two years ago when he had accidentally blew up his Aunt Marge. Except this time was so much more it could barely be described as the same thing.

And finally whatever it was building up was finally released, and Harry could feel the raw power escape from him like he was the center of a ripple in water. The magical shockwave he had released from his body flew at impossible speed glowing silver and shattering every window roughly one kilometer around Harry.

Harry finally stopped screaming, but now the night was alive with the sounds of car alarms, and people waking and turning on their bedside lamps to find all the windows in their house shattered.

Harry sunk to his knees. He couldn't care any less about all the destruction he had caused in his rage. Because Sirius was gone and there was nothing he could do to bring him back.

And there he stayed until Vernon found him moments later and put him back in his room. Harry did not sleep that night, just like the night before, and hopefully like the following night.