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(1 year later)

"Come here my beautiful boy," Hermione Snape smiled as she pulled her one-year-old son out of his crib. "You had a big sleep didn't you? Almost two whole hours," she cooed. Patrick Snape gazed up at his mother with the darkest eyes she had ever seen, his fathers eyes to be exact. He gave her a six-tooth grin and snuggled into her shoulder, thumb in mouth.

On a stone bench, in the warm May sun, Severus Snape was watching his daughter Olivia crawl around the stone archway. Suddenly, he heard a whimper come from her and he leapt to his feet, rushing over to the young baby. "Come here now what did you do to yourself this time?" somehow managed to scrape her knee, and a small trickle of blood was running down her leg. Hermione would be having an apoplexy if she could see Olivia now, Severus mused to himself.

Even though the twins were just over a year old, they were already asserting their personalities. Patrick Gareth was cuddly and affectionate and loved everyone. He preferred the safety of things he knew, and he was a mama's boy, as Severus would often joke. Though his quiet passiveness, he definitely received from his father. Olivia Alasne (means Miracle in Basque) could not have been more different. She was curious, always straining to get out of her parents' arms, so that she could explore something new. She was a constant ball of energy, with her mother's thirst for knowledge. The twins looked almost as different as they were. Olivia had her mother's brown curly hair, with eyes that were just a shade or two darker than Hermione's. Patrick, on the other hand, was the spitting image of his father, with silky black hair and deep, almost black eyes. He even had the same facial expressions as Severus, even though those expressions consisted of a lot more smiles these days.

Hermione and Severus had been in literal bliss, since the wedding six months earlier. Everyone commented on Severus's newfound smile, a real ear-to-ear grin. He claimed his family gave him that smile. Despite all of the adversity he and Hermione had faced, their love and passion were as strong as ever. They would often stay up late at night, discussing everything from politics to potions to what they would look like when they were old and gray. For them, life was perfect, and nothing could change or improve it.

10 years later (Olivia/Patrick are 11)

"Mum! Mum!" Olivia screeched excitedly. "Guess what! Guess! Guess!"

Hermione walked into the sunny kitchen of their small house (still on Hogwarts grounds), balancing a baby on her hip. "What is it Liv?" she asked, watching her daughter dance around the kitchen while clutching a piece of paper to her chest.

"I'm in! I got into Hogwarts!"

"Oh that's wonderful sweetie! I'm so proud that you are following in mine and your father's footsteps. How about your brother?"

"I haven't seen him, he's still in his room performing charms on stuff," Olivia grinned mischievously. A house rule was that the twins were not allowed to perform magic, even if they did have their wands. Hermione rolled her eyes, and called out to Patrick.

"Did you get any mail today?" She asked her son, as he shuffled into the kitchen, shaggy black hair (the popular style) hanging in his eyes.

"Wha?" he queried. "Oh, yeah, I got a Hogwarts letter." His voice was almost a whisper, and he blushed a little.

"Patrick, being accepted into Hogwarts is nothing to blush about! This is an amazing accomplishment -- both of you. Wait until your father hears!"

"Hermione, I already know of course," Severus smiled warmly as he entered, just home from teaching. His hair was just showing hints of silver, that he charmed away, and were those crows feet from smiling appearing around his eyes? Why yes...yes it was.

"Daddy!" A loud, shrill voice squeaked as a four-year-old girl ran into the kitchen, to complete the family. Her straight brown hair flew behind her, as she crashed into her father's knees. He picked up Lucy Vivien and gave her a squeeze. He proceeded to peck Hermione's lips, ruffle Patrick's hair and kiss Olivia on the cheek. He picked up the baby, Aidan Dennis with no hair to speak of yet, and the oddest eyes he had ever seen. This baby had black eyes, with flecks of gold in them. Nobody knew where they came from, but Severus said he believed his maternal grandmother had those eyes. His grandmother also had extraordinarily strong powers, but both Hermione and Severus had decided to wait and see what Aidan would do. "Hello everyone," he smiled when he picked up the baby. "Congratulations Olivia and Patrick. We'll go to Diagon Alley after I'm done work tomorrow to get your supplies if you would like." The twins' faces lit up at the idea of going shopping with their father.

A month or so after that

"Snape, Olivia Alasne," Professor McGonagall called, not too far behind Malfoy Pandora, Longbottom Jamie and Lovegood Luna Jr. Olivia stepped up in front of the student body of Hogwarts and shut her eyes tight as the Sorting Hat was placed on her head. 'Hmm, blood of a Snape and a Muggle-born runs through your veins. You know, I remember your mother's Sorting like it was yesterday. She was a total Gryffindor, heart and mind. But you...you don't want to disappoint your father by going into another house, yet your heart isn't in Slytherin. You fear resentment from the Purebloods in that house. Academically speaking, you would there is anywhere that you would soar but I will choose...


A loud cheer went up from the Gryffindor table, while most other tables applauded politely. While the Slytherins did not exactly cheer, there were no boos as their Head of House's daughter sat at the red and gold table. Severus smiled proudly, he had never known the Sorting Hat to steer anyone wrong.

"Snape, Patrick."

As Patrick shuffled quietly up to the stool with the hat, he muttered under his breath, 'Please not Gryffindor.' The Hat was silent for a moment or two after being placed on Patrick's head. 'You are not like your sister at all young man,' the Hat began. Patrick groaned inwardly. He knew he and Olivia were different, he needed no reminder of that. It continued 'You are clever and cunning, but you keep it to yourself. You, my boy, are the spitting image of your father both inside and out. You two have a quiet, almost cold misdemeanor no matter how brilliant you really are. You are strong, with and even with confidence thin...you belong in...


The Great Hall sat in silence. Twins, put into two separate houses. Had this ever happened before? After a few moments, Pandora Malfoy stood up and applauded, and was quickly followed by the rest of her house. Severus grinned ear-to-ear with pride as he watched his son take a seat at his house table.

And so the years passed, Lucy was chosen for Hufflepuff, while Aidan went to Ravenclaw. After extensive family research, Aidan discovered that he did indeed have his grandmother's eyes, and also her power to perform wandless magic. Lucy went on to become Mistress of Magic, while Olivia became head doctor at St Mungo's, not long after Seamus Finnigan (who never married) retired. Patrick married Pandora Malfoy, and despite the familial differences, Draco and Hermione soon became very close friends. Patrick and Pandora had three children -- Damien, Lorelai and Lindsay. Olivia also married Harry Potter and Hannah Abbot's son, James Potter. They had two children, Edward Harry and Norah Lillian.

Severus and Hermione grew old and gray together, and took great delight in watching their grandchildren. Family legends go that Severus died in the morning with a smile on his face, and when the funeral director tried to pose him more solemnly, his mouth would quirk back up into a grin.

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