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"Hey Mom!" Drake yelled. "I'm going to school now alright?"

"Ok Drake!" his mom yelled from the kitchen. "Take Josh and Megan along, will you?"

Drake opened his mouth to complain, and then closed it. His mom had already been nice enough to let him go to his gig for the band. "Yeah, sure Mom! Josh! Megan! Let's go!"

After dropping off Megan, Drake began to drive to the high school near his house. They reached it, and started off into school.

Drake ran in and met up with his friend Scotty.

"Hey man," he panted. "Ready for the gig today?"

"What gig?"

Drake sighed. Scotty was stupid. That was putting it lightly. "Well, just meet us at the Rock, ok?"


Drake grinned and headed for his first class.

At the Rock:

A voice called out, "Drake Parker's Band and their song 'I Found A Way!'"

Applause rang out as Drake and his friends piled onto the stage.

Drake turned around and whispered, "Places everyone."

"I play the drums," Scotty announced, standing there like a lamppost.

"Get to your spot and play," Drake said angrily.

"Ok," Scotty answered.

Drake took a deep breath, and began to play his guitar, joined with his friends. He began to sing:

I never thought it'd be so simple but I,

I found a way, found a way, found a way,

And if you open up your mind, see what's inside.

Well it's going to take some time to realize…

But if you look inside I'm sure you'll find

You know that over your shoulders

I'll always be picking you up when you're down

So just turn around…

"Yeah!" Drake yelled. "Who's good!"

He opened the door and ran in, celebrating.

"Josh!" he called. "Megan! I got the part!"

"That's great!" Josh yelled back.

"Hey good job Drake," Megan congratulated.

"Well, thanks," Drake said, surprised. "Hey, aren't you supposed to do homework?"

Megan looked at him guiltily, but before Drake could say anything else, the phone rang.

Drake ran to pick it up.

"Hey!" he yelled. "Oh yeah man! (pause) What? I have to watch my sister? (pause) Really? You think I can get back before ten? Really? (pause) Ok! See you there!"

Megan looked up at Drake, wondering what was going on.

"Hey Megan," Drake said hurriedly. "The band's having a part over at the Rock. Do you want to come? You can miss homework one day, can't you? Ok great!" he finished, acting like Megan had answered. "Ok. Josh and Megan get in the car! We'll be back by ten I'll promise you that!"

Before Megan and Josh could say anything, they found themselves pushed into the car, and they were off to the Rock already.

"Man!" Josh said. "We're going to be in sooo much trouble."

But he found himself shoved in the building, where rock was playing. (haha… rock, get it? Jk! I'm so corny)

Megan and Josh sat on a table, looking around uncomfortably. But Drake launched himself into the crowd, already talking to people he knew.

Drake found himself in heaven. But he turned around, suddenly hearing something behind him. He found himself staring into the eyes of a man. Wait, he thought. I know that guy.

"Dad?" he found himself gasping.

The man turned around. Drake's mouth fell open.


"Drake?" came the man's gruff voice. "Is that you?"

Drake instinctively turned and ran. He hadn't forgotten how his dad had abused him when he lived with them. But he was grabbed back, as Mr. Parker grasped his arm and yanked, knocking him to the floor. Drake's head spun as his world went black.

Drake woke up, his head throbbing. His view was hazy, but he could see Megan sobbing in one corner of a dusty old room, and Josh trying not to cry in the other.

"What-" Drake started to say, but he felt a harsh pressure on his back. He twisted around to see his dad, standing on his body.

"Don't move," said his dad, with a dead cold seriousness in his voice. He held a gun, pointed at Drake's head.