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My name is Yuji Kaido…I do not regret doing what I did. I'm not sad, I don't feel emotion at all. I killed them. I shot them.

…and they weren't Blue.

I killed my team. I have no regrets. I wiped out entire squads. I have no regrets.

These B cells or whatever you want to call them…they made me pretty much the best damn pilot alive.

Call me what you will. I don't care for anyone. Insult me…you can even spit on me. You won't live to tell about it. I want to be alone. That can't happen if the planet is full of Humans and Blue. They are cancers that eat away at this planet.

But that girl…

…I refuse to say her name. Any time I hear her, or see her, some other side of me comes to life. The weak side. The one who can't stand his friends dying, the won willing to risk his life to save them. The foolish one.

I don't know who she is…or at least I think I don't. I hate her, the stupid whore!

Did I just show emotion? That whore! Just thinking about her causes me to build up hate. I must stay perfect, and keep calm. Anger will slow me down on my mission.

But…why does she bring this out of me? No! Don't question yourself! You'll fail doing that. I will not do that!

Damn! Why do I feel this?

"Because you're human."

Who said that? I did! Why did I say that? No it was that other side of me…am I showing fear now? No this will not happen to me!

Why do I feel?

Are the B cells confusing me? No…I am the Savior. I am the Sleeper who has been awakened! I am the one to correct this world.

Why do I still feel fear?

Why won't that woman leave me alone?

"Because you're human."

Why do I keep saying that? Why are these things happening? Where did I come from?

"Because you're human."

Stop saying that!


What? What did I say now?







"I'm human…"


"Marlene, I'm human…I'm Yuji."


"I am the true Yuji Kaido."

It is a shame she'll never see that…