Title: Midnight Madness
Author: Crimson Eyed Dragon
Rating: PG - 13
Pairing: Seto X Yami
Warnings: language (for now)
Disclaimer: Yugioh does not belong to me
Summary: Now that Mokuba is grown up and has left for college, Seto decides to adopt a child to train to take over Kaiba Corp and to fill the empty space in his home. Little does he know that the boy he adopted has a secret that will change Seto's life forever.

Dragon: Yes, yes I know another chibi story, but I promise this one will be different. First off it's an AU – so no Sennen Items, no pharaohs, etc. Atemu will act strange for his age but there are reasons for it that will be explained much later.

A BIG thanks to Elektra for this wonderful plot demon that she let me adopt! And also a big thanks to Pysche, Rekall and Desidera for the constant encouragement (aka: pestering) that they gave me to do this story.

Chapter 1

Cold sapphire eyes bore into wide, timid green as their owner gulped, hands tightening their grip on the various manila folders clutched against her chest.

"But Mr. Kaiba! You said that you wanted to see boys between the ages of four and eight!"

"No, I believe my words were 'I wanted to see intelligent boys between the ages four and eight.' These here," he said as he swept his arm out over the room full of scared, nervous children, "are far from what I requested. Now either you show me ones that I'm looking for or I'll pull my funding and go some where else."

Gulping once more, the middle-woman nodded her head, "Alright, come this way Mr. Kaiba."

Seto followed her down the hallway, never once caring to look around at his surroundings. He wasn't here to sightsee. Soon, he found himself in a back room that by looks of it was the orphanage's library. Impassive blue eyes looked at the women questionably. "Why are we here? There is no one here that I can see."

"Oh, he's here somewhere. I just have to find him."

Eyebrow raised, Seto watched her as she carefully peered around each shelf as if she was looking for a wild animal that would spring out at her any second now. Rounding around the last corner, the woman came to a stop and sighed. Her gaze flickered back to the imposing CEO.

"If you want intelligent, then this is the boy you are looking for. But I have to warn you, he is not the most loveable little guy." He reminds me of you, she thought silently.

"Hn. I'll be the judge of that."

The social worker nodded her head, extended her arm out to show Kaiba where to go, then stepped back to watch the exchange that she knew was going to be rather impressive to say the least.

Narrowing his eyes, Seto stepped around the corner and paused to look at the young boy sitting cross-legged on the dull gray industrial carpet. His head was bowed, pouring over some book the kid held in his lap. Small fingers were poised over the corner of the page, ready to turn it as soon as his eyes came to the last sentence.

Seto raised an eyebrow at the lack of acknowledgement that young kid was giving the two adults. He was sure that unless the kid was deaf, the other knew of their presence. Clearing his throat, he walked over to the boy and crouched down beside him. Sapphire eyes took in the small form before him.

The kid had strange tri-colored locks, from golden bangs that adorned his face and hid his eyes, to pure ebony that faded into dark crimson at the ends. It stood up on it's own, he could tell, for there were no traces of hair products to interfere with it's natural shine. Dark bronzed skin that shown with a healthy glow covered his small body. Seto took notice of the faded blue jeans with a few holes in them and plain red t-shirt he wore and wondered if the kid had anything decent to wear.

Clearing his throat again, he spoke to get the boy's attention. "You know it's rude not to acknowledge some one."

"It's also considered rude to interrupt someone who is obviously busy and wishes to be alone."

To say that Seto was put off by the response was an understatement. This child had spoke clearly as he had. The words were perfect, no childish pronunciation, nothing that resembled a mere kid. The only thing that matched the age of the kid was the softness in his voice that only a child could master.

"How old are you?"

The CEO expected a verbal response to his question but instead got an unexpected child-like response of five small fingers being held up, as the other hand flipped to the next page of the paperback book he was reading.

"What is you name?"

"Atemu." Again the voice was soft, muffled slightly by the chubby hand that was now holding his chin up as he continued to read.

"Last name?"

"I…I don't know." A light sadness was etched in those words, causing Seto to do something he had never thought he would ever do. He reached a hand out and gently tucked some of the fallen bangs behind the owner's small ear.

"I'm sorry, I did not mean to upset you."

He watched as the boy tilted his head, flickering his eyes towards the brunette, causing him to hold back a gasp at the color penetrating his gaze. Unusual, beautiful, deep, rich crimson that didn't hold a child's innocence but instead held knowledge and wisdom.

"No need to be sorry, it's not like you caused me to forget."

He nodded his head and figured he would change the subject. For some strange reason he didn't want to upset the boy anymore. "Atemu… that is not Japanese."

Atemu shook his head, bangs flying wildly with the motion. "Egyptian, after the mythical god of Annu." He leaned forward, forgetting about his book as he looked at Seto with a certain look. It was as if he had a big secret to tell and was itching to announce it to the world. "Did you know, that Annu was what the Egyptians called Heliopolis, which in Greek means 'City of the Sun'? In the bible it was later called On?"

"I did not know that." Seto said, mystified that a child of five would know this. "What else do you know?"

Atemu placed his book down and sat up on his knees, that excited look still in his eyes as he faced the taller man. His hands were pressed together as if trying to hold his excitement in. This was the first time anyone had ever been interested in what he knew and he was going to take advantage of it for as long as it lasted.

"Re, or Ra, the sun god's cult was centered in Annu, 'Heliopolis' in Greek and 'On' in Hebrew. Which is was near the modern day Cairo. Would you like to me to tell you about Re? I know all about him! Or maybe you would like to know about Thoth? Or Amun? Oh! How about Set!"

By now, Atemu was bouncing up and down on his legs, hands clapping, eyes glimmering with happiness, causing Seto to chuckle despite himself as he held up his hands in mock surrender.

"You don't have many friends do you?" he asked then mentally smacked himself for causing a frown to form on the child's chubby face.

"No," he said quietly as he turned away from the man, picked up his book, stood up and placed it back on the shelf in front of him. "They call me names and tell me I'm no fun to play with. But they are no fun to play with either!" Small hands balled up into fists causing his knuckles to turn white under the pressure. "I mean all they play with are trucks, dolls, and stupid dumb stuffed animals."

Seto took a quick look from the cute pouting face to look at the title of the book the boy had put back, highly impressed when he read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald written on the spine. "What do you play with?"

Crimson eyes looked back at him. Now that he was standing up, he was eye to eye with the brown-haired man. "Cards, chess, puzzles. Why? Are you going to make fun of me too?" Atemu's fists uncurled and were placed on his hips, wide crimson eyes narrowed in defiance, daring the adult to do what he asked.

Shaking his head, Seto replied; "No, on the contrary, I love to play chess. I'm rather good at it too."

"Really?" the child looked at him in awe before a rather adult looking smirk formed on his face. "Care to prove that Mister?"

Smirking right back at the challenge, Seto stood up and held out a hand for the child to take. "Just show me the chess board and I'll be more than happy to prove it."

Placing his small hand into the man's bigger one, Atemu followed Seto out of the aisle with a smile on his face. When they rounded the corner and passed the stunned social worker, Atemu stuck out his tongue at her and giggled at her scowling expression for the first time in ages.

For once in his life, Seto was completely torn. He didn't know whether to strangle the kid for slowly kicking his ass in his favorite game or to pinch his chubby cheeks and tickle him to death.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Absentmindedly, Seto tapped his fingers on the small plastic table that Atemu had forced him to sit at as he waited for the kid to make his next move. He was slightly irritated that it seemed to be taking him forever to make up his mind. But when he saw that little pink tongue begin to stick out of his mouth in concentration, Seto had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from blurting 'cute' and 'aww' out.

It got even worse when the tiny little upturned nose scrunched up, eyes narrowed as small tanned fingers reached out to take the rook and move it to take Seto's last knight.

The little kid was an adorable, cute, intelligent pain in the ass.

Sighing at his loss of the piece, he raked his eyes over the board, looking for a weakness in Atemu's strategy.

"Have I made it too hard on you Mister?"

Seto growled and looked up from the playing field to see small pink lips turned up into a huge smug looking grin. "No, I have found a flaw in your gaming."


Seto narrowed his eyes. "But of course." Picking up his bishop, Seto began to move it across the spaces.

"Are you sure you want to do that Mr. 'I'm a master at chess'?"

He paused; "You have a smart mouth on you, kid. Did you know that?"

Small shoulders shrugged. "Make your move old man and we'll see who's smart."

"You're an ass." Seto placed his bishop in the square. "Check."

Atemu gasped, crimson eyes wide as he whispered; "You said a dirty word! I'm going to tell your mommy!"

The CEO chuckled, "My mother is dead kid and I think old enough to say whatever I want to."

"I'm sorry." Atemu replied, looking down at the board.

"For what?"

"For your mommy and for winning."

"Huh?" Seto looked down just in time to see Atemu take his white queen and move it till it was the square beside his king.


That was it. He was going to make the imp scream for mercy. Lunging forward, Seto grabbed the stunned Atemu, lifted him off his small yellow plastic chair and pulled him into his lap. "For taking out my king you must pay!"

Wide crimson eyes closed in a fit of giggles as his sides were assaulted. Small giggles turned into an all out screaming-laughter fit as Atemu tired desperately to get out of the adult's arms.


Grinning like a fool, Seto shook his head. "Nope, not until you say the magic word."


Giving the child mercy, Seto stopped his torture, letting Atemu catch his breath. "That will teach you to beat me."

Chubby cheeks flushed pick, Atemu glared the best he could at the tall man. "No fair! You're bigger than me. But I guess your body is big to make up for the lack of your brain size."

Seto growled. "Runt."

"Old Fart."

"I see you got your brain early, guess the warranty ran out huh?"

"Ooh! Why don't we play horse? I'll be the head and you play yourself!"

Seto blinked. "Are you implying I'm an ass?"

Atemu's small hand quickly covered Seto's mouth. "Shh… you'll get a spanking if they hear you say a dirty word!"

Chuckling, he removed Atemu's hand from his mouth but stopped when he saw the worried expression on the child's face. "Atemu, do they spank you?"

Biting his bottom lip, crimson eyes glanced over Seto's shoulder to look at the door, making sure none of the adults were listening. "Sometimes."

That one word sparked a streak of anger in Seto unlike he had ever felt before. He couldn't believe someone would lay a hand on this innocent child.

"Well you won't have to worry about that ever again."


"Because spanking is not allowed at my house."

Atemu's eyes went wide, "W-what?"

"I want you to come live with me, that is if you want to."

"You want to adopt…me?" Seto nodded his head. "Why? No one has ever wanted to keep me."

"Why would you say that?"

"I heard one of the ladies say that nobody wanted me 'cause I make the adults look dumb."

Again that spark of rage ran through his body, only to mingle with the pain of sorrow when he saw glistening wetness shining in those bright crimson eyes. So his body and heart responded to the new emotions causing him to kiss Atemu on the forehead and pull him close.

"Yes the adults are dumb but not cause you make them look or feel that way. They are dumb for not seeing what a wonderful child you are."

Nodding his head, Atemu cuddled closer to the older body. "What is your name?"

"Oh that's right I never did tell you that did I? My name is Seto Kaiba."

"And you want to be my daddy?" Seto smiled and nodded his head. "And I won't get a spanking for saying a dirty word?"

"No you won't."

"Ok then!" Atemu smiled "Lets go tell that bitch I have a new daddy!"

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