"Connor Lucien Potter-Malfoy, get down here. We need to leave to meet your father at the train station." Harry yelled up the stairs of the North Wing of Malfoy Manor.

"I'm coming Dad," his eleven year old son hollered back, "Draco was telling me about the time whe-" Harry didn't hear anymore, but just waited for them to appear at the top of the stairs. Connor appeared moments later, half carried by Draco, who still (to Harry's unsurprised amusement) had his hand over Connor's mouth. The two adults were as close as Harry, Ron, and Hermione had been back in school.

Connor had inherited equal parts from both his parents. He had platinum blond hair, but it had (Harry unfortunately thought, Lucius adored it) Harry's over all messiness. He gained Harry's olive skin, but Lucius's eyes, and his slim body was both of his parents.

"Draco, for the last time, stop giving my son ideas of what to do when he gets to Hogwarts," Harry said jokingly. Draco just shrugged as if this was an everyday occurrence, which it was. Draco didn't live at the manor, but at Hogwarts with a certain Potions Master. He did visit his favorite half-brother at least once every few days or so. Snape came with him usually, but both him and Lucius were stuck at school creating last minute lesson plans. Harry had already scolded them both for procrastinating. Draco had helped with adding his own tidbits every now and then. He helped Pomfrey in the hospital now and was planning to take over fully next year.

They were all planning to meet at the train station and ride back together. Harry was given the job of actually getting Connor there with the assistance of Draco who wasn't really helping matters.

"Dad!" cried his son excitedly once he was released from Draco, "I'm ready! Can we go now?" Harry chuckled and nodded his head, gesturing over to the fireplace. 'Remember to say everything clearly, ok?" Connor nodded his head and climbed into the fireplace.

"Kings Cross Station, Platform 9 and ¾!" He was gone before Harry could blink.

Draco and Harry followed right behind.

The platform was just as he remembered it some 23 years ago. The place bustled with life. Harry recognized many of the parents hugging their children goodbye. Soon the group of three was joined by two others. Lucius rapped his arms around Harry's waist from behind, making Harry almost jump from his skin. Severus just chastely kissed Draco's cheek.

Turning in his arms, Harry said, "Luce, if you do that one more time, I won't kiss you for a week." And then going against his words, Harry just barely touched the tip of his husband's nose with his lips.

"But Harry," Lucius jokingly replied, "that would be as much a punishment to you as to me." He then proceeded to laugh at his husband's look.

"Dad! Father! Come on, can I go on the train now?" Connor asked tugging on his parents' robes to get their attention.

Harry picked up his son and hugged him firmly before kissing him on the cheek. Harry chuckled at the disgruntled face his son made at the action, "Ah, dad, that's gross. We're in public."

Connor turned to his father who gave him a hug then said, "We'll see you in a few hours so-"

Connor finished for him, "No getting in trouble because you all," he said this while waiving at the four adults, "will find out first, and Uncle Sev's detentions are really disgusting." He said it all in one of the most droning voices ever witnessed.

"Yes, now go on. You wouldn't want to keep Shane waiting," and before they could blink, he was off to catch up with Oliver Wood and Katie Bell's younger son.

Severus spoke up a moment later, "Why am I always the one who gives the punishments?"

Draco looked at his husband with an absolute straight face, "Because, out of the entire group, You" he punctuated each word with a kiss, "Are, The, Scariest." Severus smirked then whispered something to Draco containing last night, scream, and again.

Harry quickly turned away from the two, not wanting to hear anymore. While trying to get to the floo he saw two people that were trying to kill Lucius and he with just glares.

When Harry told his friends back at the end of year six that he was gay, he hadn't expected Ron to punch him in the face or Hermione to actually spit on him then go with Ron to sit on the other side of the room. Whenever he had tried to come close to them, they gave him the death glare that they were giving him now. Their actions had surprised him because he was repeatedly told that in the wizarding world people were a lot more open to same sex preference. Now he was looking his two ex-best friends in the face with all of the hurt he felt and they didn't even blink in their disgust.

Lucius saw where his husband's gaze fell and immediately started dragging him to the floo fireplace. "Come on Harry. Lets go back Home." Harry nodded and let Lucius hold him in the fireplace.

They both shouted, 'Hogwarts, Potter-Malfoy rooms," and then their password, "Slither." They were gone in a whirl of robes and green fire.

Harry leaned against Lucius's shoulder upon their arrival in their rooms at Hogwarts. Lucius whispered into Harry's ear, "I need to take a bath love," Harry started to move away from his husband when two strong arms grasped him around the waist, "with you."

He didn't even wait for a response. He just picked up Harry in his more than capable arms and headed to the large bathroom. Lucius kicked the door shut behind him. He put his husband on his feet and began methodically taking off Harry's clothes. First off was the outer robe, and then Lucius began unbuttoning the silk undershirt, his fingers lingering on the bronzed skin that was revealed. Harry and Lucius kept eye contact the entire time. Just the comfort and love Lucius showed him was enough to calm him. The scent of lavender filled the air as Harry's pants fell to the floor and then his boxers. After Lucius helped Harry into the sunk-in tub, he began the same process himself as Harry watched through heavy-lidded eyes. After undressing, Lucius slipped in behind Harry's back and began to massage Harry's too-tight shoulders. Harry sighed as Lucius talented hands slowly drew away the knots that had developed in his neck and shoulders.

Lucius spoke softly, "Harry, you shouldn't let them affect you so much. Don't give them the satisfaction." Harry nodded numbly, and Lucius knew that he would not get any further. Harry lay back against Lucius's chest, "I love you, Luce."

"I love you too, my Harry." He watched as Harry's eyes closed peacefully.

After ten minutes of soaking, Lucius gently picked Harry up without waking him. He could see the dark circles under Harry's eyes and knew that he was worried about Connor. It was just in Harry's nature to worry. Even Lucius was a little nervous, but he knew from experience that all parents felt like that about their children going to school. Lucius knew that Connor would be fine though. That wasn't his concern now though, it was Harry. He wrapped towels around himself and his love and then placed Harry on their bed. Lucius changed himself before he woke up Harry.

When they were dressed, they made their way to the Great Hall where the other teachers were talking at the head table. Harry and Lucius took their usual seats next to Severus and Draco just as the returning students walked in. When they were seated and had just started talking of their summers, the first years walked in, balls of nervous energy except for one with bright blond hair, who waved up at the staff table. The entire Head Table had to hide their smiles because they knew the student personally. In fact probably half of the staff had baby sit the boy during their free periods, but that is not the story here.

When the sorting hat began its song, Harry began to feel dizzy. It increased until dark spots started to take over his vision. "Luce…I need," it was slowly getting worse, "Get me outside…Luce please." Lucius had Harry through the staff door before the hat was half way through the song. Everyone's attention was off the magic apparel and wondering about the sudden departure when the first name was called.

"Amherst, April"


Outside Lucius watched Harry as he tried to stand. His equilibrium was totally off balance and Lucius held onto him tightly so he would not fall over.

"Bellthax, Brian"


Lucius had gotten Harry to sit against the wall. He was focusing so hard on keeping the shadows at bay that he didn't hear what Lucius said, just nodded his head.

"Finnigan, Sarah"


Lucius ignored everything as he whispered in first Draco's ear and then Pomfrey's. One student watched in particular as the three rushed through the door.

"Hensley, Heidi"


Harry was convulsing on the floor when the three emerged from the Great Hall. Lucius immediately sat down and began to hold his love's head as the shakes became more and more violent. Poppy conjured a stretcher while Draco got a relaxing potion from Severus, who always kept some of the basics with him.

"Johnson, Rachel"


Draco came, almost running, with the potion to hand it to Pomfrey. She tipped it back into Harry's mouth and massaged his throat to make him swallow.

"Longbottom, Stephen"


Harry refused to lie on the stretcher once he was stable. "No," he told Lucius, "Let me see my son get sorted." Lucius half carried Harry to the door and opened it. They stood in the doorway.

"Potter-Malfoy, Connor"


"I told you…" Harry said with a dreamy smile. He slipped into the darkness just as the door closed.