Lucius held Harry. The man did not have the strength to be out of bed yet, but that did not stop him from wanting to save his son. Severus, Draco, Albus, and Minerva followed the couple down the hall to their rooms.

Everyone settled, and the planning began.

"They only have to properties at their disposal. I suggest that we search those before we set the country side on its ear," Severus stated in his voice of reason.

Draco responded, "Sev, that's too obvious. If we go in with guns a blazing then they could run before we get to them, and they may set traps around their estates to warn them of inner loppers." He stood and looked at Harry, not approving of the trembling hands and flushed face.

He knelt beside the worried and sick father. Harry had not even approached the end of his covalence. Even as he watched the eyes went in and out of focus, trying to stay open to help find his son. " Harry" Draco gently touched his forehead "we need to get you to bed. Your body is still recovering. We will find him for you Harry."

A tear fell from the young father's eye and he tried to stand, only now realizing that his muscles would not head to his protests for action.

"L-lucius, get him back. I just want my baby back, " Harry whispered as he curled into his husband's chest. He closed his eyes as Lucius easily lifted him. He placed Harry in bed a moment later. Draco followed coaxing a very light sleeping potion down his throat. His body could not handle the regular dosage at the present. Harry was not aware of them as they left the room.

Lucius and Severus apparated to the small house outside of muggle London. The group decided quickly that Albus and Minerva would visit the Weasley family house in the guise of friends calling on the family for tea and idle chitchat. Draco stayed with Harry incase his condition worsened.

Lucius worried. He needed both of his boys healthy and together again, and he'd be damned if he did not see that happen.

Severus quickly dismantled the two weak protections spells. Granger was smart, but they were both magically pathetic.

Lucius rushed the door, never bothering to draw his wand. He simply banished it from existence. Severus let him take the lead. He knew that if Draco and he had a child he would be just as possessive and angered had the situation turned. He would stop Lucius before he killed someone, maybe.

only a tad longer but I tried.

things only get worse before they get better