Notes: You could argue the two series have nothing to do with each other. I would argue that each stars a cute girl fighting, if not the forces of evil, then forces prone to the influence of evil. Each features multiple certifiable geniuses as supporting cast, as well as someone obviously there for comedic effect. Oh, and funny bad guys.

Summary: The mysterious Leila Hawkaloogi and her weird blue dog come to Middleton, and suddenly, Kim Possible's life gets a lot more difficult.

The Invasion Interlude

A Kim Possible/Lilo & Stitch Crossover by

Nate Grey (XMAN0123-at-aol-dot-com)

Prologue: The Second Earl of Sandwich

Kim Possible considered herself a fairly nice teenager. Considering some of the ones she'd had prolonged exposure to (well, really just one in particular), she thought she was downright accommodating most of the time. But even she had to draw the line at a lab that smelled like elephants lived in it (and, in fact, had apparently done much more than just lived in it, recently).

The lab belonged to one Doctor Harry Maniaml. At least, if his driver's license was to be believed. Kim certainly hadn't at first, but after spending five days in the man's company, she wondered how she'd ever doubted it.

Harry Manimal was quite literally an ape of a manalthough the silvery hair coating his arms, legs, face, and head put Kim more in mind of a gorilla. A very friendly, talkative gorilla, but a gorilla nonetheless. Kim had spent the past few days helping the good doctor capture and tag an elusive family of kangaroos for further study. And while Dr. Manimal's resemblance to a gorilla certainly hadn't helped in that situation, Kim imagined that being over seven feet tall and nearly four hundred pounds sometimes had its advantages.

Like when you really, really wanted someone to do something for you. Like making a fairly nice teenager wait in a lab full of various animals (and their smells) while you did ANYTHING else.

But when the fifth elephant in ten minutes wandered by, swatting her arm with its tail (in what she hoped was a purely accidental manner), Kim decided she'd had more than enough. She marched over to where Dr. Manimal was crouching next to a particularly morose-looking hyena and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Doc, I know you're busy here, but do you think we could speed this up just a tad? Like I tried to tell you before, I generally don't accept any form of payment for-"

At that point, Harry Manimal leapt to his enormous feet, and Kim trailed off as the man drew himself to his full height. Honestly, he even MOVED like a gorilla. And staring up at him just then, Kim felt like a very tasty banana.

"I am afraid I must INSIST on paying you, Miss Possible," Dr. Manimal said firmly. "If not for your bravery, your cunning, your willingness to aid my furry friends, I fear that the mystique of the kangaroo familial unit might never be fully understood."

As Kim had learned very quickly, the man was really passionate about his animals. So much so that he let them have free reign of his so-called lab. So-called because Kim couldn't bring herself to call it anything other than a huge mess. Except maybe a pig sty.

"It's really no big, Doc. I do this kind of thing all the time." Hoping he didn't read too much into that, she barreled ahead. "And I really do need to be getting back to my own familial unit. Not as much mystique involved, especially when it comes to curfew."

This was obviously not the right thing to say, because Dr. Manimal took a giant step forward, until he was almost leaning over her. "Miss Possible," he said in a tone that left no room for debate. "You will not leave this lab until I have found some way to sufficiently show my appreciation for all that you have done."

"Um...okay?" was all Kim could manage to squeak out. For some reason, even though she'd faced down robots twice his size, it was harder to refuse when you couldn't attack whatever was in the way. As it was, she still couldn't get him to just call her 'Kim' like almost all her other clients did.

The doctor's face split into a blinding grin. "Wonderful! Now, I noticed that you were accompanied by a young man, who in turn was accompanied by what appeared to be a naked mole rat."

Kim sighed. Why was it that NO ONE could remember two certain words when they were strung together? "You mean Ron and Rufus. They wanted to wait outside." Mostly to keep Rufus from being eaten, and partially because some of Dr. Manimal's lab occupants did include monkeys.

"Yes! A perfect example of the agreeable partnership one can have with an animal companion, if I may say so. I wonder if I could interest you in adopting such a companion to take home, Miss Possible?"

"I already have two animals loose in my house," Kim said quickly. "We call them Tim and Jim."

Dr. Manimal's eyes twinkled with interest. "Dogs? Domesticated?"

Kim smirked. "Tweebs, unfortunately related."

"I suspect that you just haven't found that certain animal that suits you, Miss Possible," the doctor suggested. "Common isn't always the way to go. Perhaps I could interest you in a mongoose? A fox?"

"...I've been told the fox agrees with me, but I don't think I need one in my life," Kim replied. "Doc, couldn't we just-"

Dr. Manimal snapped his fingers. "Ah ha! I've just thought of the perfect companion for you! You would need something easily managed, capable of taking care of itself with an almost human-like sense of logic, yes?"

"...Doc, if you're suggesting some kind of mutated monkey, we've been down that road before, and-"

"Oh, heavens no! No, this creature is far more unique! The only one of its kind that I'm aware of, in fact! Yes, I think our Domesticated Arabian Koala is just what you need!"

Kim frowned. "Last time I checked…which was about an hour ago, in case you forgot…koalas were native to Australia."

"As I said, it's an extremely rare specimen, Miss Possible. As an added bonus, this koala actually prefers the company of humans to its marsupial brethren. And wait until you see how intelligent he is!"

Before Kim could think to argue, one of the doctor's gigantic hands was guiding her over to where a large refrigerator was standing in one corner. Upon shooting him a clueless look, he indicated that she should open it, and Kim hesitantly did so, wondering why there might be a need to keep a koala in a refrigerator.

At first, the contents looked like anything you'd expect to find in a refrigerator. Various meats, cheeses, lettuce, breads, assorted sandwich fillings, and things of that nature lined the shelves. Resting upon the very bottom shelf, however, was a furry-looking, yellowish-tan mass about the size of a large teddy bear.

"Miss Possible," Dr. Manimal said proudly, "may I present to you, the incredible, the remarkable, Earl of Sandwich II!"

So loud was his announcement that Kim saw the tan mass move. And then she realized with a start that it was actually BREATHING. And then it was sitting up, yawning, and scratching its side in what was a decidedly unconcerned manner, all but ignoring its visitors.

The doctor was positively beaming now. "Earl! Oh, Earl! Please, could you show Miss Possible your special skills?"

The creature turned its head, and Kim finally got a good look at it. It certainly bore at least a passing resemblance to a koala: two black, watery eyes, a round red nose, and a somewhat dazed expression (although she supposed everyone looked like that after a good nap). After looking at first the doctor and then Kim, the koala made a fist and thumped the shelf it was sitting on. Instantly, a hidden panel sprang out of the side of the refrigerator, forming a makeshift table just above the shelf. The koala then proceeded to stand up and gather various ingredients above it, humming a rather upbeat tune as it did so.

Kim watched this all in a kind of fascinated stupor, trying to decide if maybe that little joey had kicked her in the head a bit harder than she'd first figured.

Having everything it needed, the koala spread the ingredients out on its little table, and proceeded to, much to Kim's continued shock, make sandwiches with a precision that many mothers would envy. It even whipped out a knife, which it used to remove the crusts and cut the sandwiches in half. Finally, it picked up the finished products and held them out expectantly.

With no sign of hesitation whatsoever, Dr. Manimal took a sandwich and bit into it almost ravenously. He managed a big sigh of apparent rapture before tearing off another large bite.

Kim eventually took the other sandwich, smiling in an attempt to be polite.

Dr. Manimal noticed her hesitation. "Not to worry, Miss Possible! Earl is a very clean creature. Why, he makes lunch for my entire staff!"

There was certainly no fur stuck in the bread that Kim could see, so she took a small bite...and was pleasantly surprised to find that she enjoyed it. More than quite a bit, in fact. She took another bite, and another, and soon found herself licking her fingers.

"You see! He's a culinary genius!" Dr. Manimal said. "I bet a kind, loving family is just what he needs to make his life complete. And I daresay he wouldn't make meal preparation easier on your mother."

Kim found herself considering the doctor's offer. "Mom could use a break every now and then. She is a brain surgeon, after all."

"Splendid! Then you'll take him with you!"

"What? I never said I'd-" Kim suddenly noticed that the koala was smiling at her in the most hopeful way. "That is, I, um..."

But Dr. Manimal had already picked up the koala and was holding it up to her face. "Look, Earl! Wouldn't you like to go home with Miss Possible and meet your new family?"

Much to Kim's dismay, the koala reached out and climbed into her arms with no further prodding. As if sensing her reluctance, he offered her another sandwich and a big smile.

Kim sighed. "...exactly how attached are we to Earl for a name?"

Apparently, she wasn't the only one with a name change in mind, because Earl grinned and gave her a big, furry kiss on the cheek.

Next Chapter: Earl gets a new name, and the Possibles get a new neighbor.

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