Note: This chapter ended up much longer than I expected, so I'm splitting it. So you don't get to see 607 cut loose just yet, but if it's any consolation, another Experiment does.

Chapter 11: Monster Unleashed

Kim Possible finished the last of her peas and took a deep breath before looking at each of her parents.

"Mom? Dad? We need to talk."

"What is it, Kimmie?" Mrs. Possible asked.

" know how you like me to call first if I'm going to be leaving the continent?"

"I seem to remember that rule, yes," Mr. Possible replied.

Kim bit her lip. "I might have to go a bit farther in the near future. As in tonight. Jumba says it might not be humanly possible to save Ron, Stitch, and Chewie now, even for Lilo and me. So he'd like some assurance...or to our safety and success."

"Another of his dogs?" Mrs. Possible guessed. "What does that have to do with you leaving the continent?"

"I was getting to that, Mom. See, this dog? He' a black hole."

"You mean the one that turns into a black hole, Kimmie cub?"

"No, Dad. This one is actually locked INSIDE a black hole. Jumba has another dog that can locate it, but he thinks I'm the best person to make sure everything goes smoothly with transporting it. He says it needs constant supervision."

"Well, I certainly agree with that," Mrs. Possible sighed. "Although I can't say I look forward to the idea of you handling it yourself, Kimmie. But I know how much Ron means to you, so I know there's no point in trying to talk you out of it."

"I'd feel better if I knew you weren't doing this alone," Mr. Possible said with a frown. "Part of why we were always willing to let you go before was that you had Ronald to help you out."

"I wouldn't be totally alone," Kim pointed out. "But we can't send too many people in, to be safe. Lilo is staying behind in case she has to come after me for some reason. And Jumba is an expert on black hole technology, so he has to stay in case the hole closes early and needs to be reopened."

"We could go!" Tim and Jim cried at once.

"Absolutely not," Mrs. Possible replied.

"No fair!" Tim complained. "This is already Kim's second black hole!"

"I didn't exactly have a choice the first time," Kim reminded him. "And really, I don't now. I can't just leave Ron in the hands of a man-shark, and if one of Jumba's dogs can get past him, going into a black hole to get him is worth it."

"But we can help!" Jim insisted. "Lilo promised we could!"

Kim sighed in frustration. It didn't surprise her at all that Lilo had neglected to mention that particular promise. "We'll talk after I get back, tweebs. The only human going into the black hole is me."

Dr. Drakken yawned as he stepped into his lair. He'd been out all night celebrating his newfound power, and now felt he'd earned himself a decent morning nap.

All thoughts of napping vanished from his mind when he found Shego at her usual seat in front of the computer, her feet propped up on the console. She was filing her nails, also an old habit. The only difference was the presence of Plasmoid on her shoulder, and Splodyhead in her lap.

"Hey, Dr. D," Shego said casually, not even looking up from her nails. "Long night, huh?"

"Shego," Drakken muttered coolly. "I see you have plenty of time for relaxation, despite not having caught any new experiments."

"I've got a whole new outlook these days," Shego chuckled. "And the way I see it, I'm taking two new captures back to Gantu. Specifically, your two."

"If you think I owe you anything-"

"I was thinking I'd just take them, actually." Shego stood up and stretched her arms over her head. "I mean, you were supposed to deliver 627 anyway, and I figure the other one is just interest. So if you hand them over, I might not tell Gantu that you were out partying."

"I'm not taking orders from Gantu or you, Shego," Drakken snarled. "I think my little friends would agree that it's time I downsized a bit. I don't need three sidekicks, after all."

Shego laughed. "You're firing ME? Well, that saves me the trouble of quitting. But don't think for a second I won't be taking my severance out of your scrawny blue butt."

Drakken tensed up as Shego took a step forward, but then he noticed that she hadn't bothered to arm herself with her experiments.

Shego noticed the direction of his gaze. "Y'know, these little guys aren't too different from people, Dr. D. They respect power, especially if you've got plenty of it. And I'm betting once your pals see me beat you down without any help, they'll want to switch sides."

Drakken's eyes widened, and he began to order Drak to aid him. But the order died in his throat when he saw that Drak and Shriek had backed up, apparently intending to only observe. He swallowed hard, wondering how Shego might react to begging. The answer came faster than he would've preferred, as he turned to find Shego's mercifully unlit fist heading straight for his nose.

Shego sighed as Drakken dropped like a rock. "Sorry, Dr. D, but like I told you a thousand times, it's just business."

"Let's go over your equipment one more time," Lilo said.

Kim nodded. "Space suit, emergency rocket pack, restraining collar, bottled water, bag full of cupcakes, and one key."

"And your experiment pods?"

Kim pointed to each one in turn. "Swirly is going to hypnotize 607 so it'll behave. Phoon will make sure I don't get stuck anywhere. Finder will find 607. And Holio's going to eat us all."

"And if you're not back in an hour, I get come in after you. So, we're all set!" Lilo exclaimed.

"You seem a little too excited about that possibility, Lilo."

"Sorry. But I like helping you! You're cooler than my big sister, and you don't act like all the experiments are imaginary monsters."

"They're pretty hard to ignore. Are you sure we shouldn't wait for Jumba?"

"Nope, he's busy working with Wade. Besides, he showed me exactly how to start off. Don't worry, I practiced ten times already."

Kim was tempted to ask how many times Lilo had gotten it right out of the ten, but held her tongue out of respect.

Lilo turned to Holio and spoke in an odd language that Kim had heard Jumba call Standard Galactic. It just sounded like a lot of clicking to Kim, but apparently Holio understood it, because he transformed his body into a swirling black hole.

"Remember, one hour!" Lilo shouted over the roar.

Kim nodded before taking a step forward, and was instantly pulled into the dark vortex.

Lilo checked the clock on the wall. "Think I'll go see if Jim and Tim know how to pass an hour."

" what?" Ron asked.

Chewie sighed. "Now, we sit here."

Ron shook his head. "No, I meant what do we do for an encore? The next escape attempt?"

"You obviously don't know Gantu very well. He's probably rigged the whole room to knock us flat if we get out again. At the least, guns with our DNA in them so they only aim at us."

Ron swallowed loudly. "Sounds a bit excessive."

Chewie shrugged. "Well, it's necessary for an experiment created by Jumba. And even then there are ways around it...if we could get through the glass, anyway."

"I don't suppose you happen to have any telekinetic powers?"

"I must've left them in my other fur," Chewie replied dryly.

"Okay, well...teleportation? Shapeshifting? Heat vision?"

"You know what, let's see YOU develop some powers on the spot!" Chewie snapped.

Ron opened his mouth to point out that he didn't HAVE any super powers, then shut it, looking thoughtful.

"Oh, great. You're actually going to TRY it?" Chewie asked in disbelief.

"Shut up for a second. And think of cheese."

"Cheese? What-"


Chewie rolled his eyes and began counting off cheeses in his head, which was actually a pastime of his. He had reached a hundred and three when something behind him exploded. Whirling around, he was shocked to see Ron standing outside of the cell, wielding a blue-black sword as what had once been large guns trickled to the floor in pieces.

"Ah, the power of cheese," Ron sighed, staring fondly at the sword.

"Oh, NO WAY!" Chewie cried, rushing out of the cell. "I KNOW cheese, and there's no cheese in the universe that can do THAT!"

"Relax, dude. It's totally a figure of speech. The sword has nothing to do with cheese. I just associate the sword with cheese."

Chewie stared at him. "Because?"

Ron blinked. "You know."

"I promise you I don't."

Ron made cutting motions with his hand. "Cut the cheese?"

Chewie continued to stare at him.

"It's like a mantra."

"So...and stop me if I'm wrong think about cutting cheese, and the sword comes out of...where, exactly?"

"Hard to say. It's not painful, if that's what you're thinking. Hard to do, though. Unless I'm thinking about cheese."

"So...this...cheese sword...what else can it do?"

"Stop calling it a cheese sword, it's the Lotus Blade. When a sword can appear out of thin air, you give it respect. Now, we could either hold a forum on swords and cheeses, or we can get Stitch out."

Ron proceeded to hack his way into Stitch's cell with little trouble, after which they ran into a slight problem.

"The sword can't cut through the door. Or the walls," Ron reported glumly after several tries.

"Why not?" Chewie demanded.

"Why do you and your enemies have to come from space? The mystic sword makers may have been great, but they were from THIS planet! They probably didn't think to make a sword that could cut through EVERY alien metal!"

"Oh, so now it's my fault? I didn't make the ship!"

Stitch cleared his throat loudly, then pointed to Ron's pocket. "Special sauce," he rasped.

Ron frowned. "Dude, this is no time for-"

"Special sauce!" Stitch repeated. "Melt door!"

"Okay, but I think there's some stuff even Diablo sauce can't handle," Ron muttered, digging a few packets out of his pocket.

However, Stitch didn't squirt the sauce on the door. Instead, he tossed the packets into his mouth and began chewing furiously.

"You're gonna regret that," Ron said, shaking his head.

Stitch turned to the door, twisted his face horribly, and then spat a scarlet mixture of Diablo sauce and his own saliva onto the door. Instantly, smoke began pouring off the door as it melted to the ground.

"Dude! SICK AND WRONG! And yet COOL!" Ron cheered. "Now we can get out of here and-"

Stitch shook his head. "Save cousins! Shego!"

"I don't think they want to be saved, Cuz," Chewie replied. "I mean, I'm no expert with the whole 'one true place' thing, but what if they want to be with her?"

Stitch didn't look happy at the possibility, but he wouldn't budge until Ron and Chewie agreed with his plan.

Experiment 607 woke up to a heavenly aroma surrounding him. Opening his eyes, he was thrilled to find the smell was coming from several small objects that had been placed around him. He had no idea what they were, but they looked tasty, and a quick bite proved them to be so. In seconds, he'd devoured the whole lot and was eagerly looking for more.

What he found instead, however, was a stranger, staring at him intently.

"Well, you do look a little like Rufus. But the spikes kinda ruin the image."

Deciding he didn't care for the stranger's tone, Experiment 607 drew himself to his full height, eyes flashing dangerously.

"Now, Swirly!" the stranger cried, whipping out a small, green creature from behind her back.

Experiment 607 only had time to blink as he fell victim to Swirly's hypnotic gaze. Any thoughts of attacking instantly faded from his mind.

"Now," the stranger said quietly, "you're going to help me save my friends."

"Save friends," Experiment 607 murmured, nodding his agreement.

"Great. So I'll just unlock-"

Experiment 607 ignored her as the first spike on his back flashed bright green. In an instant, he vanished from his cage and reappeared at the stranger's feet.

"Or you could just do that." The stranger bent down and slipped a small, metal collar over his neck. "I'm Kim. We'll have to think of a name for you on the way."

Experiment 607 reappeared on her shoulder. "Friends," he repeated, a determined look in his eyes.

"One track mind, huh? I like that."

Experiment 607 stared at her blankly.

"Uh...I mean, good illegal genetic experiment. Have another cupcake!"

"You want me to go where?" Bonnie asked again.

Angel pouted a bit more for effect. "Back to lady's lab."

"I never thought I'd say this, but I have school this morning."

"Lab more important," Angel insisted. "Find cousins. Bonnie promise."

"Angel, the squad is practicing today! I can't just ditch!"

"Bonnie promise," Angel repeated sadly.

For a long moment, Bonnie said nothing. Finally, she sighed. "Okay. We'll go to the lab. BUT! I will NOT be late for squad practice under ANY circumstances! So when I say it's time to go, it's time to go. Understand?"

Angel nodded eagerly. "Lab now, squad later."

"When?" Bonnie demanded.

"When Bonnie say."

"Okay, then. NOW we can go." Bonnie scooped up Angel and headed for the door. "You're just lucky I don't make you pay for gas. That lab isn't exactly local, you know."

As if in response, Angel's antennae rubbed together, and a black limo instantly pulled up in front of them.

"Don't think riding in style is going to make me forget about practice," Bonnie warned.

Angel blinked innocently at her.

"Come on, Bonnie!" Tara called, sticking her head out of the limo's roof. "There's a little fridge and everything!"

Bonnie stared at Angel. "Oh, you're very good. But we're still going to practice."

Angel sulked at that, but couldn't help brightening a bit as Bonnie petted her head affectionately.

Gantu's beady blue eyes narrowed as he stared at the monitor before him. On it, Ron Stoppable, 626, and 625 were trying to work their way into the upper levels of the ship. They were prevented, for the moment, by the ultra-thick blast doors that Gantu had activated upon realizing they'd escaped their cells again.

Gantu was not so foolish as to believe that this would hold them forever. Between the extraordinary luck of Kim Possible's sidekick and the supercomputer brain of 626, they were bound to come up with something in at least an hour.

"Anything good on, Gantu?" Shego asked from behind him as she entered the room.

"Kim Possible's sidekick is nearly as resourceful as she is. He can't seem to stay in his cell. I've blocked off the lower level, but he and the two trogs still need to be dealt with."

"Well, I've brought something to cheer you up. Two of them, actually. Oh, and Dr. D has resigned from our little group."

Something of a smile crossed Gantu's face briefly as he noticed Drak and Shriek at her feet. "As you said he would."

Shego shrugged, smiling wickedly. "Sometimes these things just happen. Not my fault if they happen to go my way."

"Let's hope they continue to. Kim Possible and Lilo are still out there."

"That may not be a problem much longer," Shego replied. "While I was in Dr. D's lab, I came across some old plans of his. Now at the time, they were ultimately worthless, but Plasmoid seems to think we can do something with them. They'd make our plan a whole lot easier, anyway."

"Really?" Gantu asked. "Tell me more."

"It's more a combination of two good ideas that Dr. D managed to foul up: clones and syntho-drones."

"As I recall, you weren't too fond of either."

"Well, I'm not, but hear me out. Plasmoid thinks we should combine the two. But instead of using goop like Dr. D did, we'd use plasma. We wouldn't need to catch Lilo and Kim in the act. We could just frame them with our own plasma clones and 627. We'd only need the two, and Dr. D had most of the process automated to save time and effort. Even better, we could build in remote activated detonators, in case we need to scrap them in a hurry. All that's left is to get a genetic sample from-"

"Don't bother," Gantu interrupted. "I collected a few hairs from Kim Possible's restraints. As for Lilo, she seems to do nothing but shed when she's here."

Shego nodded approvingly. "You, a lot of cloning?"

Gantu sighed. "No. But you work with a mad scientist hamster long enough, and collecting samples of everything becomes second nature."

"You went into a black hole for him?" Tim asked in complete disbelief.

"Couldn't you have just spent ten bucks at Smarty Mart for another naked mole rat?" Jim added, poking Experiment 607 a bit.

"Stop that!" Kim swatted her brothers and their curious fingers, before returning 607 to the safety of her shoulder. "He has feelings, even when hypnotized. And nobody I know likes to be poked!"

"But he's basically Rufus with spikes. What's he going to do that another Rufus couldn't?"

"A lot more, according to Jumba. All the more reason not to mess with him. He already had a bad attitude, and that's why we had to hypnotize him. So no making it worse!"

Tim stared critically at the experiment. "It's not too late, Kim. If you ask us really nice, we'll spot you the ten bucks."

"OUT!" Kim shouted, glaring at their rapidly retreating backs. She sighed and placed 607 on her bed. "Sorry about that. They're...well, vermin, to be frank. Just ignore them. I'm sure you're a lot more powerful than you look. And even if you weren't, I'd still have faith. After some of things I've seen Rufus pull off, I'll never doubt the usefulness of anything that can fit in my pocket. Um, not that you're a thing, I mean. I just...uh...cupcake! Bet you'd like...oh, shoot. We're out of cupcakes."

As Kim frantically searched the bottom of her once full sack of cupcakes, she neglected to notice that one of 607's spikes had vanished, and the second was slowly sinking into his spine, until it was no longer visible. The last spike began the same process, but was interrupted when Kim gave up her search.

"That's right! I promised you a name, didn't I?"

The final spike stopped halfway into 607's spine.

"Oh, but I'm not really good with names. How about...uh...Ben?"

607 blinked slowly.

"I know, I know, it's totally old. But you are a rat, kinda. And it needs to be short, in case I have to call you in a hurry. And, well, we can make it work. You'll be friend Ben!"

The last spike slowly emerged until it reached its original length.

"Friend Ben," 607 murmured.

"That's right!" Kim said excitedly. "You like it?"

"Friend Ben," 607 repeated, as if agreeing.

"Great! Now, we're out of cupcakes, but I bet you'd like a cookie, huh?" Kim stretched out her hand. "C'mon, Ben!"

607 vanished and reappeared in Kim's hand.

"Good boy, Ben!" Kim patted his head. "You can have all the cookies you want."

"Ben want all cookies," he replied seriously.

Kim paused. "Um...sure, okay. Maybe you ARE related to Rufus."

Bonnie had figured out right away that Angel was a natural born leader. Normally, that would've been a problem, but in this case, it was one of the many qualities that Bonnie appreciated in her pet. However, up to that point, Angel had at least been remotely near the fuzzies and/or people she was ordering around.

So when Bonnie found out that a large portion of DNAmy's lab had been transformed into a gigantic satellite overnight, apparently at Angel's request, she began to get a little concerned. If Angel could do that all the way from Bonnie's house, there was no telling how far her power of persuasion might reach when she really wanted it to.

Bonnie decided to keep her opinion to herself, though, as she watch various fuzzies scampering back and forth to put the finishing touches on the satellite. She didn't exactly have proof that they were doing anything illegal, but it was pretty obvious they didn't have any money, and there was no way Middleton Space Center was just throwing out old satellites (Bonnie had, in what she considered a very dark period of her life, been forced into the Rocket Booster program by her mother, where Dr. James Possible had made it very clear that he was a firm believer in recycling space junk).

Yet another lesson Bonnie had unknowingly taken from that program was that there were no stupid questions, except the ones that went unasked, and therefore went unanswered. So, gathering her courage, Bonnie marched over to where Angel was curled up in a pink ball on the couch.

"Angel, we need to talk."

The furry mass unrolled at once, revealing a yawning Angel. Upon noticing her owner, Angel automatically began to emit soothing purring noises, curling one of her long antennae around Bonnie's wrist. It was almost as if she were doing something wrong and didn't want to be punished (Bonnie recognized this largely because she had practically invented that technique, though she'd never had antennae to work with, and had way too much dignity to ever be caught purring).

"Yeah, that's real nice, but what is that for?" Bonnie demanded, pointing at the satellite.

For a moment, Angel looked as if she were going to lie outright (again, something Bonnie easily recognized from personal experience). But then, she sighed and released Bonnie's wrist. "Calling," she said at last.

"If you're about to tell me that you're going to phone home..."

Angel shook her head. "Calling cousins," she explained. "Cousins hear and come to Angel."

" many cousins are we talking about, exactly?"

"Six hundred twenty-six," Angel replied without missing a beat.

"Oh," Bonnie said in a trembling voice. "Is that all?"

Angel tilted her head slightly. "Bonnie cold?" She leapt lightly into Bonnie's arms and nuzzled her owner's neck.

"No, just really, really freaked out," Bonnie muttered, hugging Angel tightly.

"Bonnie want Tara?" Angel asked, her antennae rising to summon the girl.

"Wait," Bonnie said as something clicked in her mind. "All of you fuzzies have powers. So what does Tara's bird do?"

Angel frowned. "Bonnie don't want to know."

Bonnie's eyes narrowed. "Tell me."

"Okay, no matter how incredible these Philly cheese steak subs are, we still need to get out of here," Ron noted with his mouth full.

"I wholly agree," Chewie replied, "and I'll get right on that. After this last bite."

"Dude, you've been swallowing them whole since you started."

"I mean what I said," Chewie answered, practically inhaling another sandwich and swallowing noisily.

"I'll make a deal with you. You stop asking where I pull the Lotus Blade from, and I'll stop asking how you seem to pull sandwich ingredients out of your fur."

"Sounds reasonable enough," Chewie agreed. "By the way, what's the plan again?"

"It's a work in progress," Ron offered hesitantly.

"So we're planning a plan."



"Isn't it, though?"

The pair stared at each other uncomfortably for a moment.

"I guess we could ask him," Ron said at last.

Chewie looked at Stitch, who was licking the remains of his own sandwich off of the floor. "I still have trouble dealing with the fact that he's the brains of this outfit."

"I try not to judge based solely on appearances. I mean, when I first saw you, I assumed you were a walking food trap."

"But...that's true," Chewie pointed out.

"Oh. Well, yeah. But when I first saw Stitch-"

"Please, kid. Everyone is ALWAYS right about him, no matter what they think."

"The point is, I try not to judge!" Ron insisted.

"Good luck with that. And on that note, I have a plan."

"I'm all ears."

"I create a sandwich consisting entirely of rotten meat. Then I burn it to a crisp. Then I feed it to Cuz here, and-."

Ron interrupted him. "I'm pretty sure that's animal cruelty. Or maybe food cruelty."

"Let me finish. Then he ralphs it all up."

"Tell me there's a point to all that."

"The smell gradually fills the entire ship. Gantu and Shego have no choice but to figure out where it's coming from. They come in here, and-"

"And beat the snot out of us for stinking up the ship?"

Chewie deflated. "Seemed like a better idea in my head."

Ron sighed. "Yeah, well, I'm more for plans that don't get the snot beat out of us. So when you hatch one of those, I'm willing to listen. And we did agree that it was someone else's turn to think of one, since I came up with the last working plan."

Stitch raised his head and began to growl threateningly.

Ron backed up. "What'd I say?"

"Nothing. That's the 'oh crap' growl," Chewie explained.

Before Ron could ask, the thick, metallic doors beyond them slid open, admitting Shego and a growling Experiment 627 into the room.

"Oh crap," Ron whispered.

"Told you."

Shego smirked at them. "Glad to see you boys managed to entertain yourselves while I was gone. But now, I think it's my turn to be entertained. 627? Amuse me."

627 instantly sprouted four additional arms from his sides as he advanced, baring his sharp teeth.

"I don't suppose you can grow extra arms?" Ron asked.

"Not without some mild discomfort," Chewie replied.


Sighing, Chewie concentrated, and two more arms emerged from his body.

Both of them were holding slices of bread.

Ron shook his head. "What are you going to do, EAT him?"

Chewie glared at Ron. "You see his mouth, and you say that out loud? Are you TRYING to give him ideas?"

Stitch rolled his eyes and shoved them both out of the way as 627 tackled him, sending them rolling and wrestling across the floor.

"Feel free to jump in and help him!" Ron shouted.

Chewie snorted. "And how exactly are you going to handle Shego by yourself?"

"Uh...well...I could break out the old Stoppable charm and-"

Shego narrowed her eyes. "Unless 'the old Stoppable charm' is actually some sort of blunt, heavy object, I think you better help."

Ron laughed nervously. "Right. I'll just be over there. Helping." He turned around in time to catch a face full of blue fur as Stitch slammed into his head.

Chewie bit his lip. "If I had just kept my big mouth shut, I could be home right now, eating a naco." He yelped as 627 picked him up and began packing his squirming body into a tight little ball.

627 waited until Ron was struggling to his feet before throwing Chewie at top speed, nailing Ron's left ankle and sending him to the floor again.

"Total dodgeball flashback," Ron moaned.

"Let me guess: you got picked last?" Chewie asked.

"Nope. But only because KP always picked me first."

"If we ever see her again, be sure to tell her she's a great friend."

"Remind me again after my head stops spinning."

"Aren't you supposed to be cleaning your room right now, Lilo?" Pleakley demanded from the doorway.

"In a minute," Lilo muttered, frowning at Jumba's portable Experiment database. "I'm reading up on 607."

"You know, if you spend all your time reading about monsters, you could very well turn into one! That's what happens to bad little girls who don't clean their rooms!"

"Please, Pleakley. If that was true, I'd already be...hey! Are you implying that I'm a monster?"

"If the sandals with space for five toes fits!"

"At least I don't need three of them," Lilo mumbled under her breath.

"I heard that, young lady! We'll see how mouthy you are when you skip dessert tonight!"

Lilo tuned Pleakley out as she came across some new information in Jumba's notes. "Jumba didn't say anything about spikes! I've got to warn Kim!"

"About what?" Pleakley asked as Lilo hopped up and ran past him.

"607!" Lilo shouted as she ran down the hall and into the living room, where Jumba was watching TV.

"Ha ha!" Jumba chuckled, giving Lilo his full attention. "Already mere mention of genius experiment's name is inspiring terror, yes?"

"Jumba, you never told us about the spikes!" Lilo cried, tugging on his massive leg.

"Do not worry, little girl. Restraining collar prevents 607's final spike from activating. Without this, he cannot manipulate fabric of space-time continuum."

"But the spikes activate when he gets mad! So if he gets mad three times-"

"607 will not get mad thrice. I personally warned Possible Kim that he must remain happy at all times. Experiment 383's mind control acts as second defense. So you see, impossible for 607 to be too dangerous."

"But Swirly can only make 607 obey the first command he hears, and I told Kim to make him help her save Stitch and Ron, not say he couldn't get mad!"

"Is very bad, little girl," Jumba admitted with a frown. "607 is both naturally disagreeable and fiercely independent. Mind control can only hope to suppress one, but not both for very long. We must find Possible Kim at once, before is too late."

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