Chapter 1

All in all, I really just didn't want the teachers to make me take the scarf off. I needed it to cover... Well, to cover something, let's say. I knew they would, always pick on me. Jerks. Just because I talk back sometimes, and because I might have vandalized some school property a few times. Blown up the chemistry lab... Once, or twice.

I could see it then, walking down the street. They'd nag, and preach, and if I didn't comply, send a note to my parents. Biting my lip, I realized that I was in a lose-lose situation. If I took the scarf off and they... saw, they'd ask questions. If they called my parents, they'd freak out... Like they did before.

"Sora! Have you no sense of-"

Even then, I could remember what happened six years ago in vivid detail. They were so upset... And all because of one little mishap. Well, okay, seven little mishaps. But I really didn't mean to do anything wrong. I was eleven, for God's sake. I didn't think having one or two drinks could cause any harm. Sure, we had classes that said 'alcohol is bad, drugs are bad, sex is bad' but really, how many kids pay attention to them? Besides, it wasn't like my parents avoided alcohol like little angels themselves.

As a matter of fact, they were worse. Although being worse than me wasn't very hard. Ever since the 'incident' I've avoided alcohol as best I can...

But I digress: there I was, walking down the street, lamenting over my life, heading to school. School. A place I hated almost as much as home. Which was saying something.

"Hey, Sora!" a voice came from behind me.

It was Riku. I made sure to look really happy, because for some reason, if you're not really happy, Riku becomes suspicious. He's never particularly bouncy himself, he just thinks everyone else has to be.

I turned my head to the side as Tidus' black Porsche pulled along side me. Tidus was, obviously, driving, and Riku sat in the front, whilst Wakka was laying down in the back. I couldn't see him, but I knew he was because he did every morning.

"Sora, why are you walking? It's like a... five minute walk from here!" Riku said.

...God, they're stupid sometimes.

"Riku," I said, trying to remain calm, "Five minutes is a big deal, why?"

Riku thought for a moment, and then looked at the car's clock.

"Because class starts in two minutes."

Two minutes? Well, okay, I knew I was late getting up this morning, for... reasons, that I prefer to keep to myself, but really? Even I must have been hard pressed not to notice that class was starting before I'd even arrive at the school.

Not wanting to be late, I hopped in the car, landing 'gracefully' on top of Wakka. Tidus grinned.

"All right. We're off."

After we arrived at the school, in a lot less time it would've taken me to walk, we had to rush to our first class, which we all had together.

"So, hey," I said, leaning over my desk once we were in class, just before the bell rang, "Why were you guys so late?"

Riku looked at me.

"Why were you so late?"

"Well.." Crap. I didn't want to tell them. "Because I was walking, retard."

"Oh... Right. We were late, because, uh... Well, I'll tell you later..."

Riku's voice trailed off, and Wakka, sitting in front of me, turned and said, "Hey, man what's with the scarf? It's the middle of spring, ya?"

Sheesh. This was one more thing I didn't want to tell them, and yet, that's exactly what they ask me. Thankfully, however, I didn't need to think of an answer, because the teacher walked in the room at that very second and began her lesson.

My victory was short-lived. Five minutes, to be more exact. The teacher was yelling at me, of course, despite the fact that I'd done nothing wrong.

Just about everyone in class giggled, besides Riku, Tidus and Wakka. I guess they all figured I must've been doing something bad. We were sitting in the back, so I guess they all had reason to assume, especially considering I usually was doing something 'bad,' by the teachers' standards.

But not today, I swear. The teacher repeated herself when it became apparent I wasn't listening the first few times. "Why are you wearing that scarf? Scarves weren't part of the dress code the last time I checked."

The teacher (I wasn't sure which one, because she was a substitute, but she apparentlyknew me) started narrowing her eyes and just kind of glared at me. Looking around, I saw her name printed in chalk on the board. ... Humphrey? What the...? Well, at least I had a better advantage now.

", I refuse to submit my individuality to the superficiality that these," I plucked at my school blazer, "uniforms hold. Perhaps you-"

Ms.Humpy cut in, "The uniforms are in no way superficial. You're being ridiculous."

stopped to take a breath, (apparently she was planning on talking awhile) but was cut off by Tidus.

", I really don't want to waste my learning time on Sora's... antics. Can't he just keep the scarf?"

narrowed her eyes and slowly agreed. The rest of the class was fairly uneventful, although seemed to enjoy sending surprise questions my way at random, which was NOT fun, I can tell you. Half of the time, they weren't even science questions, the class she was supposed to be teaching.

Anyways, after science (yeah, right. More like hell) we had gym, which isn't a bad class, really. Actually, it's not bad at all.

After we'd gotten changed, (well, after everyone else had gotten changed. I didn't) we headed out to the yard. While everyone else did their warmups, I ruffled my hair, made sure to look sick and pathetic, and moved towards our gym teacher, , AKA Jecht, Tidus' dad.

"," I moaned. "I really don't feel well..."

"Huh?" he said. "Well... You do look kinda pale, kid," he continued, grabbing my chin and looking closer. "But...Uh... Sora, what's with the scarf?"

"Oh... Well, see, I'm cold."

"Cold, eh? Well, it might be because of some crazy sickness. Yeah, okay, sit out today. Over there, on the benches."

Slowly, I made my way to the benches, being sure to remain looking sickly until his attention was fixed on the others, who were failing their exercises, mostly. There were a few exceptions, Riku, Wakka, Tidus, and some other guys among them, who were actually able to serve the volleyball over the net.

Unfortunately for me. I'm not sure if he did it on purpose, but somehow, Riku's volleyball managed to come sailing over the net, and further still, hitting me square in the head.

My vision went fuzzy, and the last thing I remember before completely blanking out was, "OH MY GOD! SORA, I'M SO SORRY!"

Riku, you faggot.