A/N: Eh, the exponent thing doesn't work, so I'm gonna say "x to the y" instead. Just so you know that I'm referring to exponents.


Grandpa is teaching me math, and I am learning about exponents, but it is a very strange, incongruous sort of math. If you were to move a point three units in any direction, you would have a line segment with a length of 3 to the 1 units. If you were to move the line three units parallel to itself, you would have a square with an area of 3 to the 2 units. However, if you had a square, you can't move it parallel to itself, so the whole exponent thing is contradictory.

Anyway, for my birthday last Friday, on the 13th, Grandpa gave me this awesome journal. He told me I should record something to commemorate my birthday. I really don't know what to say. My birthday may have just passed, but I still feel like I'm 5, not 6. My best friend, Yanu, gave me this really cool toy. I don't know what it is, but when you poke it with your corner, it transforms into some other figure, and if you poke it again, it changes back. It is so fun!