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It was a gusty June day. Fall seemed to have decided to come three months early and crisp brown, red and yellow leaves were flying around in the wind and on the station platform. A mop of red hair, pulled back with a pale muggle ponytail holder was visible through the crowd. Beside the red hair was another ponytail, though this time the hair was longer, choppier, blonde and streaked with black. Two girls stood beside each other, waving to their fellow classmates. Two more girls, one with blue hair and the other had half bubble-gum pink hair and half emerald green. The bubble-gum-emerald haired girl's hair suddenly changed to long, straight and black with a small pop.

"Katrina Livington! I ORDER you to stop morphing. Just because you can morph will a small pop and I make a louder pop doesn't mean you get TO SHOW OFF!"

Shrieked the blue haired girl to the black haired one. Katrina smirked and with another small pop her hair was blue.

"I feel like stealing your hair color sister dear. Poor widdle Kari has to change her hair color so she won't look like her twin!"

Katrina chuckled slightly as her sister, Kari, emitted a small growl and a 'pop' as her hair became purple and long. The red head and the black haired girl were just staring at the squabbling twins. The red head turned to the black haired girl.


"Don't call me that"




"That's better"

"Ok, Bella, my black haired catty friend, do you think they'll ever stop arguing in time to get on the train?"

"No Lily, my red haired vixen friend, I do not think they will"

"Then, shall we make them Bella?"

"Yes, I think she should…But, the question is, how?"

"I dunno…Bella, why are you looking at me like that?"

"I was just thinking we could get Potter to…"



"No! No! NO! …Sod off Potter! You too, Black!"

Cried Lily as two black haired boys sauntered over to them. Both were smirking, although Sirius was taller with grey eyes while James Potter had brown eyes. James simply shrugged but Sirius looked mock-hurt. He waggled his eyebrows at Bella, while James was avidly staring at Lily.

"Whatcha want min cherry"

"For the record Black, it's Mon Cheri not 'min cherry'. And I called you, well; I called Potter over here so he could help us get these two,"

Bella indicated Katrina and Kari, who were still bickering,

"Onto the train because it is about to leave and we…"

Bella cut off in mid sentence, silenced by a glare from Lily. Sirius looked from Bella to Lily, slightly confused.

"Have to what?" He asked.

"Nothing, nope. Nothing at all. So, will ya help us or not"

"Prongs, you grab Katrina, I got Kari. Come on."

James nodded and scooped up Katrina, carrying her onto the train and depositing her on a bench in the back compartment of the carriage. Lily and Bella sat down next to Katrina, who was staring at James indignantly.

"Whatcha do that for Potter?"

"Make way! Kari, you are light, very light. Did you know that you are lighter then a sack of flower?"

Sirius set Kari down across from Katrina. Now both girls were staring at James and Sirius. Sirius sat down next to Kari and James frowned.

"Padfoot…What the hell? Aren't we sitting with Moony and Wormtail?"

"No Prongs. Moony's out on business and Wormtail is out on one of his mysterious disappearing acts…Wait…THIS IS THE LAST DAY OF HOGWARTS EVER FOR US!"

Lily noticed Kari winced. Sirius had just yelped in her ear. James was frowning. There was nowhere for him to sit. Lily's large tabby cat, Crookshanks, was curled up on the other side of Kari. James sighed and picked up Lily, who scowled.

"Put me down Potter."

"With pleasure Evans"

James sat down and set Lily on his lap. Lily scowled and glared daggers at him. James's brown eyes stared straight into Lily's pools of green and she was forced to look away.

"Get out of my seat Potter"

"Unfortunately Evans, I cannot. There are no other seats. So, you may sit on my lap. Or you can go sit on Sirius's lap."

James smirked again and Lily pouted, acknowledging defeat. The train jerked and slowly started to chug along the tracks. All six of them stared out the window, looking through the rain that had just started to fall in a rush, at Hogwarts. All six of them knew they wouldn't be coming back next year. This was it. The last train ride.

"You guys got a plan? You know, for how not to get put up on auction?"



"Well what?"

"What is it?"

"I'm not telling you"

"Why vixen?"

"Don't call me that you bastard"

"I'll call you whatever I damn well please"

"No you won't"

"Yes, I will"








Bella shrieked, having just about enough of the two enemies fighting. Lily and James both scowled and Lily stood up, turned around and sat on Sirius's lap. Sirius looked very pleased, but James was frowning. Lily smirked at the expression on James' face, but hit Sirius over the head as his hand started creeping up her back.

"No. Bad. Bella, switch seats with me. Please. Pretty Please? With sugar? Pleasseeeee?"


"Come on, why not?"

"Because I don't want to sit on Sirius's lap"

Lily had a sudden coughing spasm in which the words 'yeah right' were distinguishable. Bella turned crimson and fought to maintain her dignity.

"I don't! And my second point it, you don't want to sit next to James because you hate his motha' 'effin' guts and you always will even though you will always hate that 'effin' Slytherin jerk Cole more then you hate Jamesie over here after what Cole did to…"

Lily silenced Bella with a look that clearly said 'Shut your mouth or I'll shut it for you.' Bella took the hint and shut her mouth. Sirius and James looked from Lily to Bella and back again. They then exchanged dark looks.

"What'd that git Cole do? His name is Thomas Cole, right?"

"No. Thomas is his Ravenclaw brother. Twin, actually. Thom's a real sweetie. Darryn Cole is the Slytherin twin. Motha' 'effin' jerk he is."

"Right. So, what did Cole do?"

"Nothing! He didn't do anything. Nope, nothing at all"

Lily jumped into the conversation before Bella could respond. Bella was her best friend but Bella had a big mouth and she couldn't be trusted at times. Sirius blinked and shook Lily hard. She scowled and slid off his lap, onto the compartment floor.

"Liar. Come on. What'd he do? Can't've been that bad"

"Phfff. Like you'd know!"

I would Evans."

"Whatever Potter"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing, sheesh. Touchy aren't we"

"Shut it Evans"

"Ohhhh. Is ickle Jamsie getting mad?"

"Shut up Evans"

"Poor ickle Jamsie. Everyone is against him. He doesn't have a friend in the world."

"I said 'shut up Evans'"

"Why should I?"

"Because I said so"

"I don't have to listen to you"

"Yeah, you do"

"Why do I?"

"Because I say so"

"That's not a good enough reason so I'm not listening Ickle Jamsie"


"I will not"

"Be quiet Evans"


"What did you say?"

"I said no"

"You can't say no!"

"Yes I can. I just did, therefore proving that I can say NO"

"Evans, didn't I tell you to shut the hell up?"

"No. You told me to shut up and I told you that I will not!"

"You little mudblood bitch."


Sirius was staring at him in shock. James simple sneered and looked back at Sirius. Bella, who was sitting next to James, scowled and raised her hand, bring it down hard on James' cheek.


"Well its true"

James replied, still sneering. Sirius frowned, but nodded and sided with James.

"Bella, he's right."








"I DON'T!"





"Anyway…Lily, why are you down there?"

"Because I don't want to sit on that Muggle-hater's lap."

Lily scowled at James, who was still sneering.

"I said shut up!"


James looked astounded that Lily would actually say no. Sure, she'd said it before, but this time it really seemed to sink in. He raised his hand and was halfway through bringing it down to Lily's face before Sirius grabbed his hand. James shook his hand, trying to get away, but Sirius wouldn't let go.

"Dude, she's a girl. You don't hit girls! Anyway, they are going to go up on the auction block soon. Give them a few final moments of freedom before a lifetime of enslavement."


"Sorry ladies, but, you are. My sister, Arina, she's older then I am, she told me that she wouldn't go up on the block and she and her friends had a page 183. I never knew what that meant, but I think it was a hide-out spell. They never got to use it. You ever wonder why there are men in black, hooded cloaks at the platform at the end of the school year. They are there to make sure none of you girls try to make a run for it. Arina…She didn't make it out and she was sold to some weird dude…I haven't seen her since then…"

Sirius took a breath after his second shortened speech. Everyone was staring at him, dumbstruck. Sirius blinked and looked around.


"That was a long speech for you…"


"So what?"

"Oh never mind"

Lily glanced at Bella and they both sighed.

"Page 183 is the Fidelous Charm. When it's preformed properly, it will hide the people who have the charm performed on them. They choose a secret keeper and the only way anyone can find them is if the secret keeper tells them where the people are hiding. It's really complex. Bella, I think we may have to make a run for it. Shrink your trunk."

Bella nodded and she pulled out her wand and pointed it at her trunk

The trunk shrunk and Bella picked it up and slid it in her pocket. Lily followed suit with her cat and her trunk. Crookshanks became a kitten and fell asleep in Lily's pocket on top of the small trunk. Kari and Katrina, who had up to this moment been silent, suddenly spoke up.

"We're going to be caught. It's inevitable. It's fate. We're all going to get sold off to wizards who want witches for sex or cleaning or, if we're lucky, a rebel who'll set us free. But there aren't many of them. So, we're not in the best positions, are we?"

"No Kari, your right. We aren't in good positions. Oh well…We'll be the lucky one's who get sold to rebels. No. We won't even be sold because we won't get caught!"

The last declaration was, obviously, from Lily, who was still sitting on the floor. The train was slowing down and Platform 9 ¾ was drawing into sight. Men in long, black, hooded cloaks were standing around the platform. Lily noticed that Bella's parents weren't there to pick her up. Neither were her parents. Nor were Kari and Katrina's parents. So, it was true. Being caught was fate. But maybe not. Lily, Kari, Katrina and Bella were all petite. They resembled sixth years. Maybe they could pass for sixth years.

"Kari, Katrina, Bella, I've got an idea!"

Ushering James and Sirius out of the compartment, Lily pulled her three best friends towards her and shared her plan. Try to pass for Sixth Years. Hopefully it would work. Most sixth years were of age, so shrinking their trunks was a normal occurrence. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Katrina was the first to speak up.

"It's a great idea Lils, but the real question here is 'Will it work?'"

"The answer to that is, 'I don't know, but we'll just have to hope for the best'" "I guess."

"Listen guys, I've known you for all for seven years, and you guys are my best friends, you're like the sister's I've always wanted but never had…"

"But Lily, you have a sister, Petunia"

"I said 'The sister's I've always wanted' I don't want Petunia"

This statement was met by an outburst of giggles. Lily was the first to calm down and she began to speak again.

"Anyway, I just want to say, that even if I never see you guys again, you guys will always be my best friends, my sisters and I'll never forget any of you. I love you guys, you're the best friends a witch could have…And, I'm going to miss all of you."

Kari, Katrina and Bella all nodded and the four witches hugged. The train slowed to a stop. Lily stood up determinedly.

"It's now or never guys. Are you ready?"

"Ready as we'll ever be Lils."

"I'm to miss you guys."

All four nodded and exited the compartment. Kari and Katrina went one way and Bella and Lily went the other. As they stepped off the train, they once again spotted Kari and Katrina. Lily put on a face of sadness and waved to Kari and Katrina.


Kari and Katrina waved back. They shouted something else, but their voices were lost among the hundreds of other shouts and screams. Lily and Bella saw their fellow seventh year girls all standing near black cloaked figures. Lily joined a crowd of sixth years with Bella and headed for the barrier to the Muggle world. The platform was almost empty now. Except for a few other seventh year girls who were trying to get away, Lily, Bella, Kari, Katrina and the black cloaked captors were the only one's left. They were nearly at the barrier.


Lily blinked and swung around. Acloaked figure was pointing to Bella, Kari, Katrina and herself.A scream shattered the silence. Lily felt Bella pulled away from beside her and something hitting her hard over the head. She sunk to her knees, but that was all she knew before the world went black.

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