Chapter 30

Author's Note: Well this is the final chapter of this story. It's been great to all that has supported this story. I didn't even know where I was going take this story, but I hope you enjoyed the ride, now without farther ado, here it is. This story is going to full cycle.

Liz sighed looking up at the sky. She was sitting at her balcony wrapped in a blanket. She looked down once more at her journal. She re-read what she had written.

Did you ever feel that you were living this double life? You know that's exactly what I have been feeling lately. I don't know Liz Parker anymore. But yet I have never been more comfortable in my own skin. It's weird and ironic. Liz Parker has changed but has stayed the same. I'm still of course the smallest of town girls and I am still in love with science. But there is a part of me that has changed that has lost its innocence that has become a freeing person. That part of me I know is due to the one man that has turned my world upside down not in a bad way or nothing like that but has influenced how I carry myself and how I respond to even the smallest things such as touch. This man has changed me and has made me who I am. This man is Max Evans. This man is the one that makes me weak and holds a force over me that is so pure. He is my everything that's all there is to it. But this man can cause my fragile small town heart to break too. This man has a destiny a destiny that wasn't me at least that's what I thought. Everything changes in a day. This here is my story. It might not interest most but trust me it's an exciting ride. In the end I am the person who wrote in this journal. Maybe when someone reads this 50 years from now they will understand the feeling of finally come to terms with one's destiny. This is the story of Liz Parker and Max Evans. Enjoy the ride.

Liz uncapped her pen once more and flipped to the next page and started writing.

That day that Kivar came to the apartment changed how I looked at life. I saw everyone's innermost fears and that changed my life. I mean can you imagine that the man that you love the most is scared that you would leave him. It's not surprising however because we never did deal with the fact that I did just that. I left him at that cliff. I left the man I love and I can't help feel that I did this horrible thing. But he saw my fears also. He knew how I felt when Tess came into town. It was the hardest thing to watch the man that I love kiss, that girl, that heifer in my mind. I hated her I still hate her. It's not surprising anyway. I felt the pain from all our fears ripping through me. That was until, Isabel stopped the pain.


"Welcome to your nightmare", sneered Isabel.

Kivar looked on shocked. He raised his hands to fire a shot at her but he dropped it when he saw the imprint of the baby hand across her belly from where her shirt was rising up.

"You carry my child", growled out Kivar.

"No my child, this is my child. This baby is human and pure. Even though it may have been conceived in hate, it will be born in love", said Isabel.

"This is my baby, Kivar, and no one I mean no one will ever get my child", growled out Isabel.

Kivar stared at her belly.

"No", growled out Kivar.

He was feeling it. The feeling of happiness and joy. He couldn't stand it. It was too much to feel human emotion. He clutched his head.

"It's human Kivar, your baby the baby that you conceived it human and he or she will be forever loved and free from your evilness", said Isabel.

Isabel raised her hand again.

"Feel it, Kivar, feel all the hate all the pain you caused. You have so much blood on your hands, feel their pain. Feel human", said Isabel walking up to him held his head and placed her fingers against his temple.

She could feel the transfer of energy back and forth between them.


"Please sir just a drink of water", begged a woman sitting outside her run down home.

The solider smirked and spit at her face.

"Die woman and what right do you have to speak to me", said the solider.

That young solider was Kivar.


"No spare my family please", cried out the man.

He begged for his family but not for his life. Kivar looked at him and slit his throat in front of his family.

"Daddy", yelled the young girl his daughter.

Kivar looked at the family.

"Burn the house", said Kivar.

That's what they did. The smell of burning bodies, the screams, the pain. Kivar looked and walked away.

"No, please don't", cried out the woman as she was raped by Kivar.

"You are my whore and that is what your purpose is", grunted Kivar as he thrust into her virgin body.

The young woman didn't scream, the only indication of her pain was the lone tear that slid down her face.

"I will have your throne Zan, I had your wife", sneered Kivar before he looked into the eyes of King Zan.

His hands clutched the back of Zan's head. Zan said nothing.

"This is not over", said Zan.

Kivar smirked and placed his hand under Zan's chin and snapped it quickly. The body fell to the ground. Kivar looked around at the devastation. The bodies, the blood, but he didn't care.

End of Flashes

He never saw it from their point of view. Isabel was showing him that. He felt his neck snap as Zan's snap, he felt the rape of his own body as the young woman he raped was being raped. He felt the devastation of the daughter of the man he killed. He felt his own body burning as he burned the house. He felt the hunger of the older woman. He felt everything. He felt the hate that the people of Antar, he saw the pain and felt the suffering he inflicted on his own people. He felt their lost of hope of being saved. He also felt the little hope of Zan returning being dashed. He didn't understand his feelings. He closed his eyes but the worst was yet to come.

Kivar looked around. This place was not a place he ever been before.

"Daddy", whispered a voice behind him.

Kivar shifted around. He didn't see anything.

"You killed my mother", yelled the voice.

"No, she was a whore", yelled Kivar.

"Daddy you killed my mother", yelled the voice.

"Feel her pain", said the voice.

"Kivar, please don't please, I'm sorry, please", yelled Lonnie.

He felt his neck snapping. He felt the air being pushed out of his lungs. He was gasping. He was dying. He looked and opened his eyes.

"Bye daddy", said the young boy.

"No", yelled Kivar.

He knew it was the end. The boy snapped his neck, ending Kivar's life.

Isabel fell back; she removed her fingers from Kivar's temple. She looked on with the others that had gotten out of their trance. Kyle picked up Ava from the floor.

"Is he dead?" asked Maria staring at the blank look on Kivar's face.

"Mentally, his mind is completely gone", said Isabel.

She swayed back and forth.

"Whoa Izzy what's wrong?" asked Alex.

Isabel clutched her stomach.

"The Baby its coming", said Isabel.

"God", whispered Alex.

6 hours later…………………

Isabel completely tired from her ordeal delivered a healthy baby boy. She smiled and Alex kissed her forehead and stared down at their son. He was blond with blue/green eyes. To Isabel, he was perfect.

"So what's his name?" asked Max.

"Well I decided to name him after his father. Alexander Whitman", said Isabel smiling at Alex.

"I love you Alex, trust me you are my everything and I don't deserve you. You are one of the most important people in my life. That fear you carry you can forget about it", said Isabel stroking his hair.

Alex closed his eyes and sighed.

"Okay Izzy, I'll work on that", said Alex kissing her damp forehead.

"We will all work on our fears", said Alex giving everyone a pointed look.

That day was hard. WE got rid of the body, we had to. Kivar was completely gone. His soldiers must have figured something happened to Kivar because when we got out there, they were all gone. Now that the threat was gone, we had to deal with what we all saw. It wasn't easy that's for sure but we deal with it. My life continued on. We graduated high-school and went to college together in Boston. Isabel and Alex raised little Zan, yes I know the irony right there and their little boy was so adorable. The Evans' did get out of the hospital and supported their children. Maria and Michael are strong they are married right now. SO are Kyle and Ava. Maria and Kyle did have that talk with their parents. It was one of the hardest things that they had to do but it had to be done. They wouldn't be able to move on if they didn't. Now on to me. I did have my beautiful little girl and my son. They are sleeping in their rooms now. So is my husband. This is my time to write out my thoughts. It's me time I guess. I remember when I decided to write this, my story, I mean down. I'm still the smallest of town girls; I still have my shy moments. But ever since I merged completely with Serena there is some part of me that is wild and man just wants to lose complete control. Max gets that way sometimes. He has to often control his emotions or they would override him. That was when I would love being there. I mean shit Max is a monster in bed. And so am I. I have some of Serena's memories of the night that Zan and Serena came up with their plan. And what they did or whether what we did at that club.


She did as she was told. She knew the results if she didn't obey. He moved back and without any warning stabbed her tight pussy while everyone around them watched. There were of course a person already fucking that's what they did at this club but they loved to watch these two. They had a passion that no one has ever seen. He made her scream while he bit her neck. He made her scream while he pumped his fingers as well as his dick into her tight cunt, he made her scream while he pulled at her nipples. But she made him scream when she turned around and grabbed his ass and pumped two fingers into his hole. That made all the difference really. The pure ecstasy and screaming was only a part of their love making. No the best part wasn't the fucking no it was the kissing. People would think it was the sex that held the passion but the people around them knew that wasn't the case here. After they had their carnal pleasures satisfied, they kissed. He bent his head and licked her lips. He made sure that his tongue swiped ever so gently against her bottom lip that was quivering. He licked the top lip and made her whimper. She knew when to open her mouth to let his warm tongue into it. He tasted every corner and surface area of her mouth. He made love to her mouth. He never fucked it like he did her body. These were the times when she knew that all of this was worthwhile because she was with him. He looked down at her flushed face and smiled. She looked up at him and smiled also.

Now that was a good night. I did have fun. Oh well. Life has a way of surprising me. I mean Liz Parker wasn't a sexual being. But now I'm a sexual goddess at least occurring to Max, the only person that really counts in this. I needed him that night. But all the sex that doesn't mean anything if there is no love behind him. And I do love Max. He is and will always be my soul mate.

"Liz baby come to bed", growled Max.

He walked over to her and removed her shirt.

"Max", giggled Liz.

"Woman get over and come and fuck your husband", said Max picking her up and throwing her over his shoulders.

"Max my journal", giggled Liz.

"Girl why you writing about sex, when you can be having it, Liz come here", growled Max.

Liz giggled and smacked his ass.

"Oh someone is naughty", said Max carrying her to their room.

"You have no idea", said Liz smiling at him.

Look I got to go, Liz Parker Evans is going to be with her husband, she is going to stop being a prude, and she is going to LOSE HER INHIBITIONS.