It Takes One To Know One
a crossover fic
C. "Sparky" Read

"What's all this, luv?" Monty expertly sidestepped out of the path of a flying Phillip's screwdriver, which hit the doorframe and bounced to the floor.

"I can't find my torque wrench." Gadget straightened up from where she had been bent over her toolbox and scratched one ear thoughtfully. "Maybe I left it in the Rangerwing."

"Buildin' a new invention, are you?"

The female mouse shook her head. "No, I need it for" Then she stopped. "I just need it," she finished vaguely.

Monty rubbed his moustache. "Does this have anythin' t'do with your goin' off without a goodbye last Wednesday night?" he prodded.

"No," replied Gadget, perhaps a bit too defensively, as she gathered up all the tools she had scattered about and put them back in her toolbox. "This is different."

"So this time, you're going off with a goodbye?"

"Right. Goodbye."

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

It took Gadget two hours in the Rangerwing to reach the house. This was the second time now she had been summoned, and it pleased her to know that her services were appreciated enough the first time to warrant a second visit. She landed the Rangerwing on the roof and scrambled into a vent, lugging her toolbox. Her torque wrench had indeed been in the Rangerwing. She had a hunch she was going to need it this time.

"Roof! Roof!" A welcoming canine voice echoed through the ventilation system, as if announcing where Gadget was coming from. She smiled. She was definitely expected.

"Good afternoon," she told the golden retriever mix who was waiting patiently for her inside at the central heating vent. "I came as fast as I could. Will you give me a lift?"

The dog wagged his tail and obligingly let her hop down to his back and grab his collar. He trotted down the hallway, through the living room, and down another hallway.

"I hope he hasn't hurt himself again?" Gadget asked conversationally while the dog carried her.

"Ruh-uh," replied the dog, in his unique speaking style that combined both Human and Canine. Gadget had to admire him for that rare ability. "Just a checkup, then?"

"Rep." The dog reached a door and nosed it open. Inside the study, a young blonde human girl sat at the desk, perusing a technical journal. Across from her, a man in a grey trenchcoat and fedora seated in an armchair glanced up from his newspaper.

"Really, Brain," he said, upon spotting Gadget with her toolbox, "I don't need a checkup. I am in perfect working order."

"Now, Uncle Gadget," chided the girl, waving to the mouse, who waved back with a smile. "You shouldn't argue with the doctor." She walked to Brain and lifted Gadget gently off of his back, then put her on her uncle's shoulder.

"This is really unnecessary," argued Inspector Gadget feebly as the mouse hunted through her toolbox.

Penny laughed. "You know what they say, Uncle Gadget," she told him. "'A checkup today keeps M.A.D. at bay'."

"You just made that up," the Inspector said sullenly, as Gadget advanced on his ear with the torque wrench.

Penny and Brain grinned at eachother.