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I know I said I would not post anything until after StD, but BadBoy sorta got to me. So I did Ron's view of the proceedings. I was off today and this story just stuck in my mind. I sat down and thought of my pal Ron, lucky guy. Hope that you like this one as well as you did BadBoy.

Hey There BadGirl

Ron stood in the bedroom of their honeymoon suite. He was still amazed at this day. He will remember for the rest of his life when the rear doors of the sanctuary had opened and he saw Kim for the first time in her wedding dress. A sheer veil covered her face, but he could see the smile on her face from where he stood. She looked absolutely beautiful. He still in ways could not believe it. Kim Possible, the most wonderful, beautiful girl at Middleton High School and Upperton University had consented to be his wife. There were a lot of surprised people. They had to give Bonnie smelling salts to wake her up. He, Ron Stoppable, the loser, the buffoon, had asked for the hand of Kim Possible and she had said yes. He sighed. She was in the bathroom now, getting a bath and getting ready for their first evening together.

He walked across the room and stared out of the penthouse unit. They were at a resort in the mountains. The owner of the resort had given them the place free of charge.
No one knew where they had been going and Wade had helped get the place and keep their location secret. The media frenzy over their marriage had been difficult to handle. Reporters had followed them to the airport where Wade had seven different jets waiting, each taking off for a different place. As the jets took off the fuel browser pulled off the tarmac, no one noticed the two hose handlers, one having long red hair and the other short blonde hair. Ron smiled, he and Kim had snuck out of the airport to a car that Wade had waiting. As media was freaking out trying to trace all of the seven aircraft. The car had brought them here.

Ron had changed into his shirt and pants, his shirt open. He waited for Kim to come out. He didn't know what they would face in the coming months and years, but he knew that as long as she was at his side, they would face it together. They had spent almost their entire lives together up to this point. Now, they had pledged together that they would be together as long as they lived.

The bathroom door opened and he turned to see Kim standing in the door leaning on the doorjamb. The sight of Kim made his heart jump to attention. That was not the only part of him that had jumped to attention at the sight of Kim standing in the door in that white gown. The light from the bathroom highlighted her wonderful auburn hair as it cascaded down her back. There was a small pink bow at the end of her hair. Her eyes burned with a light that he had seen several times and each time it took his breath away. He stood there and stared at her. Every curve of her body was accented by the light of the bath. Her gown was translucent sheer white, white it registered in his mind; she had waited as he had. She was going to give him a gift tonight and he would her. A gift of themselves.

Ron could see straight though the gown. He could see the red circles at the centers of her breasts, the tops of which were barely contained within the confines of her gown. The material had small bumps at the center of the darker areas as it was tightly pulled across her chest. His eyes roamed down and his mind registered the dark area at the apex of her legs. She wasn't wearing…. He thought, but those thoughts were interrupted.

"Hey, there BadBoy" Kim whispered. She then sauntered toward him, her hip swaying from side to side. The side slits of the gown went almost to her waist. Her thigh shown through the side slit as and it opened and closed as she came closer. He raised his arms to invite her into that space close to his heart. She smiled and her tongue gently graced her lips giving them a moist inviting sheen. He enveloped her with his arms. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled his head down and graced his lips with hers. They held that kiss for moments, each tongue tracing the others mouth.

She broke the kiss with a thin smile and sigh. She moved her arms down around his chest and molded her body to his, her head resting tightly on his chest. He could feel the rapid beating of her heart, the heat of her body radiating out, her hair smelling of strawberries. She moved even closer to him pressing herself against that part of him that was rigid. She rubbed herself against him shivering herself as she sent shivers up his spine.

He bent down and placed one arm under her shoulders and one under her knees and effortlessly picked her up cradling her to his chest. Her arms went around his neck and her head on his shoulder. She purred with contentment as he crossed the room to the bed that had already been turned back. He laid her on the bed and straightened up, looking down at her smiling.

She smiled back up at him, stretching her lithe trim, body before him. The bottom edge of the gown had ridden up and his gaze confirmed as to what she was not wearing. He lay beside her and gathered her into his arms. She giggled, smiled and pulled him into kiss as her hand gently traced down the front of his open shirt to the hem of his pants, she pulled on the snap and popped them open. His own hand caught the hem of her and gently raised the sheer material up and over her head. "Hey there BadGirl." he said with a smile and lowered his head into a world of ecstasy that they would share.