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Ranma the Mighty

Chapter 1

A familiar red and black blur was seen hurtling overhead. This was a solitary flight, one he was used to taking, but this seemed to be a different direction. The usual scenery was starting to bore him so he was glad in a way for the change. The night sky was beautiful, he concluded, as he nursed a sore skull and bruised ego.

"Why does that tomboy hate me so much?" he asked the stars. Sure, they listened, but they certainly didn't give him any advice. He was about to think on the day's events when he suddenly realized that he better get ready for landing. Good thing the Saotome Ryu is a mid-air style or this kind of fall would turn him into street pizza. His eyes scanned for anything to break his fall when he spied a flagpole mounted onto the building he was headed towards. With a grin at his good luck, he snagged it just before he flew past it and used it to swing from towards the construction site. He gauged the distance it would take to reach the upper floor girders perfectly except for one thing, the landing. He touched down on a narrow I-beam, made slick by the recent rain, and slid down into a split. Certain portions of the anatomy are not meant to be hit at high velocities.

"K-kuso…" he squeaked out with tears in his eyes. He rolled around gingerly to avoid falling off and so he could better crawl into the fetal position. The throbbing sensation slowly lessened, but at least it took his mind off his headache. The Saotome boy stared up at the sky. Not only was it a perfect night, but now he had a place where no one could find him. Certainly can't complain about that. Now, with some peace and quiet, he could think about the day.


Earlier that day…

"Boy! Get your lazy ass outta bed!" Genma Saotome shouted. The call to battle was heard all through the house seconds before the splash. It sounded somewhat like a sixteen-year-old boy being thrown out of a window into a koi pond and turning into a buxom, redheaded girl. Funny, that's exactly what happened. Unlike other mornings however, no return cry was heard. Genma looked out the window at his son-turned-daughter with a sneer until he noticed the child's posture. She hadn't even bothered to get out of the koi pond yet, her bangs were in her eyes, and her shoulders were slumped. The Saotome patriarch jumped down and landed easily beside the pond, staring at his offspring.

"Get up n' fight ya worthless good for nothin'!" he bellowed. Ranma turned towards the noise, barely registering what was there. Without a word, she got up and walked past her Pops. It was such strange behavior that even the normally dense-as-a-brick Genma could see something was wrong. He noticed his heir sit down at the table without even picking up her head. He had to tell Tendo that something seemed to be wrong with Ranma.

The young redhead sitting at the table seemed to be entirely different from the usual ball of energy that had cannonballed into their life, Kasumi concluded. She knew it couldn't be easy to be engaged to Akane, but he seemed to bounce back no matter what happened. Today was a very different story. Something had happened between her sister and her fiancée the night before and she had to find out what. Since it was still somewhat early, she called Ranma into the kitchen. She frowned in puzzlement, normally he'd be up and in there by now, but he just continued to sit there.

"Ranma-kun?" Kasumi inquired gently, the young girl just continued to sit there, until the gentle girl tilted Ranma's face up. The younger girl's eyes were so full of pain it struck right through her. The eldest Tendo girl sat down beside the redhead, gathering her into a hug. It was like holding a log, no emotion or feeling.

"Please, tell me what's wrong." She softly stroked the girl's hair, holding her like one would hold a child. Finally, a sniffling sound could be heard. The younger girl began trembling, her breath coming in quiet hiccups and small sobs. With a low wail, Kasumi found Ranma clinging tightly to her with her face buried in the brown-haired girl's chest, sobbing like her heart was broken. Kasumi was in shock, to say the least, what could be so bad that it would make such a strong person break down. Maybe it was the stresses of having to be so strong.

"K-Kasumi…?" Ranma asked softly, her eyes were puffy and full of unshed tears.

"Yes, Ranma-kun?" she replied. It looked like the neo-girl needed to gather her strength before talking. Her first question was the one that had been bouncing around in her head for several weeks now.

"Why does Akane hate me?" The tone it was asked in held so much hurt and heartache that Kasumi could feel tears well up in her own eyes. Gently cupping the smaller girl's upturned face, she smiled softly.

"She doesn't hate you. Akane's just a little confused…" she began the usual spiel before catching herself. Why was she always making excuses for Akane? How could she be so callous as to totally ignore another person's feelings? How could Kasumi herself ignore the poor boy's feelings? Tears began falling down as a hot well of grief and remorse burst open before pulling the startled redhead into a tight embrace, resting her cheek in the neo-girl's flaming hair.

"Ah K-Kasumi! D-don't cry, I'm sorry!" Ranma started, trying to comfort the girl as best as she could before she was interrupted by Kasumi.

"No, I'm the one who should be sorry. Always watching, but never doing anything. What have I done? I let my family down, I let you down… I'm supposed to be the eldest daughter. I've been a terrible sister…" before Ranma could say anything, a loud cry stopped him.

"What have you done to my sister?" Both girls cringed, but the inevitable failed to happen. When Ranma's eyes opened, she saw a sight she never expected to see. Kasumi and Nabiki staring Akane down. The youngest girl's red battle aura seemed to be dwarfed by the older girls' auras. As if this day couldn't get any weirder.

"Why are you defending that pervert?" Akane demanded incredulously.

"This has gone on long enough, little sister." Kasumi said sternly. The sternness in her normally peaceful sister's voice made the furious girl pause. The little used portion of her brain that helped her reason things out logically had finally spoken up. The larger part of her began furiously beating down the little voice that was trying to show her the error of her ways that was until Nabiki stood up for him as well.

"Kasumi's got a point, Akane. I was standing here the whole time and I didn't see anything wrong." the middle Tendo girl said, a fist planted on her hip. It was two-to-one and Akane was losing badly. The small voice began winning, but the more vicious part had one last parting shot before the mortal blow was struck.

"Hmph! Well everyone knows that your loyalty can be bought." the youngest girl spouted off heatedly, but was silenced immediately by a slap to the face from Nabiki. The Ice Queen's facade was disintegrating rapidly.

"Do you have any idea what I go through for this family? Do you think I like being like this?" without another word, the middle girl fled the room and went to her room. Even through the closed door her sobs could be heard. Everyone stared in shock at Akane. The girl wasn't even looking for sympathy, her dumbfounded look spoke volumes.

"I-I didn't mean to..." she began weakly. Kasumi stared sadly at her sister before returning to the kitchen. Once there, Ranma's excellent hearing could pick up the sound of muttered words, her ears burning from the tone used. It was weird, the neo-girl thought, it took all this to finally get through to Akane. The redhead even realized she wasn't feeling so depressed anymore.

"Well, it is kinda stupid bein' depressed when other people are too." she thought. The blue-haired girl slumped down in her usual place beside Ranma.

"She's really out of it if she doesn't realize I'm still here." the neo-girl thought to herself as she looked at Akane. The girl looked so lost and alone. Okay, so it was cruel to say that, but even Akane looked surprised. She would never say something like that, even to Nabiki, and actually mean it. Nope, something was up. The fact that Akane wasn't crying over it meant she was in shock. The silence was painful. Without thinking, Ranma slipped an arm about the slightly taller girl's shoulders. Said girl stiffened in shock and almost played pound the pervert until she got a look at her fiancée's eyes. They were red from crying, but all she saw was concern. With a sob, she flung herself at the startled girl. Old, unused instincts kicked in and she held the crying girl, unconsciously mimicking her and Kasumi.

"It'll be okay..." Ranma whispered to the distraught girl while she wondered if it really would be.


"Okay, that was officially weird." he said aloud to the sky as he thought about it. That was actually the only true low point to the whole day, aside from being sent on a trip via Air-Akane. Nabiki had finally been coaxed from her room by Akane, but not without needing a bribe first. Ranma had helped her chip in to buy a huge death by chocolate fudge cake that even had fudge filling. It took all of their self-control to get it back to the house and fancy footwork to keep it away from the dumb panda. Surprisingly, it was actually a lot of fun. Kasumi was even smiling again and helping in the antics.

"Hard to believe one chocolate cake could solve all troubles..." he mused before grinning. "Well, not so hard to believe." The look on Nabiki's face was priceless. Akane even told her the truth that the two of them had chipped in for it. Akane barely saved the cake when her older sister gave her an almost Amazon-worthy glomp. He had been laughing until he found himself on the receiving end of an intense lip-lock. Even that failed to make Akane angry, she giggled the entire time. The day had gone well. Ranma was even determined to train Akane seriously. It was amazing what a little encouragement and faith could do. She actually hit him! Sure, he blocked it, but the fact that she got up enough speed to strike him said volumes. Curiously, her anger seemed to have taken a holiday, until a little while ago. Something suddenly made her mad, really mad. She seemed to actually become worse then when he got there! Without any warning she had launched him into orbit and he wound up here.

"It was goin' great until then. What happened to piss her off like that?" The blue-eyed boy lay there thinking about it, wracking his brain for an answer, but every time he got to that part his ears would ring. That was interesting. He tried to focus as hard as he could, feeling the ringing turn into a savage buzzing that sawed through his brain. Something could almost be seen behind Akane, but then he felt something rupture. Blood began running from his nose and his ears, but he was beyond caring. He dropped from his perch, heading straight for the ground. His last thought was of Akane and the strange woman standing behind her...


Explosions rocked the neighborhood. What would be classified as normal for Nerima is generally frowned upon in any other part of Tokyo but Juuban, and that was a special case as well. If anyone had bothered to look outside they would have seen a man running frantically away from something. The fear was clearly evident on his face as he tried to elude his pursuer, but no matter where he went, he could still detect her behind him. It looked as if he was being chased by some terrifying monster until they got a good look at her. The girl could easily be described as beautiful. Her outfit at least covered the essentials, but still looked somewhat skimpy. Unless she was in Juuban, there she'd be considered overdressed. Her white hair was long with blue and purple locks. The other noticeable thing was that she was running almost as fast as a motor scooter.

"Back off! Leave me alone!" the man sounded frantic.

"Stop dammit! You're under arrest!" the young woman was growing angrier by the second. The man found himself cornered down an alley. He was shaking slightly as he watched her come down the alley, cracking her knuckles.

"Damn you, Birdy!" he spat angrily before vaulting straight up and out of sight.

"Shit! Where'd he go?" she glared about her, waiting for the attack. The young officer stood there for what seemed like an eternity, the only sound was her breathing. She was fuming when she finally stormed out of the alley. A sound from above her caused her to look up. She only had a millisecond to acknowledge that something was descending towards her at a high rate of speed. Well-honed reflexes kicked in as she grabbed the assailant before unleashing her Hyper Resolve. The person she had grabbed convulsed, unable to even scream as the lethal attack ran it's course. An evil laugh was heard from above her. The officer gave her victim one last stricken look before turning her gaze upward. The man she was chasing was leering down at her.

"You've taken a human life, Officer." Was all he said before vanishing into the night.

"What have I done?" she whispered in despair, holding the young man as she looked to the stars.


The sun rose over Nerima as it has a habit of doing. To the non-morning people, they wish that the sun would just go back to bed. Ranma woke up to the smells of another of Kasumi's delicious breakfasts with a happy smile until the recent night's events crashed down on him.

"Wait a minute… Last thing I remember was watching the stars at the construction sight just before falling towards the ground." His memory was growing clearer until the part where he tried to remember why Akane had become angry, that's where it all fell apart. He knew better then to try that again until he was sure he was ready. Just before he awoke, he had a strange dream. He dreamt he was swimming downward towards a strange light before coming face to face with a beautiful girl. A beautiful naked girl. For once in his life, he actually felt a nosebleed coming on, but stopped it through sheer force of will.

"What's goin' on? Hey! Pops didn't wake me up today. What's up with that?" he was surprised. Even after Jusendo, Pops had continued to wake him up in the same way. When he looked over, he saw the panda curled up on his own futon.

"Still sleepin'… What a dumbass!" the pig-tailed boy snorted before quickly getting his clothes together so he could use the furo. A little voice in his mind reminded him that he needed to train. Since it sounded like a good idea, it was given precedence over the furo.

"Train now, furo later." He grinned. Why did he feel so happy and uplifted? Yesterday was still somewhat fresh in his mind, but he was still curiously cheerful. Why use the stairs? He was heading down there anyway so why not jump down? Suiting thought to action, he vaulted out the window and almost instantly flowed into the first of his easiest katas. If he had stopped to look at his father, he would have noticed that he seemed to be tied into a complicated knot with a large lump on his head.


"Oh my! Ranma-kun seems much better today. Don't you think so, Nabiki?" Kasumi asked her younger sister cheerfully. The other non-morning person in the house, Nabiki, merely grunted in response until her drug of choice, caffeine, finally entered her system.

"Maybe his brain was finally damaged by dear little sister." She said sleepily, but at least sounding human. The eldest girl frowned reprovingly at that, but noticed something seemed a little different about Ranma's usual katas. He seemed to be leaping even higher and punching even faster then normal. Sure, watching him practice would make most people look for the special effects crew, but he seemed completely inhuman. Kasumi almost didn't notice when breakfast was done and a last minute save turned it into an Akane reject.

"Ranma-kun! Breakfast!" the gentle girl called out. She noticed the boy stop before coming inside. He had a confused look on his face that just wouldn't go away. Normally, Kasumi found it cute, but today it was strangely unsettling.

"Does my balance seem to be off?" he asked her. She blinked at him. It wasn't normal for him to ask a question like that.

"Not particularly, you did look as if you were pushing it a little." She reflected on the past few minutes. Even Nabiki perked her head up. Kasumi giving out martial arts tips? Maybe she didn't know everything. That was a disturbing thought.

Everyone gathered around the table for breakfast, even the revived Genma. Said panda kept giving his son strange looks all through the meal, not even trying to steal off his plate. Finally it wore thin on the Saotome heir.

"What's up Pop? Why ya starin' at me?" he demanded irritably. Soun started crying over the boy's anger, but as was the case, no one listened.

"You nearly broke me in half you ungrateful boy!" the patriarch finally spit out. Everyone stared in complete amazement at him. Even Ranma, who had no idea what he was talking about.

"That's crazy! What am I? The uncute tomboy?" why do old reflexes kick in at the worst times? He thought to himself just before the cry of-

"Ranma no Baka!" echoed throughout the entire house and he found himself slammed into the koi pond. Unlike previous times however, he felt something shunt his mind aside and take over. Judging by everyone's looks, he wasn't himself. He found himself standing up, he seemed to be taller then normal.

"When did the girl-half get as tall as the guy-half?" he thought as his wandering eyes took a look in the koi pond. He was treated to the same vision that everyone else was and his screams echoed in the vaults of his mind.

The looks were making the girl kind of nervous. She wondered how the procedure could have gone so wrong that falling in water of all things would trigger the switch. The only real difference she could see was that her hair was predominantly red with her usual blue and purple locks of hair. She looked to the family staring out at her and rubbed the back of her neck self-consciously.

"Hi, I'm Birdy. Sorry 'bout this."

The End

Author's Notes: Mwahahahaha! I couldn't resist! There were no other Birdy the Mighty and Ranma ½ crossovers out there! I am beating my writer's block with a new story rather then letting it get the best of me! Stay tuned for more exciting episodes! Ja ne!