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Chapter 9

Rebirth & Ascension

Akane awakened to a dark bedroom, eyes adjusting to the gloom with abnormal speed. She remembered everything that had happened over the past several days as if seeing it through water. The one thing that stood out in her mind right now was a smiling little girl with long hair blowing in the breeze.

'We're free.' Revi said with gentle cheerfulness.

'Yes we are, but my friends need me.' Akane thought back to her.

'Then let's go help them.' Was the reply.

'But, how can I help? I'm not as good as Ranma or Birdy…' the girl lowered her head.

'We're currently fused together. My body is merged with yours. You have all my power as well as your own and then some. Together we're greater then the sum of our parts. They need you. Don't let them down.' Tears were standing in Akane's eyes as she stood up. Without wasting time she threw off her skirt and tossed on a white t-shirt with Ranma's black kung fu pants. She threw on the soft Chinese shoes she bought for herself. They made great slippers, but tonight they had another purpose.

'I'm releasing my control over our body; don't be scared if anything unusual happens.' Gee, that was a comforting statement. The martial artist doubled up and collapsed to her knees with her hands gripping her skull. A ki charged shout blew out all the windows in the house as well as cracking the wooden frame of the house. The space she was occupying splintered beneath her legs, but held. Her hair grew out until it was down to mid back with streaks of turquoise throughout it. She felt her body stretch and grow, the t-shirt she was wearing suddenly felt a little tighter. The changes took only a few minutes, but it felt like hours.

'That was not pleasant…' Akane groaned as she got to her feet. Her reflection in the mirror had changed drastically. She was still recognizable, but she seemed as if she were a few years older. The juvenile lines of her face were more mature, her t-shirt was straining slightly and she felt an uncomfortable sensation.

'You better raid Nabiki's closet or Kasumi's.' Revi suggested helpfully. After quickly tying the longer hair into a loose braid, she did as suggested and in minutes was feeling better.

'My center of balance is different, but I don't seem to notice.' She noted absently. With a shrug, and a cinching of her pants, she took off out the window and leapt across town at full speed. The feeling of freedom was terrific as the young half-alien rapidly approached the Nekohanten. The sounds of combat could be clearly heard from where she was. Not because she was close, but because this body had amazing senses. A perfect flip took her to the street from the roof of a four-story building, just behind where Happosai was fighting the Nerima Wrecking Crew.

'H-Happosai?" Revi exclaimed in shock.

'That's that old pervert?' Akane asked in amazement.

'He's the one who killed Daddy! H-he unleashed my dark side, saying it was to protect me.' The little girl quaked in fear while Akane's rage shot through the roof. She suddenly stopped in surprise as she saw what he was doing. The demented martial artist had bent Shampoo in half with a kick so hard her spine almost snapped. Mousse nearly had his head removed by a powerful backhand that caved in his head. Cologne managed to tear a hole in his side with a ki blast before a swift kick shattered her hips. He was visibly gloating over his fallen foes. To Akane's horror she saw Kasumi trying to protect Ryoga, Ranma, and Birdy.

"This is going to be too easy…" he said with a grin. Finally, Akane had enough.

"HAPPOSAI!" she roared in a ki-enhanced voice that thundered into the alien pervert. He froze before turning slowly towards the sound. His eyes widened at the sight before him. It looked like Akane, but the aura radiating from her wasn't red but a strange sort of pale blue. Her aura looked weak, but the power was undeniable. The alien looked at the cars on the street, the yell having temporarily deafened him. The cars looked as if someone had smashed out the windows and the hoods were up, their engines smoking.

"My dear, I am at a loss as to who you are…but perhaps we could grow better acquainted." His lecherous smile usually made the girl flinch, but instead she clenched her fists, raising her aura into a virtual bonfire of power easily three times her own height. He was momentarily cowed until he realized it was probably just a fear projection. His own injuries and weariness notwithstanding, he prepared to put this child in her place. The initial attack was a simple left hook, but the speed made it anything but simple. His smile widened in anticipation until he felt his fist strike an unyielding surface. The surface turned out to be Akane's arm, raised in a negligent block before a swift counter punch smashed Happosai's ribs. It was only luck and an almost successful dodge that kept his ribs from being shattered instead of merely bruised.

"Your crimes are many ya old freak and I'm here to stop you. I'm not just Akane, I am also Christelle Revi, another of your former victims." She smiled as the alien's total shock registered on his face. She took advantage of it to unleash a powerful snap kick to his jaw, sending him reeling before striking him with continuous spinning back knuckles before switching to roundhouse kicks. The sudden onslaught kept him off balance and easily hit until a sudden dodge to the side and an overextension gave him the opportunity to catch her foot.

"Naughty little girl…You shouldn't hit your elders or your betters…" he scolded with a twisted smile as he gave her a light toss upward before following it with a side kick that took her in the abdomen, her stomach muscles groaning from the pain just seconds before a sudden palm strike to the crotch dropped her into the fetal position.

'Akane! You must get up! Everyone's counting on you!' Revi pleaded the young warrior, but all she could feel was pain. There had to be something she could do. If the others were awake and healthy they'd be able to defeat him easily. Happosai grabbed her by the throat and hauled into the air, little pressure to allow her to speak.

"Beg for your life. Plead for me to spare you. Do it or I'll kill you…" he enjoyed his position of power. It was about time that he took control once again. The girl was trying to work up the strength to say something. Something was off, however, he hadn't hurt her badly enough to diminish her ki like this. A split second was all he had as her dormant ki suddenly roared back to life, but it wasn't enough time to stop what she planned. She released her massive ki in one shout.

"Awaken!" her cry was cut off by Happosai squeezing her throat, but the damage was done. Her ki exploded outward in a mighty wave that threw him to the ground. The girl grinned at him bestially, her expended ki already regenerating due to contact with the ground.

"N-no wonder you were always so strong…Y-you draw your power from the earth…but no matter, you'll die anyway!" as he climbed shakily to his feet a hand on his shoulder stopped him. He spun to face this new threat only to be met by a fist to the face that sent him reeling. His eyes took in the scene before him. Ranma was standing there, drawing back into a ready stance as Birdy dropped into one that echoed his. Ryoga was back on his feet, eyes glowing with suppressed power. Shampoo and Mousse were readying their weapons, even Cologne was miraculously standing again. All traces of injury were gone from them. A low laugh was heard from behind him.

"So, ready to surrender?" Akane asked with a grin. Happosai knew the odds were against him, but the only thing he could do was fight. There were enough angry people here that he knew his life would be forfeit, but at least by fighting maybe he could win.

"Never." He grated out through clenched teeth before using a last ditch move. "Umi-Sen-Ken." And vanished from sight.


Ranma felt as if he were being literally dragged back to consciousness by a powerful hand. His eyes opened in time to see a powerfully built man slowly staggering back to his feet as a girl that vaguely resembled Akane kneeled on the ground. His girlfriend sent a thought over to him, asking if he was all right.

'I'm fine, but what's going on?' he asked in confusion.

'That appears to be an alien fugitive that's on the most wanted list. His name's Happosai. The girl looks like Revi did when she was younger.' Birdy returned. Ranma's mind boggled at the old fart and this powerful alien man being the same person. What really got to him was the girl supposedly looked like Revi. His mind was made up, this guy had to go down. With that thought in mind he gripped the guy's shoulder. When Happosai went to turn, a swift punch to the face let him know how it was going to go down. Everyone around him dropped into ready stances. He noticed the Lost Boy standing in front of Kasumi with a furious look on his face. Happosai's words penetrated his thoughts just before he said the fatal words, Umi-Sen-Ken. The alien martial artist vanished from sight much to everyone's dismay.

"Not bad for an 'old man' huh? Catch me if you can!" his voiced echoed from all around. A shout from Shampoo drew his attention as the girl was flung into Mousse, but the myopic boy stayed standing, even spinning Shampoo around with her feet out. A muffled grunt was the reaction from the invisible pervert.

"Over there!" Cologne cried just before she was attacked by their invisible assailant, but Happy had little success with that and ended up stumbling away with a knot on the head for his trouble.

"Good job…" Kasumi began before screaming in pain and fright as the pervert reappeared with Kasumi held before him as a shield. Ryoga spun around with a snarl before leaping straight up and hurling down a storm of bandannas. Happosai held her out to take the hit, but the bandannas suddenly turned into a strange lasso that snagged the girl. Before the alien could respond, a wave of ki shot through the ground forming a strange blue circle under him, erupting in an image of Akane doing an uppercut accompanied by a wave of energy. Ryoga snapped the lasso to him and caught the girl deftly as Happosai went flying into the air only to be met by Ranma. A furious aerial battle ensued with the badly beaten alien trying to gain the upper hand. The pigtailed boy's trademark grin flashed just as he released his ki in a furious Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken, pummeling him severely. His grin turned to shock as a hefty metal pole slammed into him, hurling him into the ground. Birdy charged in with a point blank Mouko Takabisha that was easily deflected by the pole. It was clear that Happosai was in bad shape, but he refused to give in. He leapt back to put some distance from his attackers to get some breathing room.

"Give it up Happosai! There's seven of us and one of you!" Ryoga shouted.

"Numbers are only impressive to small minded people. To masters like myself…" with a flourish, a nodachi was revealed from the clever pole-like sheath. "…numbers are irrelevant." He charged in with blinding speed, right for Akane. If he was going to lose, then they would lose as well.

"Akane!" the shouts came from several directions, but the girl was unmoving in the face of certain doom. With a strange smile she twirled, a roll of cloth unfurled and deflected the sword just as Happy reached her. The cloth was electric blue silk that she wrapped around herself just before her spin ended. Her eerie smile was still in place as she watched him. He went to raise his sword again just before a hairline cut appeared on the blade, the blade falling off with a clang.

"Payback's a bitch, ne?" she inquired pleasantly as, with a look of surprise, he toppled forward. Blood rapidly spreading out from beneath him. After slipping the cloth back into subspace, she fell to her knees and wept. The warriors recovered from their shock and clustered around Akane where Kasumi pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Let's go home." Ranma suggested. Everyone merely nodded in response.


Ranma sat on the roof of the Tendo house with Birdy curled up against his side. So much had happened that night. It was hard to believe such a short span of time to contain so many life-altering events. He smiled down at the girl cuddling up to him. Sensing his scrutiny she looked up, a smile brightening her face. A kiss was shared as were private emotional thoughts. With a small moan she climbed into his lap, deepening the kiss. Ranma managed to salvage a portion of himself to break the kiss for air.

"Whoo…" was all he could say as he leaned back, stroking her hair. She lay on his chest, purring like a contented feline. Since they were linked, cats held little fear for him, and the purring was absolutely adorable.

"Thought you'd like that…" she said to him warmly. "You're also wondering about what's going to happen to Akane, right?" he nodded. Birdy decided to get more comfortable and managed to get even closer to him without climbing into his skin.

"Okay, according to the Chief, Revi is technically in custody since we're both Galaxy Police. Yes, he put you on the payroll. Akane is safe and even the chief can that Revi's different. The official word is that she is being incarcerated on a low tech, unimportant planet with no possibility of interstellar travel." She wrapped up the summary and grinned at his face.

"Unimportant?" he said in an incredulous whisper. She nodded, laughter dancing in her eyes. Suddenly he roared with laughter, joined in by her giggling. The two lovebirds laughed at the stars.


A similar scene to the one on the roof was taking place in the living room. Ryoga was lying on the couch with Kasumi stretched out beside him. It wasn't his idea, the gentle girl had insisted, and he had to admit it felt good. He had his arm loosely draped around her waist, the two of them staring at the TV but not really seeing what was on. The events of tonight wouldn't pass outside of Nerima. No one would know how close an insane alien came to killing everyone or the ones responsible for saving them. That suited Ryoga just fine.

"Who would have guessed… Alien possessions, Galaxy Police, Akane saving the day, and you not even getting lost once…What a day." Kasumi looked over her shoulder at the fanged martial artist with a fond smile. On an impulse, he kissed her softly, taking her by surprise. After a startled moment, she returned the kiss fully. As the two broke for air, Ryoga smiled.

"I'm not even embarrassed." His comment triggered a giggle from the normally composed girl.

"Hmmm…Maybe I should fix that?" she said playfully. The Lost Boy suddenly turned bright red as if on cue and began stammering. She had to admit that this could be a lot of fun.


Akane sat in her room musing on the events of the night. Revi was asleep, leaving the girl to her thoughts. It felt good being able to do what the others could do. Jump high, run fast, and throw ki blasts. Oh yeah, it felt real good. Her body had changed so much, but yet another thing drew her attention. She was hot; it wasn't even a conceited statement. As they had walked home after disposing of Happosai's body, she saw people actually falling over to stare at her. She wanted to yell about the perverts, but Revi put it in perspective.

'As long as they look, but don't touch, what's the problem? You're beautiful and they're just appreciating what they see.' Akane had to admit it made sense and it also felt good. She knew she wasn't a pervert so it put that in perspective as well.

"All I needed was an alien consciousness sharing my brain. Go figure." She laughed at herself. She had wondered where everyone had gone until Nabiki told her that she had evacuated the idiots to Auntie Nodoka's house to give the weary warriors a break.

"The schools can't be joined through marriage now. I'd punt my own father if he suggested it. Perhaps we can teach other our schools. That makes more sense." Happy with her solution, she lay down and went to sleep. Her dreams filled with a happy child playing with her in a field of flowers.

Thirteen Years Later-

Out in the backyard a familiar scene was taking place. A girl, no more then ten, squared off against a man in a dingy white gi, his bandanna covered a shiny head. The man sized up his opponent. The girl was a little taller then average height, almost five feet tall. Her clothing consisted of a blue Chinese shirt with black kung fu pants; her long red hair was pulled back in a braid, locks of purple and pink accented her hair. Her eyes were a strange mix of icy blue and deep purple. Her stance was loose and her bearing proud. The man couldn't help shaking his head in mock disappointment, barely concealing his pride in her.

"Come on! Stop wasting my time!" he called out to her. The girl disdainfully threw her head back, settling her braid before whipping into a ready stance just seconds before flying at him like a humanoid bullet. The old man dived to the side before coming back at her with a quick snap kick, which she easily avoided. The two traded blows for several minutes before the usual outcome occurred and the girl ended up in the koi pond.

"Grandpa!" the girl made the term sound like a complaint. The old man chuckled softly as he tossed her a towel.

"It's no use complainin' like yer weak, Kikuko. Ya did better today." He admitted freely. Another redhead stuck her head around the corner, pocky sticking out of her mouth; she appeared to be no more then four.

"Grampa!" the little girl called out. The man grinned at the little redhead, her eyes were a clear blue without the same hair locks her sister had. He gestured her over and the child took off running on her sturdy legs towards him before doing a leap that would impress an Olympic gymnast and landing in his arms.

"Ranko! What would your mother say if she saw you runnin' around without your shoes!" he scolded even as the little child giggled cheerfully. The other child came over and he gave her a hug as well. The girls were two of the heirs to the Anything Goes Style Saotome Ryu. Well, Ranko was a little young to start, but as long as Genma kept it quiet then it was okay. He looked towards the house with a contented smile. Thirteen years ago everything changed when a Galaxy Police officer introduced herself to the family. Ranma and Akane were supposed to be together as per the family agreement, but during the events leading up to the battle with Happosai, the plans sort of went out the window. The boy had fallen in love with the alien girl and nothing could be done to dissuade him. Then Akane came up with a brilliant idea to honor the agreement and let them both follow their own paths. They were to train each other in their respective styles and thereby blend the two. Soun accepted it before Genma did, however, and there was a period of time when he wouldn't even talk to his son. It was a terrible thing to do and he almost missed the most important event of his son's life. The wedding between Ranma and his new fiancée, Birdy.

"Good thing I was in time." He whispered softly.

"What was that Grandpa?" Kikuko asked. He chuckled.

"Nothing sweetheart, just thinking." He said as he allowed the child lead him into the house, Ranko snuggled against his chest, and his heart full of warmth.


Ranma was in the dojo with an twelve-year-old boy that looked like a mirror image of himself when he was younger. The little boy was his oldest child and the only inheritor of his curse. His name was Peregrine, named for a small falcon by his mother. Like his namesake, he was quick, agile, and was an excellent young fighter. He looked back at his father with a smile. His eyes were strange as well, the left eye blue and the right eye purple. His black hair was streaked with red strands and was red at the tips. Birdy had warned him that their children would be unique, but he didn't love them any less. Ranma himself had matured into tall, handsome man with well-defined muscle tone and the grace of a ballet dancer. All the baby fat that had softened his face was gone and leaving a man where a boy once was.

"Are you ready?" he asked his son. The boy merely smiled. The child was quiet by nature. Which was good, considering the Saotome Foot-in-Mouth disease. The sparred like they did every morning, much to the boy's enjoyment. He had inherited his father's love of the Art. The practice was interrupted by a call of "Breakfast!" The two looked at each other before breaking into a dead run for the house.

Him and Birdy had been together for almost thirteen years. Thirteen years, three children, teaching classes, and still found the time to be together and play with their children. Life was good. The best part was that his honor was saved in the end. Ukyou declared herself ronin just before running off with Konatsu. No one ever saw them again. Though he did hear awhile back that they were quite happily in the Hokkaido area. Shampoo and Mousse got into a fight not even the day after the fight against Happosai. The myopic boy finally let her have it. She had always assumed that because she was named the best warrior in the village that naturally she was the best in her age group. Mousse dissolved that notion by finally going all out against her and defeating her. The young Amazon girl needed to be dragged back to China in chains that Mousse willingly provided. That had to have been the strangest marriage they ever had. Thankfully, they finally decided to get along and try to make it work. The result was a child that they named Meiling, deliberately going against Amazon naming procedures so that their child wouldn't sound like a hygiene product. A more energetic girl couldn't be found anywhere in the village. The two had returned to the Nekohanten, where Cologne wanted to spend her declining years. Ranma dropped back to let his son think he won and smiled in thought. Even Kodachi and Kuno got help and became somewhat respectable members of society.

"We all gotta grow up sometime…" he said wistfully before a loud crash and shouting was heard from the house. With a muttered curse, he took off inside.


Two women stood in the kitchen working alongside each other. The elder of the two had long brown hair held back in a ponytail and exuded an aura of serenity. The younger was a fiery redhead with blue and purple locks in her hair. They chatted amiably together as they cooked and got breakfast ready. Birdy Saotome and Kasumi Habiki both had something in common. They were both married to two of the greatest martial artists on the planet and it could be trying work sometimes. Especially providing food for them as well as for the other stomachs in the extended family. The sound of hammering could be heard somewhere in the house as a carpenter put the finishing touches on the new wing of the almost feudal looking compound. With so many people living at the Tendo-ke they needed room. Behind them at the table, Kasumi's little sister Akane was entertaining the youngest Hibiki. As the first and only child, he had inherited his father's curse. The little boy was the same age as Ranko and was as strong as a young ox.

"Now Ryo, what have you been told about walls?" Akane asked. This was surprisingly a common talk they had to have often considering his penchant for getting lost. When he'd get lost, the boy would simply punch down walls until he either found someone or was outside.

"Walls are meant to last longer then a week." He replied dutifully. His black hair was tied back from his forehead with a tiger striped bandanna.

"Good, so what's so hard about calling for help?" she asked.

"Uhm…It's not manly. Grandma Nodoka says so…" he scrunched up his little face. The young woman groaned in frustration. The older woman meant well and loved having grandchildren around the house to spoil, but her lessons were infuriating. Kasumi went to the door to call everyone to breakfast. At that moment, Nabiki walked into the kitchen with her new boyfriend, the flavor of the week. She was arguing loudly with him in English and he was shouting back at her. When it heated up even more, the man slapped her across the face, stunning everyone in the room. The silence was broken by little Ryo saying with obvious anger.

"You hurt Aunt Nabiki." Before anyone could stop him, he flew at the man and knocked him down with a powerful tackle. He jumped back to his feet and kicked the little boy, sending him crashing into the china cabinet. Suddenly, he felt several powerful auras kick up. He turned to assess the situation and found himself surrounded by four very angry women, a couple of growing redheaded girls, two furiously glowing old men in gi, a boy in a red silk shirt and an older version of him standing just behind him.

"H-hey…he attacked me first!" the man tried to explain, but angry glares received his statement.

"It's not us ya gotta worry about." Ranma said, but as the man sighed, he finished. "It's him." And pointed at Ryoga. The man turned and caught sight of the man mountain behind him and chuckled nervously before tearing out of the house, screaming in terror. They watched as they lapped the house before turning back to the table.

"Who wants breakfast?" Kasumi asked cheerfully.

The End

Author's Notes: The final chapter to the story! I am so happy that my story was popular, but all good things must come to an end. To those of you who were reading "Final Half" I wish to apologize again, but I will be taking it down. Gomen nasai. I can't finish it. I left it sit too long and lost the urge to finish. Well, until next time, ja ne!