Surprises Ahead

Disclaimer: Only characters I own are Clark's older sister Samantha, and younger two siblings Marie and Thomas. All the other are from the WB Smallville

Chapter Three


Part two

When they seat back in the pick up truck, Jon turns around to Samantha and says, "I know what you wish for." While he says that they interrupted by cars horn beeping. Jonathan looked out the window and said, "It look like Smallville won again."

Sam looks out the back window and says, "Daddy what happening," After, they swerve off the road Sam notices someone walking towards the truck and tells her parents to look drive side window.

Martha wraps the boy up in blanket. As they walked towards the ship, when they reach the ship she looked at Sam and than at the boy.

Jonathan ran out to the road to see if anyone will to give them lift back home. He saw his friend Ted truck to ask if he could give them lift home but Ted was not responding. Then he turned and saw a dent in the window. He rode the truck back over to where Samantha, Martha, and the boy were.

At home, Jonathan and Martha were watching Sam playing with the boy. Sam hears someone knocking at the door.

Jonathan turned to his wife and told to bring boy upstairs with her and Sam. A little while after Jonathan start talking to Ethan.

Martha ran after the boy.

Jonathan answers this is.

Martha finish off saying this is Clark. I thought my family would make good first name. Deputy, I want you to be the first one in Smallville to meet our son adopted of course.

I didn't know you folks were planning on adopt.

You know us Ethan we like to keep to ourselves.

I am glad something good come out this tragedy.

Martha open her arms to give the little boy a hug. Her heart melted when she saw Clark smile at her.

"Mommy can you help me unzip my jacket five year old" Samantha asked.

Yeah, I'll help you just let me put your little brother Clark down on the couch. Martha put the newest Kent on the couch next to his new father. She looked at Jonathan face when she put Clark down next him.

End of part two of 1989