The Story: This is somewhere in season five, although there will be no Dawn of any kind because I don't like her. Buffy's out patrolling when she stumbles across Spike. A sorceress comes into town and does some voodoo on Buffy and accidentally gets Spike (who loves Buffy but she doesn't know) caught in it too. They're put into fairytale stories that have been tweeked, and not in a good way. They have to come together and figure a way out of the fairy tale dimension and get back home.

Chapter One

A dark figure strode to the edge of the hill over looking Sunnydale. Their stature was one of dominance and their pace was steady. Their dark eyes surveyed the territory below their feet. It was big and held promise. Their pale lips smiled, baring white teeth.

From behind them someone came trotting up, breathing heavily. "Why did we have to walk Iniquity?"

The dark figure shot him a deadly glance at the sound of her name. "Be quiet Pernicus."

"I'm just asking, why walk when you're all powerful? You could've just transported us here." Pernicus stretched out his arms as if it would actually stop the pain.

"Such foolish use of magic is what lost you your powers in the first place."

"I happen to think making a horde of flying monkeys is a great idea. The Wizard of Oz thought so. My creations made it into a four star movie."

"Only your monkeys were wrecking havoc and destruction on all the sorcerers in Nefarious," Iniquity shot back. Her black cape was soaring to the tempo of the steady wind.

"That was just a tiny technicality."

"Tiny? They disrupted Merlin's hurricane spell and sent a giant twister through the square."

"Yeah well…where are we?" Pernicus quickly changed subjects, lacking a good response.

Iniquity looked down at the town. "Sunnydale."

"Sunnydale? What kind of name is that?"

"I do not select towns based on their names Pernicus." She gently removed her hood from over her head and shook her wavy, light brown hair free from the cape. "I think this town is perfect. I hear it possesses a Slayer."

"A Slayer," Pernicus said with a deviant tone and a smile on his face. Then he turned to Iniquity and asked, "What's a Slayer?"

Iniquity raised her right hand to her temple in frustration. "Pernicus, your idiocy is appallingly immense."

"Sorry?" Pernicus said, unsure of what she said. "What's so appealing about a Slayer?"

"She'll be enjoyable to play with. I think we should pay her a visit."

"Can we not walk down there though?"

Iniquity turned to Pernicus. "Don't worry Pernicus, you won't have to walk." She strolled over to him and walked him to the edge. "It's a hill after all." She pushed him forward and he tumbled down, calling out in pain on the way.

Buffy was walking through the graveyard, as per usual, with a stake in hand. She just fought a newly risen vamp that was in a black suit. He got a couple good punches to her face but nothing ultra damaging. Now she was doing one more sweep over its perimeter before heading home. Buffy paused when she heard some bushes rustling. Her fingers held the stake tighter as she quietly stepped to the corner of the tomb. She jumped to the other side and was knocked over by a vampire. He turned to dust once she was leveled to the ground.

"Oh, Slayer. Didn't see ya there," Spike stated. "It was real nice of you to block the vamps landing."

Buffy sneered at his remark and pushed herself off the grass. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Not that it's any of your business but I happen to live here."

"Why're you here? Patrolling."

"I wasn't patrollin'. He was in between the pathway to my crypt and where I was comin' from," Spike defended. Not that he needed to. He had nothing to prove to her; the beautiful slenderness that was her.

"And where was that?"

"Didn't know we were playin' twenty questions Slayer."

"Just stay out of my way Spike." Buffy walked past him without a second glance. She pushed forward, keeping her eyes and ears open. She heard Spike running up from behind her.

"Ya know, you can be real ungrateful sometimes."

"I'm supposed to thank you for throwing a vampire on top of me and knocking me down?" Buffy never gave him eye contact.

"I did slay him though. That's one less for you to fight. You could be a little bit more appreciative."

Buffy stopped and faced him. "You're right. Thank you Spike."

"You're welcome."

"Thank you for knocking me flat on my ass and probably getting a grass stain on my white jacket." She gave him a huge, fake smile and turned away. What is up with him? He's been acting majorly weird lately. Maybe he- Buffy paused her thoughts and steps when she heard someone calling out in pain. Buffy ran at full speed in the direction of the cries. Spike ran after her, hearing the screams as well.

"You would presume gravity would be faster than that," Iniquity said when Pernicus stumbled to her feet.

"Well it's slower when your body has to face obstacles like big rocks." Pernicus remained slumped on the ground, holding on to his ribs. "Good thing I'm an ex-Wizard or you'd have some body parts to clean up."

"I would not waste my valuable time cleaning up your entrails. I would rather test out this Slayer. Now pick up your broken leg so I can find a locality to perform my spell."

"Is there any chance you could repair that some time… well, soon?" Iniquity opened her fist and a stream of purple magic came out and swarmed Pernicus's detached limb. It fastened it quickly and then the magic evaporated. He shook it, just to make sure. He looked forward and noticed she was a fair distance from him. Pernicus swiftly rose and ran after her. "What spell are you going to use? A confusion spell? An eternal darkness spell? Oh, no, wait, an envisioning spell."

Iniquity laughed. "I have something better planned."

Buffy made it through the wooded clearing and stopped to listen. There were no more screams. Suddenly, Buffy was knocked over by Spike as he ran out of the woods. Buffy turned on to all fours. "Spike!" She stood up and brushed herself off. "I told you to stay out of my way! That's not code for follow me and knock me over! Again!"

Spike grunted and stood up from the ground. "It's not like I did it on purpose, all right?"

"No, not all right. You're still here!" Buffy walked off towards one of the main streets.

Spike gritted his teeth and continued pursuing her. "Don't think that me followin' ya means anythin'. I just need to head to the butcher to get me some more pig's blood."

"Can you say over share?" Buffy walked down the road, extremely worn out. Why can't I just be home and asleep right now? That's all I want. I don't think that's too much. There are people who ask for ponies and a million dollars. All I want is to get a visit from Mr. Sandman. Well, not a literal one because with my luck he'll be evil and I'll have to fight even more.

Iniquity settled on the roof of a crypt in a nearby graveyard. "We're doing it here?" Pernicus asked.

"Yes, now hold your tongue." Iniquity took a deep breath and focused her energy. She took a deep breath before chanting, "Per confondere il suo di essere inviarla alla terra di favole di fata alterate." She slowly opened her eyes.

"Nothing happened."

"Not in our eyes."

"But I mean, there wasn't a swoosh of light or dark clouds rolling in with thunder booming."

"Being an ex-wizard you should know that not all spells exhibit indications of casting." Iniquity held out her left palm and circled her right hand above it. A crystal ball appeared; its core completely black. "Show her to me." The ball glowed and flashed to Buffy in a setting completely different from that of Sunnydale. "It worked."

Buffy looked around the new surrounding in confusion. She was standing in a stone walled castle with an excessive chandelier above her head. "What is this place?" She looked down and noticed she was wearing an ivory, spaghetti strap dress with vine and flower trim in green and yellow along the breast and bottom. The bodice clung to her upper body and the bottom formed a two inch radius around her legs. "I look like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow man." She lifted her skirt and noticed she was wearing glass high heels. "Wait a minute. Glass slippers?" She walked out of the room, watching her perimeter. She entered an extravagant ballroom filled with dancing men in women in almost the same type of apparel. Her eye was caught by the bleached blonde haired man in the front of the ballroom. There was a considerably big line of women in front of him. Buffy lifted the bottom of her dress and hurried over to Spike.

"Hey!" all the women yelled. "We've been waiting to see the Prince too. Get in line and wait your turn!"

"Do you want me to rearrange your face?" Buffy offered the plump woman in the front.

"It's all right," Spike called out to everyone. "Please excuse me."

"Son," the man on his right said.

"Giles?" Buffy asked.

"Excuse me madam, but you must wait your turn-"

"Uh, Dad, I'll be back." Spike took Buffy's hand and ran behind a curtain. "All ready tried that. It's not him. Well, it is, but it isn't."

"What did you do!"


"Why am I dressed in this ridiculous outfit and why am I in a castle where you're the Prince?"

"I don't know."

"Well you must've done something," Buffy pursued.

"Why me?"

"Statistical probability."

"Hold on a minute Slayer. If we're goin' on track records then I'd say your friend Red is the one who gets the blame," Spike alluded.

Buffy put her hands on her head. "What is going on? This place is so weird yet so familiar." Buffy observed it more. "Do you recognize this place?" Spike looked at her like she just asked him what 256 x 389 is. Buffy faced him and notice the look she received. "You don't see anything familiar?"

"Actually, yes, it's all coming back to me. I'm bloody Prince Charming in the world of bloody poofs."

It clicked. Prince Charming. Glass slippers. "Spike, we're in a fairy tale."

Spike smiled. "Didn't think you'd ever refer to bein' with me as a fairy tale. Gotta say, I'm flattered Slayer."

"Not with you moron. I mean this place. You're Prince Charming and I'm Cinderella."

"Not followin' love."

"We're in the story Cinderella. I got the glass slippers and you have the ball to find your true love. Well, at least someone to be with."

"So how do we get out of this fairy tale."

"That in lies the problem." Spike rolled his eyes, in no way prepared for this or being with Buffy and hiding his true feelings for her.

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