Chapter Nine

Spike's eyes slowly opened. They were greeted with the brilliant light of the shining sun. Spike quickly jumped up as if he was on fire. He looked around. Nope, he wasn't home yet. He looked around and saw a forest area. There was a white horse sleeping to his side.

A man dressed in rags was walking down a nearby dirt path and gave Spike a good look. He wandered off the path and walked towards him. "Your highness," he said. "What are you doing out in the forest?"

Your highness? Spike stood up and brushed off his velvet clothes. "I was just resting. Uh… where ya comin' from?"

"I was on my way back home from the nearby pond. We needed more water."

"Of coarse. Because you're human and drink water. Not blood." The poor man gave him a look of confusion. "I'm sorry I had a bad dream."

The man suddenly became excited and asked Spike, "Are you here to wake the princes?"

"Excuse me?"

"Our princess Briar Rose and everyone in the palace. They're all asleep and no one knows why."

Sleeping Beauty. At least I know this story. "You said town was this way?" Spike asked, pointing right.

"Yes sir."

"Thanks." Spike looked at the horse, waiting for it to stand up. "Get up." The horse just sat there. "Arise." The horse kept chomping on the grass. Spike put his hands under the horse and tried lifting it. It wouldn't move. "If you don't get up I will bite you and drink you dry." The horse pulled its head away. "Get up!" he yelled. The horse jumped up on its feet. Spike grabbed the saddle and put his foot in one of the stirrups. He tried swinging his foot over but he just fell stomach down on the saddle. The horse started running toward the town. "Whoah, stop horse." Spike put his hand around the horse's neck and managed to swing his foot to the other side.

Town was dark and dreary. Everyone remained hidden in their homes. Their eyes peered down at him from over the bottom of their windows. There was a clear path to the castle, that is until the huge cluster of vines.

Spike got off his horse and pulled out a sword. He started chopping through the vines. His adrenaline was going into overdrive in hopes of making it to Buffy. He still didn't know what the twist was and he wanted to get to her as soon as possible. He made it through the vines within ten minutes.

"He's going to make it to her!" Pernicus yelled. He looked to his left and noticed Iniquity was gone. "Iniquity?"



Spike stopped suddenly when a beautiful woman appeared. Her brown, curly hair rested against her back and her black dress clung to her body. "Who're you?" Spike asked her.

"I'm the road block."

"S'cuse me?"

"You are not getting in this castle unless I am dead."

"Then I guess you should tell your friends to start pickin' out a gravestone," Spike said as he approached her, his sword held tightly in his hand.

Iniquity let out a small chuckle. "You have no idea who you are dealing with."

"Well then let's start the introduction. I'm Spike, I'll be killin' you in a few minutes, and you're?"

"I'm Iniquity and I will be killing you in a few seconds."

"I have a little bit of a problem with that in the way that, I won't let ya."

"That is little. Because I really don't care. See, I am a powerful sorceress. You are not a vampire in this world so therefore I can kill you as any human being, which I intend to do. And you only have about eighteen minutes to try and save her anyway."

Spike's face changed into one of concern. "What do you mean?"

"The more we continue this banter the more your precious Slayer's life is being drained."

"That's not how the story goes," Spike argued.

"And the other fairytales were just to script," she sarcastically commented. "There is no horde of vampires in Cinderella. There is no werewolf in Little Red Riding Hood. There is no attack on the castle in Frog Prince. And there is no sea monster in Twelve Dancing Princesses."

"You did all this? Got nothin' better to do than play a game of Mouse Trap with the Slayer and me?"

"I was just up for the challenge. Well, challenge according to mystical sources. Not much of a challenge for-" Spike attacked her with his sword and she disappeared and reappeared in the same spot. Spike turned around in shock. "That was extremely uncivil. I was in the middle of a sentence."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I don't care."

"You don't care?" Iniquity threw her arm in the air and Spike's body rammed into the castle.

There was an imprint of where Spike's body hit. He could feel all the scrapes on his body and the fractured bones in his arms and back. Spike tediously stood up and acted like he was going to say something. Instead he turned and hobbled into the castle.

Spike made his way inside but he didn't know where to go. Iniquity appeared and blocked the door that led to Buffy's tower. "Behind door number one," he said to himself.

"You have some of the worst manners that I have ever laid eyes upon."

"You greeted me with an 'I'm gonna kill you'."

"But I said it politely."

"Ya know, if ya gonna kill me, kill me, I don't want to listen to your prattle any more."

Iniquity flicked her wrist and Spike rose quickly rose to the ceiling. Some of his fractured bones became broken ones and blood came out of his mouth. The taste was bitter and warm. Iniquity watched the blood hit the floor. "You humans bleed to easily."

"What part about bein' thrown into stone walls easy?"

Iniquity pointed down and Spike dropped like an anvil. Iniquity walked over to him with a grin on her face. She looked at his body. It wasn't moving. She knealt down to turn him over and Spike ran his sword in her chest. She inhaled deeply and was taken aback. Spike gathered enough energy to stand up and he stumbled to the tower and up the stairs. It took him five minutes to make it to the first floor. He looked in and saw Buffy asleep on the bed. He staggered into the bedroom and went over to Buffy. Her skin was like ice, his hand immediately pulled away at the touch. He looked at her and gave her a kiss.

Buffy's eyes slowly opened. "Spike?" she said.


"What happened to your face?"

Iniquity appeared and Buffy and Spike turned their attention to her. "You should have just let her die you stupid ape. You would've been able to get out of this alive."

"There's no point unless she'll be there when I get back."

Buffy looked at him. It was cheesy but at the moment it was the sweetest thing she ever heard.

"Then you're both going to-"

Their surrounding abruptly changed. They were in the graveyard that Iniquity had become accustomed to. Iniquity looked up at Pernicus who's face was in complete shock. His mouth was open and his eyes were wide and a little teary. He looked down at the broken shards. "I didn't mean to. It slipped."

Iniquity bit her lip. "Why are you still alive!" she yelled to Pernicus.

"Because I'm your brother?" Pernicus suggested.

"That excuse has worn out!"

Pernicus screamed and a huge whirlwind came through. It beat against the trees and actually made the gravestones shake. A brunette appeared. Her hair was curly like Iniquity's but it was long enough to touch the ground. She was wearing a white dress with bell sleeves.

"Uh-oh," Pernicus said.

The woman gave him a glance of acknowledgment and then looked at Iniquity. "Iniquity."


"I thought I told you not to bring your little brother on your death and destruction trips."

"Mom, I'm not a little-"

"Don't say anything Pernicus. I am enraged at you as well." The woman looked at Iniquity and said, "We are going home."

"Mom, I haven't even killed them yet."

The woman looked at Buffy and Spike. They were both confused at how they're angry attacker suddenly acted like a five year old child defending herself. "What did they do?"

"She's a Slayer."

"A Slayer? Did you get permission?"

"Permission? Mom, I'm evil I don't get permission."

"You still need permission from me and your father. Now let's go." The woman motioned to Pernicus and he jumped off the tomb. He ran over to her and gave her a hug. Iniquity turned to Buffy and Spike as if to attack but her mother intervened and said, "If you flick that wrist so help you Merlin the repercussions that will be in store for you."

Iniquity inhaled and exhaled deeply. "I'll be back for you Slayer."

"Not in a long while Iniquity. I can't believe you brought your brother with you. How irresponsible. Just wait until we get home, your father-" they disappeared before she was able to finish her sentence.

"That's not somethin' ya see everyday."

"Definitely not." They noticed that they were holding each other and quickly let go and backed away. "I should," Buffy started.

"Yea, and I have to-"

"Right." There was a moment of silence between them. They just looked at each other with longing. "I'm gonna-"

"Me too." Spike went left and Buffy went right. Spike started scorning himself for not saying anything. You've been through a lot ya git, ya should at least ask her for a drink. No, she'd never go for it. We're back in Sunnydale. She's the Slayer that intends to kill me whenever I give her a reason too and I'm the Slayer sick love bitch to her. He wandered through town for awhile and slowly made his way back to his tomb. He begrudgingly opened the door and kept his head down as he went inside and shut it.

"You forget the way?" someone said.

Spike's head darted up and he saw her. Buffy. She was standing in his tomb. "I was a little tired."

"Understandable." She remained in her spot next to his chair and her hands resting at her side. "Look, remember all that stuff I said when the castle was being attacked and you just became a prince."

"The stuff about developin' feelin's for me?"

"Yea." She waited a minute, trying to find the words. "You weren't supposed to know that because now I feel like you expect a relationship to bud after everything that's happened. But it can't."

"You came to my tomb and waited for me just to tell me we can't be together? I'm not bitin' Slayer. You felt something." He took a few steps toward her and she stepped back. Spike stopped and remained still. "You really do feel somethin' for me and you're just too afraid to admit it."

"I did admit it."

"Well you're too afraid to act on it."

"Well can you blame me? "Cause me and relationships have gone so well so far."

"Stop comparin' me to other relationships. Your appocalyptic situation with Angel didn't stop you from datin' Riley or from datin' Angel again," Spike pointed out. "I fought throughout this whole experience and even if you turn me down now I will keep fightin' for you. If you're about to be bitten, I'll attack the vamp. If you're stuck in another demension, I'll fight my way to you. If you're bein' your usual self and bitin' my head off about somethin' stupid and then two seconds later we're under attack, I'm going to fight alongside you, because there is nothing I wouldn't do for you Buffy. I love you and you can't stop that by telling me not to."

Buffy slowly walked towards him. She made a fist and punched him across the face. "You idiot." She placed her hands on his face and pulled him in for a kiss. Spike kissed her back and wrapped his arms around the cusp of her back. They parted for a moment. "No good can come from this."

"Here's hopin'." Spike said with a smile. Buffy smiled back and kissed him.

Author's Note: Yea! Buffy and Spike are together! I hope you liked my story because it sadly has come to an end. I want to thank all of you for your reviews. It means a lot to me so thanks for the support. And I'm sorry if there's any spelling mistakes because I just wanted to get this up as soon as possible and I got a party to go to in ten minutes. Happy Fourth of July!