Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, Merlin, or friends. They belong (in the reference I'm using them, anyway) to J.K. Rowling and T.A. Barron.

Of the future

A man doth appear

Alone and Different

And yet without fear

He arriveth uncertain

From new world to old

Born with the burden

His destiny told

He bears a scar

Of a battle long dead

In the shape of lightning

Upon his forehead

With emerald eyes

And hair jet black

He bringeth the power

The Treasures still lack

Though broken and battered

The Treasures may be

He'll restoreth their wonder

For he is the key

His transport? Well,

Leaping it be

He has the power

Though does not see

He'll meet a maiden

At the edge of the wood

He'll hideth his power

Though show them he could

Though friend and foe

He left behind

He must return

Fuller of mind

Rhita Gwar

The evil boar

Will in the future

Be no more

His foe and mine

They are the same

Of different times

Of different names

Yet they are the same thing

Same spirit, same man

Riddle and Gawr

Both with the same plan

The future rests

In the newcomer's hands

If triumph he does

Twill save many lands

Through triumph and hope

Three worlds will be saved

But failure will bring

Consequences grave

Only one can triumph

The other must fall

Whether light or darkness

Twill cover all

These parting words had been playing around the young girl's head for over a year. The great spirit himself, Dagda, had told these to her. She was confused, but was content all the same. It's hard not to when you live in a place like…

Thousands of miles away, a young man named Harry Potter awoke with a start. He sunk back into his small bed, trying as hard as he could to banish, yet again, that horrible image of what had happened at the Department of Mysteries. "Sirius…" He rose from his bed, knowing it would be pointless to try to sleep. Instead, he turned to his unopened mail. There were several letters from the Weasleys, a family who knew and loved Harry as if he was part of that family. He also saw letters from the Order of the Phoenix, a secret society of witches and wizards devoted to fighting the dark arts and their followers. Moving further down the pile, he saw roughly three letters from his close friend Hermione Granger. She, along with Ron Weasley, was his best friend. He even saw a few letters from the Hogwarts gamekeeper, Hagrid. Hogwarts was the school Harry had been attending since the age of eleven. Just then, he saw a familiar white silhouette in the window.

"Hello Hedwig, old girl. What've ya brought me this time? More sympathy letters?" But no, that wasn't it. The letter bore an unfamiliar seal. He studied it carefully, and saw that it was the official seal of Gringotts Wizarding Bank. He brought the letter closer to his eyes so he could read the address. It said To Mr. Harry Potter. Yep, there was no mistaking it; the letter was for him. He flipped it over and broke the seal, pulling the letter out a second later.

Dear Mr. Potter,

We are contacting you in regards to the recent death of one Sirius Black, who, our records claim, wanted you present for the reading of his will. The will be read on July 7, at 11:00 in the morning. Please report to the Gringotts bank located in Diagon Alley. We look forward to seeing you there. Given your lack of a parent or guardian to bring you, we will be sending someone. They will pick you up at 9:30 the same morning so you may shop while the will is being prepared for reading.

Yours in Banking,


Harry looked down at his watch, only to realize that he didn't have one. After his had broken during the Triwizard Tournament, he had forgotten to get a replacement. He noted that, and decided to get one after the will was read. He looked at the calendar, and saw that July 7 was tomorrow. Such much for giving me notice long before hand. He forced himself back into bed, deciding he would need his sleep, and tried to go to sleep, only succeeding after about 30 minutes.

The next day, Harry awoke at 7:00. He got out of bed, and prepared for the day ahead. When he was finished, it was only 7:15. He still had two hours and fifteen minutes to kill. He took out some of his homework, and started on an essay for Potions. He didn't like Potions, at least not the way his teacher at Hogwarts taught it. Working on his own, he found it surprisingly enjoyable. He was able to finish all of his potions assignments, and was just starting his Transfiguration homework when he heard the crack that goblins made when they apparated. He looked outside, and saw a familiar toothy goblin looking around. Fortunately, the entire neighborhood was at their annual picnic, so the streets were deserted. He gathered up his school things and locked them in his room. Coming back downstairs, he went out the front door and walked to meet Griphook.

"Hello, Harry Potter, sir. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Griphook, the goblin who first brought you down to you vault," Griphook said, flashing a toothy smile. "Ah, yes, I remember you. How have you been doing?" Harry asked politely. "Me, sir? It has been quite some time since a wizard asked me that question. I'm doing fine Mr. Potter. Very fine indeed." "What do you mean it's been some time since a wizard asked how you are doing? I mean, I know they are crummy wizards out there like the Malfoys, but we're not all like that, are we?" "I'm afraid so, Mr. Potter. Many wizards look down on us goblins. But you do not, and this greatly raises your reputation with the Gringotts Company. Already the Board of Directors are considering asking your advice on a rather delicate situation."

Harry looked up in surprise. "Me? What would they want my opinion for? I'm no brilliant mathematician." Griphook smiled again, snapping his fingers. Instantly a small car appeared. Ordinarily it was used for goblins Harry guessed, but a seat in the front had been modified to fit a man. Harry took a seat as Griphook clambered in to the driver's part, and started the engine. When they started moving, the world became a blur. Harry had no idea a small car could move that fast. A few minutes later, they had stopped outside the huge whit marble pillars of Gringotts Bank.

Griphook bid Harry good-bye, and drove, or rather rushed away. Harry looked up at the clock in Gringotts and saw he still had an hour left before the reading. He turned to look down Diagon Alley, but in the distance, the entrance to Knockturn Alley glistened. He might want to check that out later. In the meantime, he headed to Flourish and Blotts, a popular bookstore. He found an interesting book on metamorphmagi and continued to read it. The book told of several signs that revealed whether or not you were a metamorphmagi. Harry thought hard. When he was little, he had made his hair grow completely back in a day.

He moved to a mirror, and looked at himself. His jet black hair had always been unruly, and that's the way he liked it. He tried to imagine his hair like Malfoy's, but retched and the thought. Then he imagined himself in the mirror, no scar on his forehead. He threw every fiber of his being into it and looked up, sighing as he say the familiar lightning bolt. Perhaps he wasn't a metamorphmagus after all. But hold on! The corners of the scar twitched and slowly, almost reluctantly began to fade. He worked for the rest of his time, and found that by concentrating on what he wanted to look like, by envisioning it in his mind's eye, he could change his appearance without a word. He had just started to consider going down Knockturn Alley as the clock in the store stroked eleven. He rushed out of the store, and through the marble pillars of Gringotts. He spotted a door to his left marked Will Reading of Sirius Black in Process. Do not disturb. He sprinted to it and burst through the door. He looked around frantically, his eyes moving from face to face. Griphook was there along with a few other familiar faces. Remus Lupin, who had been Harry Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher during his third year, was sitting at the table, looking extremely tired. It had, after all, been a full moon last night. To his left was Nymphodora Tonks, her hair a vivid pink. She smiled at him and said, "Wotcher, Harry!" Harry's eyes roved farther down, and he saw a group of goblins that he had never seen before. He didn't know why, but Harry felt that these were than the average goblin. For one thing, they were more finely dressed; each wearing suits of silk as opposed to the usual Gringottts attire, which consisted of some sort of nylon cloth. The color of this cloth depended on the department were the Goblin worked. Yellow, for the goblins who went down to the vaults; Red, for the accountants who counted the money; Green, for the curse-breakers; Blue, for the security (these where the ones who checked if anyone had been sucked into a vault); and Black, for the matters of the deceased. Everyone was wearing black, but Harry could tell what type of goblins they were by the color of their ties. It matched their department's color. Moving further down the line, he saw his headmaster, Professor Dumbledore. Upon the sight of the old man, mixed feeling entered Harry's mind. Some were of anger, others of curiosity, and a few of admiration.

Harry opened his mouth, took several deep breaths, and said, "What are you all doing here?"

Dumbledore smiled and said, "Oh, we too, except perhaps me, are mentioned in the will. As for me, I decided to be your guard personally, though I felt it best not to reveal my presence to you."

Lupin spoke from the table in his tired voice, "We saw you working on your abilities in Flourish and Blotts earlier. I frankly amazed that you were able to master it so quickly. I'm sure your parents, and Sirius, would be extremely pro-" But he was cut off by Tonks, a metimorphmagus herself who piped up, "Yeah, go Harry! Give us a demonstration." Harry was modest, and didn't really want to, but he knew Tonks would keep pestering him, so he obliged. Concentrating on his hair, he managed to turn it into a brown Afro. (Shudder) Tonks squealed excitedly and told him to change back. Dumbledore beamed at him, eyes ever twinkling. He turned his hair back to his unruly black (Ah, much better.) and turned to the goblins, who looked like they were enjoying the show, but would surely want to get down to business.

One of them, wearing a black tie, cleared his throat and said, " Well, if nobody has any objections, I would like to get started. Let the record show that the reading of the will of the recently deceased Sirius Black, will now be read on July 7, at 11: 10 A.M. Waving his hand at an envelope, he muttered the words holo graphis. The letter flew to the center of the table, and as it did, the lights dimmed slightly. A blue circle appeared in the middle, and the small image of Sirius Black appeared. He started to speak, and the words formed in a gold writing above him.

I, Sirius Black, being of sound mind, (shut up Moony) am fully aware of the following statement. This is my will, and if it is being read, then I must have left you. First, I know Harry is there, so Harry, please don't mourn over me. I'm sure I went out with a bang, and as long as I caused some trouble, then I have no regrets, save one, which is that I have been able to spend as much time with you as I would have liked. Please accept the following things that I give you. The underlined words only you can read, they are not there to anyone else, as I don't want anyone else reading them. I am sorry I had to leave you, my friends, but I'm in a better place now, with James. (Though how I have no idea with the trouble I caused) For those of you who don't know, the Black fortune consists of roughly 23 million galleons. I am leaving this all to Harry Potter, with the following exceptions. To Remus Lupin, I leave 100,000 galleons. Use them to buy yourself some new robes. To Albus Dumbledore, I leave 100,000 galleons. You may use them as you see fit. For the Order, for Hogwarts, or for leisure, I don't care. Use them well. Tonks, I know you're here too, so decided to leave you 100,000 galleons as well. To Harry Potter, I leave the rest, as well as Grimauld Place, though I ask you to let the Order continue to use it for their purposes. Redecorate, redesign, or just completely destroy it and build a new one, I don't care. Just let it stay as Headquarters. Also, Harry, I leave to you the little known manor in the Alps. This is my personal gift to you. I know you will appreciate its many advantages, and hope you have fun with it. In it, you will find a few more special gifts. And now, friends, it's time for me to leave. I hope you have long, full lives, and always remember that life is full of surprises, for that is how the Marauders lived. Oh, and by the way, Harry, when you go down to the Black vault, look inside the chests engraved with rubies and the Marauder's sign. (It's on the map)

With those final words, the image disappeared, and the lights returned. The goblin scribe, who had marked it all down, handed it to the head of the deceased office. He snapped his fingers, and a file appeared. He placed it in the file, and snapped again. Instantly, it vanished.

He cleared his throat and said, "Well, gentlemen, I believe our business is done. Oh, but Mr. Potter? Would you stay behind? We have something we would like to discuss with you." Harry nodded and turned to Lupin. "I won't take long. I want to visit the Black vault anyway. I'll catch the Knight Bus home. Don't worry, I'll be fine" Remus looked somewhat apprehensive, but agreed all the same, so Harry was left to talk with the goblins.

"Well, what is you wanted my advice on? I'm warning you, my advice probably isn't worth much. Are you sure one of the goblins working here can't help more than I can? I sure everyone here is more then qualified." The goblins smiled, and one said, "You flatter us, Mr. Potter. We want to know your opinion because you care about what goblins think. Griphook here has spoken very highly of you, and we've gotten similar reports from the other goblins that have helped you in the past. Here is the issue: We know you are a strong enemy of the Dark Lord, but we also know that you are honest with us. Now, the Dark Lord has sent an ambassador to us. He wants our help in this war, and is trying to recruit us. He has tempted us with freedoms we have been denied by the Ministry, but we are apprehensive. In his previous reign, many goblins were killed needlessly. What do you think we should do?"

Harry thought for a while before answering. "Well, I would strongly recommend avoided allying yourselves with Lord Voldemort. He is ruthless, and once he has gotten what he needs from you, you will no longer be essential. I don't need to tell you what would happen then." He said grimly. The goblins looked around at each other, considering this. "And," he went on, "What is the point of having these freedoms he is offering you if your not alive to use them? If he does not kill you, he will enslave you, and where would your freedom be then? I'm trustworthy, you're all trustworthy, but Voldemort does not play by the rules. He can never be trusted. Never. I am, of course, hesitant, because if you refuse outright, you will make yourselves an immense target. He will want to conquer you and take the gold of Gringotts for himself. So my advice is this: Do not flat out refuse the Death Eater ambassador. Make it appear as if you are seriously considering it. That is the best advice I have to offer."

The goblins looked around, and nodded in agreement. The goblin that had spoken before spoke again, saying, "This, Mr. Potter, is the best advice we have ever received from an outside source in the history of the bank. You gave advice that was supported by solid evidence, raised questions with much meaning, and, above all, were concerned for our well-being, not just your own. This is why the goblin society respects you so, and will follow your advice to the best of their abilities."

Then the goblin with the red tie, the Head of Accounting, stepped forward and said, "Mr. Potter, because you have given us such wonderful advice, please accept this gift." He pulled out a small sack. It was made of velvet, and he could practically feel the magical power coming from it. "This bag," the goblin went on, "Is our spender friendly vault in a pocket. Please insert your hand in the sack." Harry did so, and as he did, it contracted around his hand. He was a little nervous, but realized the goblins where trying to help him. In a flash of white light, a sign appeared on the sack, and it loosened around his hand, Examining the mark on the bag, he saw it was none other than the Marauder's seal, which was a Stag, Dog, Werewolf, and Rat gathered around a large golden M in the middle.

He looked up suddenly as the goblin described it in more detail. "You simple insert your hand in this bag, and you can pull whatever amount of gold you need. They aren't available to the public right now, and we only have 7 in stock, including this one. We hope you enjoy it, and remember, we are always eager to see you should you feel like dropping by."

Harry pocketed the bag and said, "Thanks, I don't know how I can ever repay such kindness, but I know how to start. I will try as hard as I can to establish more rights Goblins. Also, do you think it would be possible to transfer the money from the Potter vault to the Black vault, and rename the Black vault the Potter vault? It would be much easier than having two vaults. Perhaps one of the curse-breakers could cast an ever-expanding charm on it, so it will accommodate its contents."

The goblin with the green tie stepped forward and said, "I can see the wisdom in this request. Yes, this can be done, and will be immediately. Well, I think I speak for all of us when I say, it's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Potter, and hope you'll always call on us for your banking issues."

With that, the goblins turned and left, all except Griphook, who said, "I suppose you'll want to go down to your vault, Mr. Potter?" Harry just nodded, still trying to take in everything he had been told. They walked through the corridors to the track cars.

Harry got in, and prepared to depart. He had always liked these carts. He supposed they must be like a roller coaster, though he hade never been on one because of Dudley. One thrilling ride later, Harry and Griphook stopped outside a huge vault. Indeed, it was at least four times larger than Harry's old vault. (Which was saying something, because it was pretty big) Harry waited for Griphook to step forward and unlock the vault, but he didn't move. Before he could ask, Griphook said, "You'll need to unlock it yourself. Often it requires a statement, and can tell, legimency or not, whether it is true. So, go ahead."

Well, Harry was in a bit of a fix. He didn't know what he had to say, so on an impulse, he stepped forward and said, "I am Harry Potter, sole heir of Sirius Black." The vault's door glowed green for a moment, and then Harry heard a long series of clicks. A second later, the door unsealed itself, and fog came billowing out. When it cleared, Harry stepped forward and gasped.

There were mountains of gold, silver and bronze. There were jewels of every kind. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, diamonds; they were all there. To the left, Harry saw books, hundreds of them. He walked over to them and started to walk down the vast cherry-wood shelves. Most of these books had had never seen on the Hogwarts library's list. In fact, several of these were on the Ministry's forbidden list. Better keep this quiet. He was sure the goblins would not betray him, but he wasn't sure about anyone else. A few caught his eye in particular, so he took them out and laid them on a table nearby. Some of the titles were Methods of Magical Detection and Transportation, Ancient Spells for Uncommon Man, Transfiguration: The Works, Curses for the Vengeful, Shields for the Wary, Advanced Combat Training, Potions for the Powerful, and the Powers of Merlin.

He turned to Griphook and said, "Can I take anything other than gold out of the bag? I mean like books, and stuff." Griphook smiled again, and said, "Oh, yes, Mr. Potter. Anything in your vault is compatible with your bag. So, if it's in the vault, it's in the bag."

After a few more minutes of admiring the contents of the vault, Harry's eye was caught on one object in particular. It was a chest. Sure, he had seen other chests in here, but this one was covered with rubies, and bore a familiar crest. He turned to it, and walked forward. On it was the crest of the Marauders. As he approached, it glowed for a moment, and then opened. Inside, there was a strange, green pendant. It was hanging on a leather string. Next to it was a letter. Harry picked up the letter and began to read.

Dear Harry,

If you're reading this, then I have died. I am truly sorry I have left you, but don't want you to mourn yourself to death over me. I mean, after all, if I hadn't died, who would've annoyed Lily in the afterlife? Got a job to do, ya know? Well, down to business. This pendant is extremely powerful. It has been passed down my family's line for centuries. I think it's called the Galator, but I'm not sure. Well, it belonged to Merlin at some point, so keep it with you. When you carry the Galator, you'll be carrying a bit of me with you. And about the manor in the Alps, just state that you are my heir, and you should have no problems. Hope you're okay. Well, I have to go annoy Remus.

Your Godfather,


Harry quickly fought back the flow of tears that had rushed to his eyes, and hung the pendant around his neck. Galator. It sounded oddly familiar. Well, Harry decided it was time to go. He left Gringotts and was heading back toward the Leaky Cauldron when he saw Knockturn Alley in the corner of his eye. He had started to turn when he remembered the Order. Though Lupin had said Harry could go home alone, he would bet the entire contents of his new vault that there was an Order member nearby. He subtly searched the area for any sign of someone tailing him, and saw a blurred outline. Illusionment charm. He studied the outline more carefully, and recognized the profile. "You can come out now, Moody. I know you're there." Harry said with a smirk.

Moody suddenly appeared there. He looked visibly miffed. "How did you know it was me, boy?" Harry smirked again and said, "I could see your outline, and recognized your wooden leg." Moody glared at him with his mad eye and said, "Impressive, but I'd already had countless chances to hex you. I- Wipe that smirk off your face, or I'll do it for you!" With difficulty, Harry repressed his smirk and said, "So, you're just going to take me back?" Moody grunted. "Yep, and after I do, I'm leaving for a well earned drink. The next shift will be there five minutes after I leave. So, I heard you developed your metimorphmagus skills today. Pretty good. It'll make traveling with you in public a hell of a lot easier. Well, let's go." He offered Harry a portkey, who took it. Instantly he felt a jerk behind his navel, and felt himself being lifted off the ground. A split second later, Harry stumbled to his knees as he touched down in the Dursley's back yard. Moody, who had kept his balance, just smirked at Harry and said, "See ya later, Potter." And with that, he disappeared. Harry got up and walked upstairs. He looked at his calendar, and sighed. One and a half months left. Unless… A sudden thought struck Harry. He would run. He packed up all of his stuff and dragged it to the curb outside. He stuck up his right hand and the Knight Bus appeared. He changed his appearance to match Dean Thomas' and jumped on. He just yelled, "Diagon Alley, GO!" And the bus sped off, leaving Privet Drive behind. Harry arrived at the Leaky Cauldron a few seconds later and got off. Looking at his watch, Harry saw that he still had three minutes. He ran down the street, leaving his trunk and stuff at the pub, and turned onto Knockturn Alley. He burst into a small shop and said to the shop owner, "I need the tracers and detection spells taken off of me. Can you do that?" The man, who was short and wheezy, leaned forward, eager to do business. "Why, of course, my young sir. But I must say, it is rather expensive." Harry took out the bag and took out a couple of handfuls of galleons, roughly 200. He looked up at the man and said, "Is this enough?" The man looked surprised, and just nodded. He took out a vial from beneath the counter and said, "Here, drink this. Then I'll need to do the spell."

Harry sniffed the potion. He knew enough about potions to know how to detect poisons. He couldn't detect any poison, so he drank the vial in one gulp. He instantly felt a burning feeling. It spread throughout his entire body, enveloping his senses. There was a strange noise in his ears. It was indescribable. Whatever it was, it was drowning out the words the owner was speaking. When the burning feeling stopped, Harry could feel the difference. He felt oddly light, like a weight had been taken off of his shoulders. He turned to the owner. "Did it work? Can I do magic now? And what about the tracers? Are they gone, too?" The owner chuckled slightly and said, "Yes, yes, they're all gone. Go ahead, give it a go." Harry picked up his wand and concentrated on the Elite Potions Ingredient Set and summoned it. Turning to the owner, he said, "How much for this?" It was, after all, an extremely good ingredient set. It had every thing you would need, including unicorn blood, dragon blood, mandrake leaves, phoenix feather, and countless more. The man grinned as if saying Dream on and said, "Three thousand galleons." Harry took out his bag again and said, "I'll take it. Do you have anything other supreme items I could look at?" The man was, again, shocked. He pulled aside the counter and led Harry into the back room. Indeed, there were supreme items in here, though he would have to go by other places for some stuff. In the storeroom, there were a variety of rare items, of questionable legality. There was a time-turner, a set of dragon-hide dueling robes (which were surprisingly light considering the amount of protection they gave), a strange quill that was somewhat like a quick quotes quill (this one wrote down everything the speaker said), and what appeared to be two less powerful, versions of the Sorcerer's Stone, which meant they couldn't produce the elixir of life, but could turn normal metal into gold. These were surely illegal (And expensive), but Harry bought them anyway. He paid the man for all these premium items and used a shrinking charm, in combination with a featherweight charm, making his purchases easy to carry in his pocket. He left Knockturn Alley and turned to face Diagon Alley, wondering where to go next. He saw Madam Malkin's Robe Shop and decided to get some new robes.

He walked in and returned to his usual form, so she would chose robes that matched his true self. She came from behind the counter and asked, "How can I help you, young man?" Harry thought for a moment, and then said, "I need five black Hogwarts uniforms in Gryffindor colors, five pairs of casual robes (you can pick those out), and four pairs of dress robes. For the dress robes, I'd like to get something in green, with whatever trims you think would look good; Blue, with a silver trim; Red, with a gold trim; And one set of dress robes that look like the night sky. You know, purplish blackish, with stars. And a cape, with the crescent moon in the middle of it.

Madam Malkin was taken aback, but recovered and said, "Okay then, but it may take a while, like an hour. I'll take your measurements, and then you can sit down and read." Harry agreed, and had his measurements taken. After that, he pulled out his bag. Reaching into the bag, he concentrated on the book he wanted. He felt his hand close over the cover of it, and pulled out Methods of Magical Detection and Transportation and began to read. He had completely finished reading up on apparating when Madam Malkin announced that she had finished. He followed her to her sewing room and inspected the robes. They were marvelous. Harry paid her and gave her a generous tip, because she had finished them so quickly. He then decided to buy as watch. He walked into the magical jewelry store and approached the desk. Clearing his throat, he spoke to the salesman. "Hello, I'm looking for a watch. Do you think I could see the best watch you have?" The salesperson led Harry toward the back and said, "This is where we keep of top watches. They are very expensive, but I assure you, well worth the price. This one here, which comes in Silver, Gold, or Platinum (the Platinum can change to a certain color), works at any depth, is weather resistant, tells the date, and changes time zones automatically. This watch is 500 galleons. Our next model has all the features of the previous one, plus it's magic resistant, has a built in compass, and has a sneakascope that you can turn off or on. It also comes in Gold, Silver, and Platinum. This watch is 700 galleons. Now, this is our finest watch. Only a handful of wizards in the world have this one. It has all the features I've mentioned so far, plus it has every dark detector known to wizardkind built in. Of course, they can be adjusted to pick up a certain degree of dark activity so trivial things like lies about homework don't set it off. It also comes in Gold, Silver, or Platinum. This elite watch is 1000 galleons." Harry picked up the last one and put it on, "I think I'll take this one. Here's the money." Harry handed him the thousand galleons and left the store.

Harry was trying to decide where to go next, when he saw the magical equipment shop. In the window he saw a trunk. I could use a new trunk. So Harry headed into the store. He wandered over to the trunk section and started to look for a really great one. The assistant came by and said, "Can I help you find something?" Harry nodded and said, "Yes, actually, I'm looking for a new trunk. Preferably a multi-compartment. Could you show me your best ones?" The assistant smiled and said, "Certainly, follow me please."

Harry followed the assistant through the store, stopping at a door. The assistant took out a key and unlocked it, and they went in. Inside were three of the most beautiful trunks Harry had ever seen. Again Harry was told the properties of the trunks. "First, this one is made of cedar, so it doesn't need to have a weathering charm placed on it. It has three compartments. One for your clothes and things, one for larger storage like chests, and one for animals or servants. The next trunk is made of cherry wood, and is a little more luxurious. In addition to the compartments previously mentioned, it has a potions lab. This includes a place to store ingredients. Our last, and best trunk was actually made custom order, but the family that ordered it disappeared, so it was put on sale. This trunk is made from a rare redwood, and has no less than eight compartments. The first one is just your typical trunk compartment, what one would expect from a trunk. The second one is for storing things like large packages. The third one is enchanted to take the form of the owner's desire. If you want to think by a waterfall, then the trunk will assume a waterfall climate. This is perfect for keeping animals. The fourth compartment is a detailed potions lab. It is equipped with every tool a potions expert could ask for, and will constantly refill most ingredients, except for the exceptionally rare. The fifth compartment is a training arena. This is equipped with test targets that can move like real people and duel with you. If, by some chance, you lose, the trunk will revive you. There are also tools there you can use, like weapons. If you need a target for a curse like the reductor curse, then the trunk will supply one instantly. The sixth room is a kitchen, incase you are hungry and have missed the meal. It has the self-cook option, but it's recommended that you upgrade that if you plan top use it, because the food isn't very good at first. In fact, you can program to fit a certain cooking style, like your own, and you can enjoy your cooking without cooking it yourself. The seventh room is a master bedroom. Upon entry, the trunk can read your feelings and tell what you need down to every last detail. The eighth room is a library. Have a book or document you don't want someone else to read? Put it in the restricted section of your library, and the trunk will deny everybody unless you willingly admit him or her. The trunk also has a built in time-turner function, meaning you can spend hours in there, and it will only be a few seconds or minutes. Of course, a trunk like this isn't going to be cheap. The last trunk costs 200,000 galleons."

Harry walked forward and studied the trunk. It was indeed made out of redwood, and had griffins carved along it in an intricate pattern. There was a small place to put your hand to unlock the trunk, but it had an anti-theft device that checked whether or not the owner wanted to access the trunk. Harry turned to the assistant and said, "I'll take it." The assistant just kinda chuckled a bit and said, "You're not…serious?" Harry smiled amusedly himself and said, "Why, yes, I am." The assistant's look of amusement vanished and was replaced by awe. "Well, I…I'll need a vault number, so we cam take the money from your vault." Harry smiled and, yet again, took out his velvet bag, saying, "No vault number will be necessary. I can get the gold from here." And with that, he began to take out handfuls of gold, until he had enough, including the tip. He purchased the trunk and put his hand on the circular mark. Instantly the markings on the trunks changed. There were still markings with griffins, but the large seal of the Marauders had appeared. The trunk was now locked to everyone but himself.

Harry shrunk the trunk and put it in his pocket. He walked outside and looked around again. He walked into Flourish and Blotts again and started to browse. He didn't see much, but he did buy a copy of Powerful Charms and The Beast Keeper's Guide to Magical Creatures. Harry paid for the books and turned to leave. He turned again on second thought, and walked toward Gringotts. He walked past the marble pillars and headed toward the accounting office. He wandered around for a while before finally seeing the office of the head of accounting. He knocked on the door, and the goblin that had been wearing the red tie earlier opened the door. He looked up, surprised, and said, "Why, Mr. Potter! I was not expecting you. Is there a problem of some kind?" Harry shook his head and stepped into the office. "No, there's no problem. I'm actually here because I have something I would like to give Gringotts." He took out one of the stones he had bought in Knockturn Alley and placed it on the desk. "Do you know what this is?" The goblin shook his head. "Well, it'll be easier to describe if you see what it does first. Would you happen to have a knut with you?" The goblin nodded, and took one out of his pocket. He handed it to Harry, who brought it close to the stone. All at once the stone and coin glowed gold, before returning to their normal state, except for the knut, which had turned into solid gold. "This stone," Harry explained, "Has the power to turn any metal into solid gold. I thought perhaps Gringotts would appreciate it. I know you would use it wisely." The goblin just stuttered, struggling to find the words that would express his gratitude. "Mr. Potter, I don't know what to say! You have given us two invaluable things today. One was your advice, which is being followed as we speak. The second is this marvelous stone! I've never seen anything like it, except maybe the Sorcerer's Stone. This isn't…" he said, looking to Harry for an answer. Harry smiled and said, "Oh, no, this isn't a Sorcerer's Stone, but is closely related. It can't produce the elixir of life, but does have the gold effect."

The goblin just stared at the incredible stone for a moment, then said, "Mr. Potter, if you could follow me please." And with that, he headed out the door. Nonplussed, Harry followed. His curiosity was almost overwhelming, but he held in all his questions. The goblin led him to a large door, and went inside. Harry followed, and found himself, yet again, in the presence of the heads of departments. The goblin Harry had followed here, who was apparently named Vapak, cleared his throat, gaining the attention of the others. "Mr. Potter here has just given us an invaluable gift. Here's a demonstration." He took out the stone and turned the iron inkwell on the table into gold. The goblins all began to speak excitedly, and fell silent as one. They inspected the inkwell, making sure it was genuine. When they were done, they turned to Harry, beaming. They held a whispered conversation, and turned to speak to Harry. Vapak was chosen to speak, and did so by saying, "We appreciate your generous gift, Mr. Potter, but cannot accept it without giving you something in return. This is the best thing we have to offer." He pulled a golden necklace with a phoenix pendant at the bottom. "This necklace is enchanted, and will endow you with powers, depending on who you are. But it is guaranteed that you will be able to speak to animals. No other humans alive have ever had this power, except for Merlin and Godric Gryffindor. We are confident it will you will be able to unlock its powers. Try it on, try it on!"

Harry took the pendant, and put it around his neck. He could feel it bumping against the Galator. All at once, the phoenix necklace melted into his skin, leaving no trace. The goblins all smiled even more widely at this, and stepped forward to shake his hand. Harry was still confused. "Why did the necklace melt into my skin? Where is it?" Vapak spoke up again, saying, "The pendant has chosen you. It will only choose ones it deems worthy. If you are not judged worthy, then it keeps its powers from you. In the past, only Gryffindor has been successfully chosen. Now, I'm dreadfully sorry, but we need to make plans concerning the stone you gave us. Farwell, Harry Potter, and may you find happiness. Don't hesitate to come to us for any financial issue."

Harry left Gringotts, looking down at his watch. It was 5:45, and the sun was showing signs of setting. He walked back to the Leaky Cauldron, put his stuff in his new trunk, and summoned the Knight Bus. It appeared with a bang, and Harry got on. "Black Manor in the Alps, please." And the bus sped off, narrowly avoiding a motorcycle.

When the bus arrived outside the manor about an hour later, Harry got off and, turning to Stan the conductor and the driver Ernie, said, "Sorry guys, but I have to do this." Raising his wand, he cried, "Obliviate!" Stan and Ernie went blank for a moment before leaving without a word. Harry turned to face the manor, and inspected the outside. It had obviously been a while since anyone had used it, and he would need to do a little redecorating. He walked in through the front door, and found himself in a large corridor. Walked down, Harry saw guest bedrooms to the left and right. At the end was a ballroom. Nothing was spectacularly decorated, and Harry supposed he would have to do that. However, in the ballroom was a tapestry of the Black family tree. Harry looked more closely, and saw a small golden plaque directly beneath the name Sirius Black. He took out his warned and inscribed his name. All at once, the house around him began to change. The walls changed from the ominous green to red and gold. Some rooms had different wall colors, but the ballroom and several guestrooms had red and gold. To the right of the ballroom was the kitchen, which had every sort of cooking tool and ingredient imaginable. Moving through the kitchen, he saw the dining room through a door straight ahead. There was a hallway leading from the dining room to the ballroom. Going back to the ballroom, Harry saw a set of stairs. There were some going up to the next level, and some going down to the basement. Going down to the basement, Harry saw a potions laboratory to his left, filled with measuring devices and copies of every ingredient Harry owned. There were also several recipe books. To his right was an immense storeroom/ bunker. At the far end of the basement, Harry went through a door that led into what looked like a zoo. There were tons of cages with magical animals in them. The animals all appeared to be in cages that supported the animals preferred climate. Harry saw hippogriffs, giant spider, a sphinx, and dozens of others. There was even an aquarium with things like grindelows. Going up stairs, Harry continued to the second floor. There was another hallway, though shorter. There were more bedrooms, plus a meeting room and a library. It was strange, but like the laboratory, the library had every book Harry did, plus a few more. The house must have done this when he had put his name on the tapestry. It had several couches and chairs, plus rich rosewood tables. The shelves were made to match. Harry found a spiral staircase at the end of the hallway and went upstairs. There were only two rooms, plus another a spiral staircase going up to an astronomy tower. The rooms were both huge. Harry walked into the right room and gasped. It was a quidditch pitch. Along the wall, Harry could see different brooms, outfits, and gear. There was also set of quidditch balls. There was even an environmental control system so you could train in any weather. Leaving this room, Harry visited the left room, and was equally shocked. It was a giant training arena. Like his trunk, this room had a climate control spell, and like the quidditch pitch, had a weather control spell. There was a strange, glowing wall to the left. Harry experimented by shooting a few sparks at it. The sparks shot back at him, going much faster than he had made them. He ducked and tried the same thing with a disarming charm. It too shot back him at an eye-blinking speed. Due more to luck than skill, Harry was able to dodge it, and vowed to work with this thing. Harry went back to the second floor and found a bedroom that was larger than any of the others. This must be the master bedroom. Harry thought. It was, after all, bigger than the rest, and was at the end of the hallway. He walked in and looked around. It had gold walls and a red carpet. At the far side was an enormous king sized bed. To the right was a fireplace. In front of it was a black couch. To the left was a doorway leading to a huge bathroom. He walked through the door and gazed around. This bathroom clearly put the prefects' bathroom at Hogwarts to shame. It had a tub that looked like a pool, an enormous shower in the corner of the far wall, and a sink with giant mirror and cosmetics cabinet. There were hundreds of taps, all of different sizes. There was a whole row of shampoos and conditioners. The floor was tiled, and there was a portrait of beach on one of the walls. Heading back into the master bedroom, he noticed that he ceiling was enchanted to look like the sky. He wondered if any other rooms had this feature. But he would have to wait to find out, because he was tired, and he wanted to sleep. He crawled into the bed and fell asleep almost instantly.