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Cerulean eyes peered out from the shadows. Glinting softly in the moonlight, they reflected a melancholy sense. They belonged to a young girl, wearing a blue and white fuku with a red bow in the front and back. Her high-heeled boots clicked against the rooftop as she walked. Her long, golden hair was pulled back into bun-pigtails.

The girl stifled a sigh, and leaned over the edge of the roof. Below, a young man with ebony hair was walking towards home. She gazed at him with a longing so intense; the very air around her became rigid.

'Why does he remind me so of someone?'

She turned suddenly, and pulled a CD player from her waist. Quickly clicking in a CD, she slipped the headphones on, and after making sure the player was secured, she took off across the roof and jumped off.

I linger in the doorway of alarm clock screaming monsters calling my name.

The man looked up, and blinked as she landed in the park across the street.

'Luna would kill me.' The last thought going through her mind as she began to sprint.

Let me stay. Where the wind will whisper to me, where the raindrops as they're falling tell a story."

Briefly she considered not going home, but she started that way anyway. Being a senshi of love and justice apparently didn't let you off from being grounded. But these nighttime rambles were to great a joy for her to let go. The music pounding in her ears made her forget her lonely existence.

Some people cried, and some immersed themselves in an activity to forget their pains. But she was different. Whatever mood she was in was reflected by her music. She'd grab the CD, henshin, and listen to one song over and over as she went in search of danger. Currently, she was into Evanescence, for the haunting tone that so reminded her of death.

In my field of paper flowers, and candy clouds of lullaby, I lie inside myself for hours, and watch my paper sky fly over me.

How appropriate the words were. She did do that, many times. She did what her mother called 'zoning out', and went to a world far, far better than her own. As she neared her home, an explosion jarred her, and she fell to the ground. Her head spinning, she turned to see a bright orange cloud rising on the other side of the city. Angrily pushing herself up, she began to run, this time towards the disturbance.

Don't say I'm out of touch with this rampant chaos, your reality.

Panting slightly, she arrived to find a youma, in the form of a pink skinned ballerina, tutu and all, throwing nutcrackers.

'Gah, they need to get some new designers!' Her mind noticed with disgust.

She picked a nutcracker up, but immediately dropped it as fangs grew and it attempted to bite her. She ran to face the youma, which stopped and stared at her with interest.

"For disturbing the peace and innocence of this town, in the name of the moon, I Sailor Moon will punish you!"

The youma cocked a fuzzy pink eyebrow. "I haven't hurt anyone."

Sailor Moon looked about. It was true. There seemed to be no one there but her. "Yes, but you would have eventually! It's your orders, isn't it?"

The youma cackled. "You're observant. But that's not so. Pick up a nutcracker. Other than biting, they do nothing. The energy-sapping deal is…not to my taste, understand? Besides, Beryl is an evil queen. No love is lost between her and I."

Sailor Moon was at a loss. "But where does that leave me? I can't simply leave you to go about dropping random toys that could harm people! And besides, won't Beryl look for you?"

The monster studied her. "Beryl has sent out several against you. Every one you have beaten, and they say you are merciless. Yet here you are, not even considering killing me in cold blood as I speak. Beryl will not care; she has legions of youma, one missing will do nothing. As for my play-things…actually, I came here hoping you could do something about that."

Sailor Moon's every instinct was screaming at her to stop, but her heart leaned in closer. What to do?

I know well what lies beyond my sleeping refuge. The nightmare I built my own world to escape.

With a shock, she realized her CD player was still going. She glanced at the youma, and then down at her gloved hands.

In my field of paper flowers, and candy clouds of lullaby, I lie inside myself for hours, and watch my paper sky fly over me.

"What do you want me to do?" Her voice sounded leaden, even to her own ears.

The youma smiled, exposing sharpened teeth. "Kill me, pretty maid. Not in cold blood, of course. A mercy killing. I will not die anyway. These accursed holds this form has over me will be gone, and I too will be reborn, as you were."

The senshi of the moon looked took her tiara from her brow. "I will do this. At least, if I may not be free from my damned fate, I may save another."

The youma said nothing as the words were shouted. "Moon Tiara Magic!"

Swallowed up in the sound of my screaming, I cannot cease for the fear of sleepless nights. Oh how I long for the deep sleep dreaming, the Goddess of imaginary light.

She left the battlefield, her head bowed low. The only remnants were a pile of ashes and slowly disintegrating nutcrackers. She got home, not really knowing how, and for the first time in months, her hands fumbled on the window lock. As she slipped inside, exhausted, she thought back to her own little world.

In my field of paper flowers, and candy clouds of lullaby, I lie inside myself for hours, and watch my paper sky fly over me.

The images conjured up were those that she did not understand, but made her happy anyway. A laughing girl with hair as blonde and long as her own. Another one was standing with her hands her hips, seemingly angry but with a sly smile playing on her lips. A brunette brushing a horse's mane and showing off a battle move. A blunette with small glasses perched on a delicate nose peering over a book. And a man, with ebony hair blacker than crows' feathers, sweeping her into her arms.

Paper flowers, paper flowers.

When she woke the next morning, with her CD player at full blast next to her, she remembered nothing of the dream. Squinting slightly, she yawned and looked at her alarm clock. "7:50? OH GODS, I'm GONNA BE LATE!"

She became a blur of activity, quickly slipping on her clothing and rushing downstairs. "Mama! Mama, where's my lunch?"

Tsukino Ikuko smiled as her daughter looked at her frantically. "On the counter, Usagi. There's toast in the toaster, now hurry, it's eight already!"

Usagi grabbed the toast, and gave her mother a quick peck on the cheek. "Thanks so much, Mama!"

The blue haired woman sighed. "And pick up Shingo after school, ok?"

"WHAT? Mama, the brat is awful, I can't possibly" She stopped as her mother gave her a reproving look. "Fine. Kamisama, I'm SO late!" And she rushed out of the door. Ikuko shook her head as she noticed the lunch bag still sitting forlornly on the counter.


Usagi looked longingly at her friend, Naru Osaka, as she ate her lunch. "Please, Naru-chan! Can I please have some?"

Naru sighed. "Usagi, all I have is an apple, and I'm almost finished with that!"

Usagi whimpered. "Chigau! I need LUNCH! There's got to be someone here who will be kind to me." And she glanced around until she caught sight pf someone she knew.

"Ami! Hey, Ami!" The blue haired girl turned from her solitary position by a tree. "Hai?" her voice was courteous, but carried a hint of surprise. Usagi scrambled up to meet her.

"Um, I sorta forgot my lunch and I was hoping I could have some of yours…"

"Usagi!" Naru chided. "That's not right!"

Ami, slightly shocked, let a small smile go over her face. "No, Naru-san, it's okay. Usagi-san can have some of my lunch. I didn't plan on eating it anyways."

Usagi dove into the rice eagerly. "Mmph! Arigatou, Ami-chan!"

A look of wonder crossed Ami's face. "Er, do Itashimashite. Did you call me Ami-chan?"

Usagi nodded. "Hai." At Ami's face, she began to apologize. "Gomen, Ami, I won't call you that if you don't want it."

Ami grinned, a rare occurrence for her. "Iie, Usagi. I like it! Demo, why are you calling me it though?"

Usagi spoke around a mouthful of rice. "'Cause now we're friends, I guess. You can call me Usagi-chan, or Usa-chan, or just Usa. That's what all my friends call me!"

Naru winked. "And I hope I can be your friend too!"

Ami nodded. "Hai. It'd be nice to have friends." The three finished lunch together. As they walked back into school, Usagi looked to Naru. "You're coming by the Crown today, right?" Naru shook her head.

"My mom needs me at the store. Gomen, Usagi."

The blonde pouted, but only for a moment before turning to Ami. "What about you, Ames? Can you come?"

Ami stopped, shocked at the new name, but managed a reply. "Where?"

Usagi gaped. "The Crown Fruit Parlor and Arcade! It's the best place to go for a milkshake! Please say you'll come after school, Ames!"

Ami, hoping to keep this newfound friendship, nodded. "Hai. I guess I can make it."

Usagi smiled. "Great! So until school's over then! I am SO lucky I Haruna-sensei has a hot date tonight, otherwise I'd be stuck here for detention!"
As Ami followed the bubbly blonde into the school, she felt a lightening in her soul. Usagi was nothing but cheerfulness, so maybe this would work out well for her. Feeling truly happy for the first time since she was a toddler, she let Usagi's idle chatter soak her in. She had friends, and she would do whatever it took to keep them.

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