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Was it even real? Was it just a dream?

Her feet dragged as she unhappily made her way to the arcade. A week now…one whole week and she had avoided them. She had told her parents they'd been in a fight. All their calls were redirected. She refused to speak to anyone, especially Mamorou. Only the shittenou talked to her.

"Usa, why do you have to do this?" Justin, also known as Jadeite, asked. She'd been sitting with him on the roof of the small house he and the other guys had gotten. She closed her eyes.

"It's to protect them, I guess. They now have a chance to live out their normal lives. When I was a senshi by myself, there was always the question of them getting hurt because of my identity. Now, the chance is bigger. They could be killed in battle! But Beryl is gone. They have a chance to live."

"And Mamorou?" She did not turn to see Keith (Kunzite) as he exited on the roof. "He's worried sick! We've been getting calls form him and the girls. You can't keep it hidden for long."

Usagi suddenly whirled at him. "They've forgiven you! Is that not enough? You have your girlfriends, you have your lives! I just want it to stay that way, understand? I want life to be normal for them again!" And she had stalked away, leaving them to brood over her words. Nicholas (Nephrite) held the door open for her, and she smiled softly.

"I will tell them. Someday, I will." Zachary (Zoicite) had handed her her jacket. His pale green eyes had flashed with what could have been worry, but was soon replaced by a scarcely hidden smile.

"When is this someday?" Justin had suddenly hopped down from upstairs. She didn't say anything, and he sighed.

"Usagi, be at the Crown Arcade on Monday. We have some things to discuss. If you're not there, we'll enlist…help to come look for you." Usagi had then been shoved unceremoniously out the door.

So now she stood, stock still, only about three yards from the arcade.

"You don't have to go through with it, you know." Luna looked up at her charge. "Although if trouble should come…" Usagi sighed.

"They will never be free, I suppose. I wish…sometimes I wish that I had never disobeyed my mother and snuck down to Earth; that I had never met Endymion. I wish the senshi could have led full lives, and the shittenou also. Maybe life would have been better if they had not met me. Maybe they could have been happy."

There was silence for a moment, and then a girls voice suddenly reached her, sounding rather annoyed. "Kami, Odango, if I thought you were stupid before…!" She whirled around to face the raven headed priestess, with all the others in tow.

Immediately Usagi glared at Justin. "You said you'd be alone."

The blonde boy made a face. "Did I? I remember having said before that we would use some help if you didn't come, but who said the help wasn't gonna be here anyway?" A faint growl in Usagi's throat caused him to step back slightly.

Ami approached Usagi cautiously. "Do you remember, Usagi, when you first met me? I was alone, and without friends. You were so kind…like an angel."

"Like a light." Mako interrupted. "We were both happy to have met you. Overjoyed in fact. Everyone was afraid to approach us…for different reasons of course. But you came to us like we were normal."

Ami smiled slightly. "Yes, it was a joyful experience." Her brow creased. "Then we found out we were Sailor Senshi. That was no big deal. A bigger reason for us to stay together! And we got into this whole thing with Beryl…"

Makoto sighed. "We woke up in our beds without knowing where you were."

Minako, silent up until this point, looked at Usagi, who turned away. "It was awful, Usa. Your parents said that you didn't want to see us for now, that you were sick. All phone calls ignored, the communicator off, and you haven't been to school at all!"

Rei toned down her glare, making it into an apologetic glower. "We were going crazy, Usagi! And you never said a word!"

Usagi unconsciously rubbed a hand up and down her arm. "But…but it was better."

"No it wasn't." Ami's voice sounded slightly bitter. "We thought we had failed. We though you were mad. We though we would be alone, and you would just go."

Usagi gaped at her. "No, Ami! Never, I would never do that! It's just, I wanted—I wanted—I," she stopped, at a loss.

"Odango, you have to stop!" Rei cried. "You have to stop thinking you can protect us from everything! Because you can't. We accepted our destinies, loved and cherished them, in fact. Nothing you do will change that. Listen, Usagi-chan,"

Usagi looked up, startled. Rei had never called her that before.

"We are your protectors. We are the ones who swore by our powers to make sure you would live. You just have to sit down and be lazy!"

Usagi stared at her in shock, but quickly collected herself. "You don't get it! You have to die for me! And all this because I fell in love…"

Her eyes opened wide as Mamoru suddenly appeared in front of her, clutching at her wrists. "Don't," he said, eyes blazing. "Say you're sorry that we have to die. Say you're sorry that we miss out on parts of our lives. But don't say you're sorry you fell in love, or met me." He released her hands, and she looked into his eyes.

Pain stared back at her, pain that had been borne through years of maltreatment. "I died for you. I live for you. If anything, I get sick for you. I would do anything for you. Usako, ashiteru."

The senshi smiled behind them, and the shittenou exchanged secret high fives.

Usagi felt as if the ground had been sucked out from underneath her. She suddenly felt warm and cold, all at the same time.

"I love you." A strong voice whispered in her ear. Serenity looked up and smiled.

"And I, you. The senshi have found love as well, it seems, in the arms of your shittenou." Endymion smiled lightly.

"It seems so. May no war that has touched my green Terra ever visit your moon, my love. I could not bear it if we were to live apart."

Serenity touched his cheek lightly. "No, never. And if it does strike…who knows? But I promise you; I will find you, the senshi, and the shittenou. We will be together always."

"I promised…" Usagi's voice was thick with emotions. "And though I want to so badly, will I ever regret my decisions?"

Rei smiled. "As the fortune teller of our freaky little group, I say nay!"

Nicholas offered his two cents. "And as the High Seer, I agree."

Usagi smiled up at the ebony-haired man in front of her. "We've come a long way. Maybe we should stick together…for a while, anyway."

And she closed the space between her and her love of a thousand years, hoping never again to be separated.

Crystal Tokyo, a thousand years into the future

Chibiusa scampered down the hallway, ignoring the cries of her nursemaid behind her as she rushed off. Her small heels clicked against the diamond carved hallways, and she skidded to a stop in front of a large, ornately carved door of crystal.

Gently, the little girl swung it open.

"Mama?" she called.

An ethereal woman, robed in white and with wings folded behind her, stepped into the doorway, smiling kindly.

"Something wrong, Small Lady?" Chibiusa scuffed the ground.

"I ran away from Naru-chan again. I know she's supposed to take care of me, but when I asked one of the kids at school if I could have some of their lunch, she scolded me." The girl pouted cutely.

The woman smiled. "It's ok, Small Lady. No doubt Lady Naru will give up and fond Lord Umino. The two need a break from you…" she teased lightly.

Chibiusa ignored this comment and peered around the doorway. "Daddy?"

A regal man in a purple pinstripe suit and with a white mask appeared behind the woman. "Yes, Small Lady?" Chibiusa offered him a sweet smile.

"It's girls' time again!" The man made a face.

"I suppose this means I'm out?" The two girls nodded, and the man sighed.

"All right, but I do want her back after a while, you hear me?" he made a mock angry face, and the woman giggled. Chibiusa cutely scrunched up her face and pushed him out.

"Ok, I love you, buh-bye!" And with that, she slammed the door in his face. The man took a moment to compose himself, before he shook his head.

"Just one of those days, milord?" Jadeite smirked slightly behind him. "C'mon Endy. You've got to stop letting her kick you out of your room every few days!"

Endymion smiled thoughtfully. " I suppose so." Jadeite looked relieved, before Endymion spun on his heel and began to walk down the hallway. "But I'll let it go, just this time."

Jadeite stood, stupefied, until the other shittenou turned the corner. Zoicite noted his stunned expression and struggled not to laugh.

"He said he'd kick her out next time, didn't he?" Jadeite only nodded. Kunzite sighed, and Nephrite grinned. The brown-haired shittenou took Jadeite by his arm and led him down the hallway.

"Let me tell you something about what we like to call, 'Daddy's girls'…" The others trailed behind them, chuckling.

Inside the room, Chibiusa was perched on a huge, white canopy bed. "Can I listen to the really old one's, Mama? Those are the best!" The woman smiled.

"Of course. Let me just get them out…" She went over to a pure white vanity with wisps of purple of the side, and opened it. Pulling out a piece of equipment, she moved back to the bed and sat down next to Chibiusa.

"Now, put it on like I showed you…that's it!" Chibiusa giggled as she felt the cool plastic on her face.

"Why don't they make these anymore?" She asked, pressing a button.

The woman shrugged. "Times, as do styles and tastes, change. What do you think of this one?"

Chibiusa nodded. "I remember this! You called it…ah, what was it?"

Neo-Queen Serenity (A/N: Who else could it have been?) lightly caressed the CD player. "It's called 'Daughters', by a man called John Mayer."

"Was he nice?" Chibiusa asked as she listened intently.

The Neo-Queen sighed. "If I said he was, I would be lying, but it's not that he isn't good. I never knew him."

Chibiusa looked astonished. "But Mama, you know everyone!"

Serenity stood, and pulled her daughter up in her arms. "I may know them now, but back then I wasn't as great as I am now. I was a klutz!"

"No!" gasped Chibiusa.

"A liar at times!"


"I snuck out of my house at night!"


"But none of those are as bad as…."

"What?" Chibiusa's eyes were wide. "What did you do?"

The Neo-Queen touched noses with her daughter. "I always, always took the last piece of pie!" The two were silent for a moment, before dissolving into laughter.

"Chibiusa! Chibiusa, where are you?"

The pink-haired girl hopped from her mother's arms. "That's Megumi, she said she would visit today!"

Serenity smiled. "have fun!"

Just before she reached the doorway, Chibiusa paused and looked back at her mother. "Mama?" The woman looked quizzically at her. "Could I maybe, someday, go back and see what you were like in the past? I'm sure Puu wouldn't object if you asked!"

There was a small pause, and Chibiusa wondered if she had crossed a forbidden territory. Then, her mother spoke.

"All in due time, I promise you." The child skipped gaily out of the room. Her mother never broke her promises.

The woman sat down on the bed, and picked up the discarded headphones. It had been a mix CD, as a new song she hadn't heard in a long time came on.

I wanna run through the halls of my high school, I wanna scream at the top of my lungs!

"You ok?" Endymion sat down next to his wife. She smiled.

"Just thinking about the old days. You?" He ruffled her hair fondly, and she stuck her tongue out at him. The two laughed at their slightly childish behavior before Endymion held out a hand.

"May I have this dance, milady?" Serenity took his hand, and the two danced to a song only their love-struck ears could hear.

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