VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: This note is being written by me, Lisa, just over two years after this was posted. I have no intention of fixing the many mistakes there are, it was written so long ago I don't know why I would fix it. Also, I know the beginning is not very good, but it was my first story gimmie a break, just give it a chance and read on it gets much better, trust me.

Note: These are not my characters except for Andy, her mother, Laura Avalon and some others everyone else belongs to J.K. Rowling such as The Marauders and Lily Evans. These are also not my places like Hogwarts but I do own Andy's house.

Two Family Quarrels

It was a dark night, several days before the full moon. There was a young girl sitting in a room, the curtains were drawn so that no moonlight could get in, except for one little stream that peeked through between a rip in the curtains. The room was dark except for one oil lamp that had a bright fire burning in it, it made a really eerie lighting throughout the room as the fire danced behind the glass. In the middle and against the wall there was a four poster bed were the girl was sitting, with dark green blankets on it. The room was also filled with book shelves and a old battered desk, full-length mirror and a large dark red rug in the middle of the room. The room looked very old the wall's were slightly dank and the wood was splintering on some spots. There was a creek and the door opened slowly.

"Honey?" Said a voice. "Are ya sure that ya don't wanna go?" A woman came into view and spoke in an accent, she was tall, skinny, and she had deep blue eyes and long brown hair down to her waist. She looked tired and frail but if you looked at her real closely you could see certain strength in her eyes. She wore a long blue dress which was tattered and old you could tell that she had very little money.

"I'm sure." Said the girl in a calm and firm but slightly upset voice. She moved into the light she had long dirty-blond hair down to her waist, she was tall for her age but still looked young, maybe eleven. But, although she was young her gray eyes looked tired and the light illuminated the dark circles under them. She was skinny and when she moved over to the bed she placed a book on the nightstand titled 'Dark Creatures'.

"But honey, precautions have been made," Her mother said in a pleading sort of way as she walked closer to her youngest daughter. "Look, Andy, I've spoken with-"

"Mom," Andy said in a annoyed voice but she finished rather calmly. "I said no."

"But why?"

"Because if somethin'… happened, I don't want people to know, I'm not exactly the most outgoin' girl." She finished it sadly and looked down at the floor, not knowing how much the future would change that.

"But no one will find out and thats why ya should go, to make more friends an' to be more outgoin', besides ya still have one friend if everybody there acted like her."

"Yeah, but that's the problem not everyone will act like her, and besides she probably wouldn't have acted that way if it were not for her parents." The girl responded bitterly turning away form her mother and folding her arms across her chest.

"Yes but maybe-" She started hopefully.

"Ma!" Andy exclaimed dramatically waving her hand about. "Just no okay...? No, maybe next year." Yeah right she thought she just said that to get her to leave. She had no intention on ever going to the school.

Her mother saw that there was no convincing her so she decided to leave the room but before she disappeared completely behind the door, she said, "Just so you know Laura is going." When she had left Andy just sat there staring at the book that she had now reopened on her lap but she was not reading it.


"ALL ABOARD!" For the Hogwarts Express!" Yelled a man in platform 9 ¾ as he watched all of the children say goodbye to there parents and siblings as they once again bored the train for another year at Hogwarts school. Although one family was not so much giving hugs and kisses in their farewells they were more yelling, or rather screaming at one another. This was not a usual thing to see, people were usally getting teary eyed, especially among the first years, it was after all their first time leaving their parents for such an extended period of time.

"Mum! Listen to me, listen to the words coming out of my mouth! I can't help it!" Yelled a boy with jet black hair which was falling into his eyes and soft curls bouncing up and down as he yelled. He was fairly tall for his age and his and his family dressed they were wealthy and by what they were arguing about, they were pure bloods.

"Yes you CAN!" yelled his mother in a high pitched voice. Her face was turning red with anger. She, like her, son had black hair and it was shoulder length. His father was standing behind her looking just as or even angrier then his mother.

"The whole proud Black family name depends on you! You must get into Slytherin!" Yelled his father. "If you don't your destroying the Black family name! You have no other options on the matter!"

"You've got Regulus! Why me!" He cried. "You know I'm not cut out to be a Slytherin!"

"I will not tolerate a son in any other house then Slytherin, all others are rubbish and if you are in them then you are rubbish as well. Your brother will get into Slytherin but if you get into any other houseyou will be a shame among our family." His mother made a disgusted noise. "You could even marry a half blood... or a half breed, do you realize what that would do to this family!? We'll disown you, lock you away."

"Good it's better then being with you!" Sirius yelled out once more before turning his back and leaving his family. His trunk banging noisily behind him.

He scoffed as he walked away towards the train his parents still yelling at him as he walked away and he mimicked them as his back was turned to them. As he approched the train he spotted a friend of his he met while getting school supplies in Diagon Alley one who even though was a pure blood like Sirius, shared no pure blood qualities. Sirius smiled as he said, "Hey James."

"Hey Sirius, mate." Said James, he had really messy black hair and he wore glasses. He put on a mischievous smile when he saw Sirius and put his hand up to high five him in a greeting. As they greeted one another he noticed somthing was wrong right away and by the yelling that was heard earlier he could guess. "They give you the Slytherin talk again?" He as with a slight smirk, already knowing the answer.

Sirius nodded. "Yup, and they even added a new one this time they said Your destroying the Black family name!" Sirius said lowering his voice in his best impression of his father. Then he snorted and rolled his eyes. "Pathetic the whole lot of them wish I could just run away now." He added.

"That'd be stupid, you have no where to go."

"Even so, any place is better then the hell I'm stuck in now." He sighed and tugged on his trunk as they stood in their spot.

James sighed and nodded, he knew his friend didn't have the best homelife. But there was nothing he could really do about it. "Come on lets go and get a compartment before there're all taken." James said as he and Sirius walked on the train dragging their trunks behind them along with their animals making all sorts of noises on top.