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Chapter 2 – Confrontations: Tuesday came at last. It seemed to take forever. But I found myself in the class, gripping my binder tightly in order to keep calm. I listened to that woman lecture, watched as she won over the entire class with witty remarks. At one point, Andrew Kirby, my other close friend, glanced at me as though to say, What's wrong with her? Seems nice enough to me. He didn't get it, but then, no one really did. I'd stopped expecting them to.

It was then I noticed it. The mistake. At first I didn't believe it, but after looking closely, I knew it was there. Carter, the great Carter, had made a mistake. Better, she'd done it right in front of me. I was thrilled.

When the lecture ended, I went up to the board to be sure. Then I said it was wrong. Of course, Professor Monroe immediately said not to question Carter because she was a leader in the field of astrophysics. What he didn't say slapped me in the face. You're not as good as her and you never will be, so shut up. That was what he meant. Just like Mom. You're no good, you're worthless. She always used to say that. I turned on my heel and walked out.

About fifteen minutes later, I was in the lab when someone came up to me. It was Carter. She was friendly, asking ifI was getting extra lab time in, but then she mentioned the paper I'd done for Professor Monroe. She said it was interesting, just like the professor had, but that it hadn't been the assignment. I told her the assignment was lame, and her reply was, "It was still the assignment." I had had enough. How dare she lecture me? So I said I was late for a class and walked out on her.

Later that day, I was helping a girl named Chloe Brown with her physical training whe n an upperclassman jerk named Kevin Grady started teasing her. I got mad and punched him. I broke his nose. Soon I was taken to the Dean, where I expected to be expelled. Once inside, I was shocked to see Carter. She asked the Dean if she could say something to me and he nodded. She demanded, "Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think you're better than us, that you're above the rules?" I shook my head and replied, "No, ma'am." Inside I screamed, You all think you're better than me ! You all think I'm trash!

As it turned out, I wasn't expelled. Apparently Carter had intervened for me. I was grateful, but I still didn't like her. I left the Dean's office and walked down the hall, but was soon intercepted by Carter. She wanted to know what my problem was, so I told her. I told her about the constant comparisons between me and her. She asked, "So that's it? You just can't handle not automatically being the best?" She didn't get it, and I certainly wasn't going to explain.

She wanted to know if I knew what waited for me. She said I could have an amazing future if I carried on here. I replied that I didn't see this great future. She just said to trust her. How could I?

Later that day, I was told I was going with Carter to the base that she worked at. Apparently I was going to see deep space telemetry. How interesting. But, as it turned out, that was just a cover story. What I really saw was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

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