Author's Note: I know it's been a long while since I last updated and I can't begin to tell you guys how sorry I am for this. School has been very hectic since I started college and I've been fairly busy due to school AND life. I hardly had ANY time to update anything and then on top of that, I had an extreme lack of inspiration as well as every writer's nightmare: writer's block. HOWEVER, rest assured that I will NOT abandon this story and that I plan to write up a new chapter over the summer. Since I haven't updated this in what seems like over a year, I will be planning to re-edit all the chapters and repost them. I just thought I'd send out the warning before I do it. I'll do each chapter ONE AT A TIME, so I won't erase anything. I'll just repost the freshly edited chapter into its appropriate place, so be sure to check out for them from time to time. I just need to do this because it will give me a good chance to get back into writing the story, also it needs some major fixing up to do. So I hope you all haven't given up on me! I'm back and I'm glad to be back. I will give you the chapter you've all been waiting for! Just sit tight while I edit those chapters ;) Thanks so much for reading and I hope that you all enjoyed all that you've read from my writing.

- Ivana a.k.a. DawsonGurl

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