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The first one you see here is a Naraku / Kagome, but there will be InuKag as well as other canon pairings. I'll add new drabbles/one-shots/short-shorts as I write them. Enjoy!

Something Beautiful

Rating: R / M

Pairing: Naraku / Kagome

Genre: Romance / Dark

Words: 404

When it is night, she loses herself to him. With a waiting heart and a throbbing body she closes her eyes and breathes anxiously. When her conscience leaves her, when all that is right and wrong fail to distinguish themselves, she flies free.

He comes to her quietly, but not gently.

He makes her forget.

She forgets Inuyasha. She forgets the skipping heartbeat of unrequited love as cold fingers clasp around her wrist, pulling her harshly to his hard frame. She willingly follows, with her loneliness close behind. She leans against the cold warmth, aching and crying in the depths of her pure and broken heart.

He raises a tapered finger to her cheek and lightly traces its soft curve. He murmurs nothing sweet to her, only promises of death and suffering so painful that it makes her feel each gash, each slash, each break deep inside. He tells her of his heart, black and so utterly empty that even as he touches her he can feel nothing.

Nothing except for the excitment coursing through his veins, the rage that boils deep beneath his pores and the wonderful thrill of corruption. There is nothing gentle in his heart, or tamed. He tells her that there is no hope, no tomorrow and no turning back.But with his breath on her face, with the corner of his lips pressed to hers… he makes her forget.

She tips her head back, eager and waiting and crying and hurting so bad that she quivers. He touches his lips to hers, and she trembles with both lust and disgust. And when he crushes the length of his body to hers and meshes their flesh together by dragging her body against his, she whimpers so softly and perfectly.

He makes her forget.

She breathes in his intoxicating scent, burnt and metallic and wicked. It surrounds her, burns upon her tongue until she nearly chokes with her tears and her desires and her heartbreaks.

In her nightmare they hold each other, moving to a gentle and meaningless rhythm.

But in his infested heart, she sees something beautiful.

And he makes her forget.