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Rating: R/M
Pairing: Naraku and Rin
Genre: dark, romance
Words: 751

On the sidewalk of a busy street, she sees him.

She is sixteen and it is the second day of January.

"Do I know you?" she asks with a hesitant smile.

"No." he tells her before walking away.

"Why do we keep meeting each other?" she asks. It is the fifth time they've met and today it is in front of a grocery store. He is buying plums.

"We live in the same city," he points out.

"Still, it is a coincidence."

"Maybe you're right."

He turns to go, but she calls out for him.

"Hey!" She nibbles on her lower lip in shyness. "What is your name?"


She nods with a smile.

"I'm Hana."

He stares at her for several moments before walking away.

After the seventh time, she notices that he has a tattoo of a spider on the back of his neck. His dark hair is loosely tied in a messy throng, and she has a thought to run her hands through them. A blush creeps across her cheeks and she distracts herself by talking.

"This is getting weird, ne?" she asks him as he is reading the daily news.

He doesn't answer her.

"I mean, we keep meeting and all." She looks at him for any signs of response.


"What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a professor at the university in Tokyo." He replies.


Approximately four seconds tick away before she speaks again.

"There is a spider on your neck." She informs him pointlessly. "I mean, your tattoo."


They sit together in silence until her bus comes.

It is springtime and she has a flower in her hair.

He thinks it suits her well and tells her so.

"Thank you," she says with a bright smile.

Somehow, he feels that it is not the correct type of flower.

"You need a hyacinth, Hana." He informs her suddenly.

She turns to look at him in surprise. "That is my favorite flower!"

Somehow, he thinks he already knew.

It is summertime and on a lazy afternoon, he thinks of bringing her home with him. He fights with himself all day long; she is too young, she is too pure and she is too good for him.

Of course, he loses and forgets to grade yesterday's midterm papers.

He hates himself when he dials her number and asks her to join him for dinner. He hates himself even more when she says yes.

She is dressed in a soft pink dress and there is a hyacinth tucked right above her right ear. He invites her in and in the threshold there are dark thoughts, slicked with sweat and dirty.

"Your house is very dark," she comments.

"The light bothers my eyes."

"Oh?" she picks up a small porcelain figure of a purple spider.

"Would you like something to drink?"

"Water would be fine." She tells him. "You must like spiders a lot, they're everywhere."

"Yes, do you like them?"

She hesitates, not wanting to hurt his feelings. "No, they scare me."

He does not say anything and brings back a glass of water for her.

"You cook very well," she compliments, "this is very delicious."

"Thank you," he simply replies.

When they are done and he has finished drying the last plate of dishes, she gets up to walk over to his couch.

"I think I have met you before." She insists.

"Of course, that is why you are here now." He sits down next to her, too close. But she doesn't mind. "I would not call a girl I have never met to my house."

Of course, this is not what she means.

"I mean…before all of this." She turns to look at him with searching eyes. "I think I remember you from somewhere."

He leans in towards her body and wants to curl, wrap and crisscross himself inside of her. Of course, now he is only a breath away. He is crazy, but he is sure he can feel the goose bumps on her thigh.

"Don't you feel that we've met before?" she is desperate, grasping and holding and pulling at something that she should never remember.

"Does it matter?"

"No, I suppose not."

Suddenly, she is very aware of his body heat.

"You are much too young, Hana." He tells her.

She closes her eyes and sighs against his chest.

"Does it matter?"

Suddenly, he is very aware of her curves against his body.

"No, I suppose not."