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This fic happens sometime between the 1st preliminaries of Meijin title ( the game that Hikaru called " The real first game")and the Young Lion Tournament. Well… after the preliminaries, you'll see that Hikaru and Akira become quite close, this is one of the reason why.

Finding Seiji

Chapter 1 : Night talk

Somewhere in Tokyo, around 9 p.m.

Is that Shindou? What's he doing here at this hour? Ogata was wandering around when he saw the familiar bleached bangs pro came out of the convenient store at the corner. He couldn't see what was in the plastic bag. As the boy walked away, he decided to follow him.

The Jyudan wondered what the young pro was doing since sometimes he just stopped walking and stood still before he started walking again.

Now they entered the park, many couples were talking and kissing. But the famous 1-Dan didn't care, he didn't even glance at them. Ogata was getting more and more curious. Then, the mysterious boy headed to the stairs that led to a dark wide river.

Between the stairs and the river was a roomy concrete pavement, a young man with a long black ponytail was playing his guitar singing a sweet love song. Few couples sat on the stairs listening to the music in silent, so did the blond.

" Do you want to join me? Ogata-Sensei?" Hikaru asked without turning around.

" Since when?" the said Sensei was frustrated but still sat next to him.

" For a while, I know that someone's following me but I'm so surprised that it turned out to be you, Sensei," Not looking the older pro, he answered stilly.

" Why didn't you say anything?" Are you playing with me?

" I just wanted to know how long you would call me but you're a patient man, Sensei," Giving him his fishy smile, the relaxed 1 Dan handed his plastic bag to the Gosei, "Want some? Sensei,"

"A beer?" Seeing what was in the bag, Ogata came out with surprise. He didn't know that the young well-known pro drank and he thought no one knew either. However he took a can of beer. " Thank you,"

" You're welcome," the boy uttered quietly as he took another can from the bag and drank his beer.

" I don't know that you drink before, Shindou," stated the man in a white suite.

Hikaru just smiled softly in return, " I'm fifteen, sensei,"

" That means you're not allowed to drink," Giving a sensible lecture, the Sensei took a small sip of his.

" Why don't you stop me then?" the golden bangs boy retorted inquiringly. The silver-haired pro didn't know why either." I'm fifteen, what do you expect?"

" Akira is the same age as you but he doesn't drink," the older pro noted.

" Ha! Touya doesn't do anything except playing Go," Continuing drinking, Hikaru answered back immediately.

" That's true," Sniggering a little, the 10-Dans took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, " Don't tell me that you smoke too," Pointing that pack of Larks at Hikaru's face in challenge, he smirked but the boy simply smiled as he took a cigarette.

" Thank you," Thanking him, Hikaru brought out his lighter.

To be honest, Ogata just wanted to tease the young pro. He didn't expect him to smoke. Maybe he's just showing off , he thought. Then the minor lit his cigarette.

" Want a light?" he was smoking, Shindou Hikaru never showed off, the 27-year-old Gosei should have known that. The enigmatic young pro knew how to smoke, Ogata could tell that from the way the blond inhaled and exhaled the fumes of the burning cigarette. Then Hikaru lit his lighter and brought it close to his face. Holding the cigarette between his lips, the inanimate pro followed his instinct and lowered his head to get the light.

Ogata had just realized that Hikaru shouldn't have had a lighter or knew how to smoke or drank a beer either. He should have taken back the cigarette that he himself had given it to the underage boy and taken away the beer. But he didn't do anything, something told him not to do that. A breeze wind blew gently, the soft music still went on...

" Shindou, who is Sai? " Instead of doing the right thing, he asked the question that bothered him for so long.

" He's a ghost, nothing more, nothing less," Answering calmly, Hikaru sighed tiredly," What is it about Touya group anyway?"

" What do you mean by that?"

" You're all the same: Touya-sensei,Touya and you," the trendy pro thought the Gosei would understand.

" Because three of us are the strongest players for our generations?" Smirking annoyingly, Ogata got it wrong.

" Haha, I didn't say that," Chuckling lightly, he denied. What an ambitious man! Well, not that I hate that.

" What are you saying then?" asked tranquilly the lifeless Sensei.

" You're all obsessed with Sai, you're all chasing a shadow," Hikaru paused, " And it's not a smart thing to do,"

" Why?" the ambitious silver wondered.

" Because if you keep chasing after a shadow, someday the real me will catch up to you," Shindou-pro told him what he had told Akira long ago.

" In your dreams, Shindou," Cocky Huh? Well, I like that.

" Sensei, who do you see when you look at me?" Out of the blue, the à la mode pro asked him.

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