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Behind the scene : The making of Finding Seiji

Amano : Hi! Nice to meet you again. Welcome to the making of Finding Seiji. Today, I've Shindou Hikaru, one of the main actors from Finding Seiji, in our studio right now. Hello, Shindou-kun, How are you doing?

Hikaru : Hi! Amano-san, Nice to meet you again.

Amano : Nice to meet you too. So, Shindou-kun, this is your 7th movie that you work with LittleNK.

Hikaru : Yes, ( nodding)

Amano : How do you feel? Do you enjoy working with LittleNK?

Hikaru : …Well, She knows what she wants. As an actor, it's a good thing, it makes our work become easier. She's a witch! All she does is pointing at us ordering us!

Amano : What's about Ogata-Sensei?

Hikaru : Ah, yes. Well, he's very good actor, so professional. In this movie, he is more relaxed than ever. We have a good time together.

Amano : That's not what I mean, Shindou-kun.

Hikaru : Eh?

Amano : I mean...about the rumor between you and him.

Hikaru: ...rumor is nothing more than rumor, Amano-san.

Amano : That means that you and him...

Hikaru : He's a good actor, a good colleague.

Amano: Okay, if you say so.

Hikaru: ...

Amano : This the longest movie that you've ever played, Are you tired?

Hikaru : Of course, Amano-san, I'm tired. We're all tired but the result is worthy. We all do it for our fans. Tired? I'm Dead Beat! Why this one has to be so damn long anyway? It's just a one-shot at first! How come it becomes a 21-shots anyway!

Amano : What's about the theme?

Hikaru : Good question, Amano-san. Though it's a humor but it based on a very sad theme.

Amano : Is that so?

Hikaru : Yeah, the fact is it's about 2 guyswho have everything they want ; carriers, money and fame. But they don't have love in their life. Hikaru lost someone he loved while Ogata-Sensei doesn't know love.

Amano : So, it's about 2 lonely guys fixing each other's broken heart?

Hikaru : Haha, you can say that. Man, this is so pathetic!

Amano : Tell us about your character?

Hikaru : Well, I have a spilt personality..again. Hikaru is..kinda… you know, because Shindou gets all the spotlight and no one cares about Hikaru.

Amano: Which one is the hardest scene?

Hikaru : Of course! It must be the cooking scene! I spent a week just to learn how to cook that dish. And the onion…oh boy, it's terrible. ( laughing) I beggedLittleNK to make a sandwich instead but she didn't let me. She loves that Korean movie. But it's kinda fun to throw the pasta at the wall.

Amano : I heard a rumor that you would work with Ko-Yongha again. Is that true?

Hikaru : Well, at this point, LittleNK tells me nothing, maybe her Humorous Muse wants a break. Damn that Korean! I wish he had never come back!

Amano : Is that means that the next movie won't be a humor?

Hikaru : You're a very good reporter, Amano-san.

Amano : So, what is it then?

Hikaru : All I can tell is it's for Spiritual fan.

Amano : Spiritural fan, is that mean..

Hikaru : No, no, Amano-san, no spoiler. She'll kill me if I spill it out!

Amano :...Ok, Speaking of the fan.Here, I've a letter from a fan, she has a very good question.

Hikaru : Oh! Good

Amano : " Don't you think you should say a proper goodbye to Sai?" from K.

Hikaru : A proper goodbye? ...Yeah, she's right. I'll talk about this to LittleNK.

Amano : Thank you, Shindo-kun, is there anything you want to say to the fan?

Hikaru : ( smiling sweetly) Thanks for all support. I hope you enjoy Finding Seiji, see you next time. Byebye. ( waving)

Amano : Thank you, Shindou-kun, we'll switch to Kousemura-kun who's now with Ogata-Sensei at Japanese Go Association.

Kousemura : ( talking with camera-man) Are we on air? Oh, Okay. Hello, everybody. Right now we're at the association, I have a special guest with me today. ( turning to Ogata ) Good afternoon, Ogata-Sensei.

Ogata: …Good afternoon

Kousemura : First of all, I'm so sorry to bother you when you're having a break.

Ogata : ….What do you want to ask me? I want to rest! Just ask me the damn question!

Kousemura : Ha..Hai! Well, How is it? I mean, working with LittleNK and Shindou ?

Ogata :… Even though, this is the 1st time that I've worked with her but she gave me a leading role. I'm grateful for that. But it's quite hard for me since this is my 1st time and the movie is quite long. Unlike Shindou, he knows LittleNK very well since this is his 7th movie. Working with him is okay except he always forgets the line and always arrives at the set late, we waste a lot of time and film.

Kousemura : …

Ogata :….

Kousemura : What's about the title? ' Finding Seiji'

Ogata : At least, it lets people know that I'm the main character here.

Kousemura : So, you like it then.

Ogata : I didn't say that. It may represents the theme very well but some people get confuse it with ' Finding Nemo'.



Kousemura : …Okay, What's about your character?

Ogata : Playing as Ogata is just a piece of cake because it's close to who I really am. On the other hand, playing as Seiji is very hard. Look, I've to go now, can I leave now? ( Rising and walking away)

Kousemura : Wai..Wait! Ogata-Sensei! Just one more question!

Ogata : ( turning around) Leave me alone!

Kousemura : What..What happened in the last chapter! Did you and Shindou-kun…err…

Ogata : ( giving his creepy smile in return) Good bye, Kousemura-san.

Kousemura : …..Errr…Okay, right now, we'll…Oh! Touya-kun!

Touya : ( bowing politely ) Kousemura-san

Kousemura: Touya-kun! Touya-kun! Can I have a short interview?

Touya : …well, I've only 5 minutes.

Kousemura : 5 minutes is fine!

Touya : Okay, Kousemura-san,

Kousemura : So, tell me about Finding Seiji

Touya : What can I tell! I'm not the leading actor! Well, it's a good movie. I've a good experience with many people.

Kousemura : How do you feel that Ogata-Sensei takes your part as a main character?

Touya : Damn you! You don't have to remind me that! I'm very busy, Kousemura-san. I've to work with 100 of authors everyday, I'm glad that LittleNK choose Ogata-san instead of me so I can have some more time to study my Kifu. Good day, Kousemura-san, I've a game to play. ( walking to the game room) Damn it! When that redheaded Korean comes, he gets the main role. Now, I've to fight with Ogata-san when he's not here!

Kousemura :…Errr, right now, let's go to another set, Yoshikawa, you're in charge now.

Yoshikawa : Thank you, Kousemura, Hello, I'm Yoshikawa, the journalist who went to China while Kousemura was in Korea interviewing Ko-Yongha. Right now, I'm with the support actor team from Finding Seiji. Hello, boys.

Waya, Isumi, Saeki and Ashiwara : Hi!

Yoshikawa : So, please tell us about your character

Waya : What do you mean! Of course, we played as ourselves!

Isumi : Waya!

Waya : What! It's true! Man, we just pop out of no where from time to time! I feel like being Touya Akira!

Yoshikawa :….errr

Waya : It's boring! Next time, if I don't have some more part, it'll be the end. I'll never work with her again!

Yoshikawa :…Well, Saeki-kun, Ashiwara-kun, which scene is your favorite?

Saeki : I guess, It'll be the scene that Morishita-Sensei lectures Waya.

Waya : Saeki-san!

Isumi : Waya!

Yoshikawa : ..An…and Ashiwara-kun?

Ashiwara : Well, of course, I like the chapter 20 that I tell them the secret. It's fun to know something that the others don't.

Yoshikawa : Arr, I see. ( seeing Waya arguing with Isumi) Right now, Kousemura has reached his destination already, Hello, Kousemura.

Kousemura : Hi, Yoshikawa

Yoshikawa : So, Kousemura, please tell us where you are?

Kousemura : Right now, I'm standing in front of Tokyo Football Youth Club.

Yoshikawa : And what're you doing there?

Kousemura : Well, I've a special interview for you guys, Let's follow me ( waving as a signal and runs into the club)

Kousemura : Ah! Here, you are! Hello, Kazamatsuri-kun.

Kaza : Hello…but who are you?

Kousemura : My name is Kousemura from Weekly Go. Can I ask you about Finding Seiji?

Kaza : Oh, Okay, why don't you follow me? Mizuno-kun and Subaza-kun are in the field.

Kousemura : Oh! That'll be great!

Kaze : Mizuno-kunnnnn, Subaza-kunnnnn

Subaza : What is it? Kaza

Kaza : This is Kousemura-san, he wants to ask us about Finding Seiji.

Mizuno : I see, okay then.

Kousemura : Great! So how do you feel to be the special guest in this movie?

Mizuno : I must say I was very surprised. I mean, LittleNK just called us in the last minute asking us to come to the set.

Kousemura : Oh! Really?

Kaze : Yes, at first she wanted take the shot at a live house with Bad Luck but Yuki-san disappeared without telling anyone where he was. Shuichi-san was really pissed off.

Mizuno : That's right, then she wanted to change the set to a tennis court with Echizen and Momo-kun but Ogata-san didn't want to run around.

Kousemura : That's how she ended up at the footsol field with you guys?

Mizuno : Ah, Actually, she wanted to take the scene at this association but our couch didn't allow her to 'coz it's not proper. That's when Kaza suggested that we could film

it at the footsol field.

Kousemura : Oh, I see. So, tell me about Shindou-kun and Ogata-Sensei.

Kaza : Shindou-san is a good athlete.

Mizuno : I agree, maybe it's 'coz he played sport a lot when he was a kid. Working with him is very easy.

Subaza : Ha! It's easy for you to say that!

Kaza : Subaza-kun!

Subaza : It's true! You got Shindou! And I had to play with that Ogata! Who the hell on earth plays footsol in Armani suit anyway? That guy is the worst GK that I've ever seen! As I said , he's a doom for us!

Kousemura : But Sensei did play better in chapter 13.

Subaza : 'Coz Shindou insulted him! That man has the biggest ego!

Kaza : Subaza-kun!

Mizuno : Sorry, Kousemura-san, we should go back to the field now.

Kousemura : Oh, right. Thank you, three of you. ( the trio run back to the field)

Well, This is Kousemura. Thank you for watching the making of Finding Seiji. See you next time. Thank you.