All Fall Down

(by archy the cockroach)

Rating: T

Warnings: Slash, a little bit of language, spoilers

00: Kagura

It wasn't supposed to end like this.

Kagura stands inside of Shigure's house, eyes wide and hiding no emotions. All her lips seem to do is shake. In fact, her body is shaking like gelatin, jiggling and wavering. She can barely breathe; her chest feels compressed and doesn't want to move.

She knew it would happen eventually. That Kyou would have to go and leave her so alone alone alone. But she didn't actually realize it would happen, or what would happen to her when it happened. Her cat didn't even fight, protest or anything as Akito dragged him off. Tohru wears the same expression as she does.

But the difference is, Tohru doesn't know.

Or didn't, at least.

Yuki finally figures it out though. Or rather, Akito tells him why her Kyou had to go away. All Yuki can think about is that winners can often feel like they're losers after all. Kyou was the loser, but he feels worse.

They left twenty minutes ago. Now Tohru starts to cry. She slumps over at the table, sobbing into her arms. Shigure tries to comfort her, but his eyes are somewhat sad. They all knew this would happen. And they did nothing to stop him.

Haru's there too; hiding in the corner, avoiding everyone. He almost looks like he's about to go Black. But nobody can tell. His eyes are overcast. Haru came over after Kagura. It was Kyou's birthday yesterday. Kagura was happy. But then she remembered.

Kyou had to go away.

Yuki looks sad too, she notices. Kagura's trying not to cry. But it's so hard, with Tohru and what not. She knew that Tohru was probably in love with Kyou. That's why she tries (tried) so hard to keep her cat close to her.

But she knows he would never love her, in the end. In fact, after Kagura confessed about forcing herself to love Kyou (because she was so scared scared scared), Kyou rejected her. He said himself he'd never love her. She cried for weeks.

"On the bright side… no one can wreck the house anymore…" says Shigure, trying to lighten the mood. His smile is forced though, and his eyes make him look a thousand years old.

Tohru cries harder.

Kagura remembers the days when she was a princess and Kyou was her knight. When she was Rapunzel and she was in a fairy tale. Of course, they were just little kids playing in a field and Kyou still liked her then. That was before she saw what he was and ran away crying. She would always play a 'damsel in distress' and Kyou (short and unable to pronounce some words) would come to her rescue with a stick as a sword and fight off the cat ('It's chust a kyiity!' 'Noit'snot, it's a DWAGON!') and they would ride off onto the sunset on the dog ('STEED!).

Haru exits (read: storms out of) Shigure's house. He's still Black. He looks like he might try to chase after Akito. Kagura doesn't know why. Haru doesn't even like Kyou.

Kagura sits (read: falls) down onto the floor, blinking back tears. She hugs her knees to herself. This is not happening. Kyou is still here, sitting beside you Kagura. You're OK. All that matters is you love him, and he's (not) OK, and you're OK.

"Stop living in fantasy, Kagura," she reminds herself. Shigure and Yuki look over at her for a moment before trying to comfort the openly sobbing Tohru again. Kagura cries softly into her knees. She doesn't care. She misses her Kyou.


"Hm… yes, Tohru-kun?" responds the writer. Tohru's voice is barely understandable due to her sniffling. She hyperventilates several times before speaking again.

"A-Are we al-aloud to vis-visit Kyou-ku-kun?" she stutters out. Shigure thinks this over for a few minutes. Kagura is barely paying attention. She can't bear the thought of losing her Kyou forever; never seeing him again. Never ever ever ever.

"I don't know, Tohru-kun," says the writer, giving her a painful look. He usually lies and twists his emotions, he's never sincere, but over the past couple years he's grown fond of his housemates. He can't help but feel some sort of loss.

Yuki still looks sad. Since when did he start caring about the cat? He doesn't care too much, Kagura surmises. He just wants Tohru to be happy. She'll be sad if Kyou is gone. But maybe, somewhere deep in the deepest, darkest corner of the Ice Prince's heart, maybe he cares (just a little bit) for the cat.

"Stupid cat, he should have run…" mutters Yuki, and only Kagura can (read: wants to) hear. Perhaps, Tohru and Shigure hear, but they just blank it out. They know he should've. But he didn't. And nobody knows why the cat didn't run. Perhaps he was just too timid. Or maybe he was afraid of the big, bad monster that was going to lock him in the itty bitty, cold and dreary 'house' that's more like a cage.

But in truth, they're all in the cage; the Sohma cage. Akito wants to get rid of the birds, because they're free. Birdies should be in cages. Not people.

Kagura's nails dig into her thighs. No, this is all imaginary. You're back in the field, playing with your Kyou. Everything is still OK. Don't take off his beads, don't don't don't! Don't run away.

I'm so sorry.

Kagura lifts her head up off her knees. Her mind is now blank. Shigure is now ushering Tohru off to bed. She needs to sleep. Yuki leaves too.

"Kagura-chan… are you going to stay the night? Where would you like to sleep?" asks Shigure. Kagura nods.

"I'll go to bed later… in the spare room. Thank you." The spare room is (read: was) Kyou's room. Kagura doesn't go to sleep tonight. She knows everyone else is (read: is trying to) sleep. Her head hurts. She wants to forget, but she only thinks one thing:

What happened to her fairy tale ending?

01 will be up soon. i promise i'll give you all a better idea of what's going on. (this is just the prolouge.)

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